Free world literature Kindle books for 18 Aug 14

Shakespeare Studies: The Shakespeare Quiz

The Shakespeare Quiz contains 425 questions with answers on the Shakespeare plays. The quiz is supported with commentary and short essays.

Can you answer all ten of these questions found in The Shakespeare Quiz?

1. The plot of what 1956 science fiction movie parallels the plot of The Tempest?

2. “Measure for measure” comes from what famous sermon?

3. In what motion picture geared for children is the line “So shines a good deed in a naughty world” from The Merchant of Venice paraphrased as “So shines a good deed in a weary world?”

4. In the middle of which Shakespearean play is Christ born?

5. How many witches are in Macbeth?

6. What is the play-within-a-play in Shakespeare in Love (1998)?

7. Which 17th Century feminist poet is considered by some scholars to have used the pen name “William Shakespeare?”

8. In the film version of what major Shakespearean comedy is the role of Dogberry played by Batman?

9. A son like Hamlet who revenges the death of his father is the main character in what Bruce Willis motion picture?

10. A production of Hamlet plays a key role in an episode of what 60’s science fiction TV show?

The answers to all ten of these questions–and many, many more–can be found in The Shakespeare Quiz.

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