Free science fiction Kindle books for 18 Aug 14

Carte Blanche: A Dystopian Story

by Stephanie Manova

Imagine this: Two thirty-something scientists, Mr. and Mrs. Clancy, adopt a group of kids off the black market and lock them in rooms that simulate reality as an experiment. Eighteen years later, the Clancys release their subjects into the real world. What world? And how might a lifetime spent behind a screen impact a generation?

Carte Blanche is a fast paced short story authored by Stephanie Manova depicting a condensed and extreme version of what becomes of youth raised in a virtually based reality.

RomeCODE and JulieTEST (Startup Crossed Lovers Book 1)

by Jade Bitters

Two companies, both alike in dignity, In fair San Francisco, where we set our tale,
From Web 1.0 rivalry break to new mutiny, Where stolen code makes computers fail…

When startup programmer Juliet meets the mysterious man in black at the company’s white party, she has no idea he works at a competing company… or why she feels a spark when they touch, a shock when they kiss.

When tech intern Romeo crashes the Thisbia summer office party, the last thing he expects is that he’s going to fall in love with the one girl he can never be with… the one girl that he’d rather die than live without.

A summer love between two college students in San Francisco shouldn’t be complicated, but it is, when it seems like everyone you thought was a friend seems to be sabotaging your relationship, for reasons they won’t reveal.
In a cutthroat world of broken hearts and dreams, of enigmatic executives and jaded investors, one couple tries to make the impossible work, but in the Silicon Valley, love is just another four-letter word


by Jonathan Martin Dixit

In 2067, the murder of a five-year-old girl leads a young lawyer to the despicable truth behind the creation of a race of chemically adulterated children.

In the 1960s, politicians called children our most precious natural resource. Since the 80s, children have become commodities of the advertising industry. Do you ever wonder what role children will play in future society?

BabyWorld is a crime mystery, soft sci-fi novel that explores the psychological dysfunction occurring in families suffering from suppressed trauma. With its taboo-breaking subject matter stylistically tempered into a near-future fairy tale, this coming-of-age story is written for a mature, literary audience.

Toronto, September 2067. Ten percent of babies born are SMARTED; physically, emotionally and sexually they grow at normal rates, but cognitively they develop so fast that by six years old they graduate university and enter the heavily-taxed workforce, thus supporting Canada’s high standard of livingâ??the highest in an otherwise polluted, politically volatile and over-populated worldâ?¦

Sinika Reichman is a nine-and-a-half-year-old lawyer having problems determining whether she is a child or an adult. When the case of a raped and murdered, non-smarted, five-year-old girl is outsourced to her firm, Sinika is put in charge of the prosecution. Partnered with twenty-five-year-old Nathan Towers, the office wunderkind, who is non-smarted and hates those who are, Sinika’s augmented abilities are put to the test as she skilfully dismisses one suspect after another. Her unregulated emotions become strained, however, as she encounters events she can’t handle and concepts she can’t process.

Only by venturing out to Adult Island (old Centre Island), where children are not allowed, does she, aided by her recluse of a grandfather, Jonathan the Second, and her spirit-like great-grandfather, Jonathan the First, discover the true culprit, expose the core secrets about her neo-Dickensian society, and reveal the source of her own anxieties and her family’s dysfunction.

Diary of a Teenage Time Traveler: prequel to Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc. (Butterman Travel series)

by PK Hrezo

Who needs teenage dreaming when you’re a time traveler?

Bianca Butterman’s parents run their own time travel agency in the latter half of the 21st century and Bianca’s heir to the family biz. Talk about travel perks! Leisurely trips whenever business permits is more than just a rockin’ good time. Except, how do you keep all those timelines straight and remember what decade you’re visiting when you’ve got exams to ace, first kisses to barf over, rumors to squash, and prom dresses to design …

Bianca’s entries are in journal format via her electronic diary device, similar to the tablets we use today, but in the future they work as projected holograph screens and keyboards. This novella is a prequel of Bianca’s early teenage years leading up to her eighteenth birthday and earning her official time-craft pilot’s license in the full length novel, Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc.

The Time Probe (Part I)

by V Bertolaccini

A high quality action-packed thriller about explorers encountering a mind-bending voyager that sends them on mind-bending trips beyond space and time!

A new thriller of explorers, paranormal investigators, scientists, military, archeologists, and treasure seekers uncovering a deadly mind-bending voyager probe with inconceivable magnitude and supernatural origins that explored time and universes from somewhere beyond and detected something of unknown origins in space and time and emerged into this world.

After exploring a legendary desolate region where they have heard accounts of supernatural activity, deaths of large amounts of people, and there being treasure, they slowly reveal something deadly of unknown origins exists there, and that it has intelligence.

They find unknown and strange occurrences everywhere they turn as they explore the remains of the place, trying to determine what it is and what it is doing there, and slowly uncover the voyager probe buried away there with its hideous supernatural intelligence, waiting to be properly revived, with powers capable of destroying reality.


by James Gerard

For Doctor Paul Hatford life is coming to its ultimate conclusion. Having been a highly skilled neurosurgeon and a brilliant university professor, the time to retire has finally arrived. But something arises that delays his plans. The most generous yet mysterious benefactors to the university wants to meet him. When he does, the benefactor invites Jeffrey to join his private medical research team. The research, however, proves to be something quite different than what he has been led to believe. What Jeffrey discovers is not only alarming, but sinister as well. What does he discover?

The Paper Plane Pilot: A Psychological Sci-Fi Short Story

by Vincent Strangecraft

Remy has a mysterious medical condition. At one time he was a world renowned scientist. Now, he has become a man of uncontrollable intellectual fluctuations. His IQ can range from 50 (mentally disabled) to over 200 (the smartest person in the world) at any moment. His mother Regina is the only person that can deal with him. Her worst fear is that his bizarre condition is getting worse and that he might completely lose his mind. Regina is on a race with his psychiatrist to cure this bizarre condition. Will Remy lose his mind before they’re able to save it? Will he ever return to being the brilliant scientist he once was?


by Rebecca Hulit

If you don’t pay attention, you don’t know what you’re really seeing. And by the way, if conditions are ‘right’ a CB radio can reach pretty darn far.

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