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The Silurian, Book Two: Arthur’s Army

by L.A. Wilson

Here begins Arthur’s brilliant and annihilating South Saxon campaign, where he destroys the Saxons of the south coast weald in battle after battle. Yet does he push his cousin, Medraut, too far? Traitors begin to arise from within the ranks of his army as he takes his warriors to the limits of their endurance. With the success of his campaign, Arthur finds the time during a reign of peace to go home. To Siluria where he was born, and there find the last living souls of his mother’s people; those who survive in the Bear Clan from their battles against Arthur’s father, Uthyr Pendragon. And once home, the grief and the power that is his overwhelms him. Only Bedwyr can witness the suffering of his foster-brother and hold true at his side. Arthur’s Army, charges the two young warriors into the sinister hearts of traitors and the glory of their own power. Power that brings consequences too dark to suffer.

Catching the Westbound

by D.C. Hicks

He came into this world with two distinctive qualitiesâ??an extraordinary vision and an indomitable spirit, but at the age of ten years old, R.J. Watkins was banished from his small Appalachian community after being unjustly accused of igniting a mining accident. With a little help from fellow riders of the rails, R.J. learned how to survive on his own, but eventually his train came to rest with the Benton and Walters Best Show in America, where R.J. cultivated his unusual talents.

At seventeen, R.J. answered another whistle call of destiny, and he met the powerful McClennan family. Like a dazzling display of fireworks to their fourth of July picnic, R.J. provided the perfect blend of flavor for their family that had long since grew stale. But when he had hard time adjusting to the lavish extremes of the East Coast high society, R.J. learned to navigate their foreign world by completely transforming himself. A metamorphosis so complete that within a few short years he was the talk of the town, a man he barely recognized. Still all the talk was for naught because with the closing bell on a single autumn day in 1929, the McClennan fortune, which took generations to amass, was gone.

To stop the head-on collision with destitution, McClennan’s eldest son, Cosmo, made a deal with a devil, but it fell upon R.J. to pay the dues. No longer able to afford the luxury of other’s opinions, R.J. shed his finer sensibilities and used every trick he learned along the way to save his new family. Will his efforts be enough or ultimately destroy them?

From majestic corners hidden deep within the mountains to New York City’s finest ballrooms, Catching the Westbound chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of R.J. Watkins, a boy who came from nothing but with unparalleled determination, will, and resilience became the last great pioneer of industry.

After a lifetime of traveling paths of decadence and despair, by grace alone, he discovered the road that would lead him home.

The Heath Witch – historical lovestory: forbidden passion

by Gloria Frost

Gloomy secrets

Who is lurking on silent soles around the heathland and murders one killer after the other of Isabella’s mother, the midwife Rubina? No one dares the other, because everybody can be the assassine. And the daughter of the macabre mangled corpse falls, when seeing the beauty Victor at the first time, in undying love for that nice son of the Count of Grimmshagen, who gave the order to blow out the light of Rubina’s life and also is her enemy forever. Heaven, help! What a strange kind of suspense … This novel will make you a flash crawl – nevertheless, be sure that nothing is just so like it shines.

Dark times, opaque secrets, flaming passion, dissolute sex, excessive orgies, magic forces, supernatural occurrences, bitter distress, a bloody war, robbery and multiple murder are the ingredients of the thrilling, historic love story, which Gloria Frost wrote in a wonderful writing style, fitted to the mode of speaking in the 17. century.

Happening right in front of his eyes the reader witnesses the confusions without any shore, feels himself put into the many twists and turus of the novel, which is holding undreamt-of surprises, page by page – because nothing is so, how it seems to be in this sublime tradition – tableau of that far a field gloomy era.

In the middle of the chaos of the Thirty Year’s War that has engulfed all of central Europe, the young gipsy Isabella grows up into a beautiful woman. Branded a “Heath Witch” by her persecutors, she fears neither death nor the devil when fighting for her family and her religious belief. As a herbal healer she fights at the front line alongside the Count of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, commonly known as the â??Mad Christian”. She passionately defends Protestantism and her faith in the old Germanic gods.

She gives herself just as passionately to her love for the count’s son, Victor von Grimmshagen, as she ignores all taboos and disobeys the church’s ban on bigotry, as do the other protagonists of the novel, who only live for the present. After all, no one really knows if they will live to see another day â?¦


by Mark Frankland

Mpene is a part of history’s greatest crime of all. She is one of the twenty million African men, women and children who are stolen from their homes and sent across the Atlantic to the New World.
Just another natural resource of Africa to be looted and plundered and traded and turned into profit.
She knows that she must reach deep inside herself to find the iron will to survive the horrors of the journey: the long march to the coast, the dungeon in the fort, the bottomless hell of the ship, the slow death of the sugar plantationâ?¦.
To find the strength she needs she reaches out to her ancestors – all the ones who have gone before her, and all the ones who are still to come.
And one of those ancestors still to come is my Goddaughter, Carmen.
Wilful, stroppy, stubborn Carmen. Carmen who still carries the same burning refusal to bend that Mpene uses to survive her ordeal.
This is a story for Carmen’s eighteenth birthday. And it is a reminder to Carmen, my two boys and countless millions of others who owe their chance to live and breathe and laugh and cry thanks to the bottomless courage of Mpene and eleven million others who found the courage to live through the horrors of the living hell that was the Middle Passage.
So happy birthday Carmen.
And many happy returns.
And on each of those returns, why not take a moment to remember Mpene and to thank her for her courage. And thank her for passing along her ferocious will to never be broken. And when your turn comes to become a mother and to carry on the legacy of Mpene’s victory against the odds, take some time to tell your children of your ancestor: of what she endured: of how she prevailed.

To find out more about the back story of Mpene click the link below for the Author’s blog

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