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The Essential Teachings of Dalai Lama

by Thomas Wong

The Essential Teachings of The Dalai Lama

The term Dalai means “Ocean” and Lama means “Guru”, hence combining them together as “Ocean Teacher”. It refers to the Tibetan Buddhist masters, who are said to be the religious officials of the Gelug section of Tibetan Buddhism. Since time immemorial they are believed to be the rebirth of Tulkus, who came in from the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Early, before the 20th century, they were referred to as “Grand Lama”, whereas, today the present Dalai Lama is called as “His Holiness“.

The Dalai Lama has always inspire everyone with his universal Buddhist teachings, love of others, interfaith efforts, and promotion of world peace. Most humbling is that he always refers to himself as “a simple Buddhist monk”.

What you will discover from this book:

– Achieving Your Purpose in Life

– Love – The Great Foundation of Oneself

– How to Develop Compassion

– Universal Task: Thinking for Everyone’s Sake

– How to Protect the Environment

– The Right Approach to Global Peace

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NES-Bit Magazine System Volume 1

by Keith Lutener

A community created retro magazine to celebrate everything NES. Consisting of various articles, reviews and a unique glimpse into the world of the Nintendo Entertainment system. A high quality full colour professional design, a team of community writers and with content packed pages there’s something for every NES fan to enjoy.

With 36 NES packed pages covering:

Power Glove Import Special

Nintendo Hisotry

Super MArio Bros/Wizard movie reviews

The Holy Grails of NES collecting

NES Homebrews

And much, much more!

The Gambling Addiction Cure: Take Back Your Life And Overcome Gambling Addiction (Compulsive Gambling, Gamblers, Casino Games, Sports Betting, Poker, Black Jack, Craps, Slots, Roulette)

by Mo Boulgalag

Discover How To Overcome Gambling Addiction For Life.

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You´r about to discover a proven strategy on how to overcome gambling addiction and problem gambling for the rest of your life. Millions of people suffer from gambling addiction and throw away their finances and destroy their family´s future through this destructive habit. Most people realize how much of a problem this is, but are unable to change their addiction, simply because it´s been apart of their lifestyle for so long.

The truth is, if you are suffering from gambling addiction or problem gambling and haven´t been able to change, it´s because you are lacking an effective strategy and haven´t yet changed your associations to your gambling addiction. This book goes into a step-by-step strategy that will help you free yourself from gambling addiction and help you to be able to take control of your life.

How To Recognize Your Gambling Problem

How To Get The Right Treatment For Gambling Addiction

How To Overcome Gambling Addiction

Maintaining Your Progress

How To Prevent A Relapse

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Archery Quiz-A Brief Overview of Archery,Through 50 Quiz Question (Quick Quiz Questions Book 1)

by Paul Davies

About the archery quiz:
This book is a Quiz-format book, whose purpose is to display a large range of information about the sport of archery. The structure of the questions in this book serves the purpose of displaying information in the most comprehensive and interactive way, so that everyone may have a good time solving the quiz. This book is a must for every quiz or archery fan. I wish you all an enjoyable reading.

Now like a gratitude for all of you who will download my book and may want to be a part of my Fan-club. At the end of the book you will find the two necessary steps to apply

Down de Bayou #1: 101 Cajun Jokes and Musings

by Med Magill

A collection of Cajun jokes with bestest friends Boo “Boudreaux” and Tib “Thibodaux”. You like Cajun jokes? You’ve come to the right place. 99 cents gets you 101 jokes plus some lagniappe (a little extra).

Human Resource Corny Jokes

by S.L. Sherbert

CORNY JOKE: How does HR decide if a new employee is honest?

CORNY ANSWER: They look for the LIE-ability.

Add a bit of business humor to your HR department with these clean, and corny human resource jokes. This books is a short and simple so you can read over a cup of coffee, but you will referring back to again and again because corny jokes are hard to remeber.

All of the jokes are original, not “borrowed” from the internet or taken from some old storage office somewhere. Also included is a bit of Susan Sherbert’s humor, written in a fun he said/she said style. HR facts and trivia have also been added.

Laugh, smile, or groan at the corny jokes, but please remember to share this human resource humor.

200 Yo Mama Jokes: Funny Yo Mama Jokes (LOL Funny Jokes Book 1)

by Funny Jokes Factory

Make em cry from laughing!

You don’t want to be the person that everyone thinks has no sense of humor. Imagine making everyone laugh so hard that they are gasping for air, crying, and possibly peeing in their pants! This funny joke book is the weapon you need to add to your arsenal.

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  • 200 funny yo mama jokes
  • Hilarious jokes, puns, and laughs
  • Laugh-out-loud comedy to keep you entertained

Did you know?

Jokes, humor, comedy, laughter, and smiling have positive effects (mental and physical) on the body!

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lightens tense situations
  • Creates a sense of bond amongst others
  • Releases “feel-good” hormones in the body
  • Creates memories, friendships, and relationships

200 Funny Yo Mama Jokes!

Yo mama is so uglyâ?¦ she made an onion cry!

Yo mama is so lazyâ?¦ she used cheat codes for Wii Fit!

Yo momma is so fatâ?¦ when she steps on a scale, it read, “one at a time, please”

Yo mama is so nastyâ?¦ she bit the dog and it had to get a rabies shot!

Yo momma is so stupidâ?¦ she got locked in a grocery store and starved!

Yo mama is so baldâ?¦ that she took a shower and got brainwashed!

Yo momma is so fatâ?¦ when she wore a blue and green shirt, everyone thought she was the Planet Earth!

Yo momma is so stupidâ?¦ she put lipstick on her forehead to make up her mind!

12 Chapters of funny yo mama jokes!

  1. Yo mama is so uglyâ?¦
  2. Yo mama is so stupidâ?¦
  3. Yo mama is so fatâ?¦
  4. Yo mama is so skinnyâ?¦
  5. Yo mama is so oldâ?¦
  6. Yo mama is so tallâ?¦
  7. Yo mama is so shortâ?¦
  8. Yo mama is so lazyâ?¦
  9. Yo mama is so poorâ?¦
  10. Yo mama is so hairyâ?¦
  11. Yo mama is so baldâ?¦
  12. Miscellaneous Yo mama jokesâ?¦

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2045 Self-Assembled

by Gyorgy Madarasz

Twenty-eight articles, published in the year 2045 in Scientific America, Men’s Health, Space-Time, Artfarm, Auto-Mobility, Home & Countries, ARSPA, New York Past, National Geography, Eat & Whine, Weird and The Urbanist.

There is an enormous interest to understand the year 2045, and that is the main motivation in the self-assembly process. The Self-Assembler attempted to show the nature and the order of affairs in a wide and full scope, and indeed, the mundane, every-day existence from all aspects. When systematic picture was difficult to obtain, the Assembler resorted to show actual billboard art – since the old function of billboard had long ago been replaced with a new one.  Although many examples presented earlier times about 2045, they often failed to capture the wild, organic, and – for a few readers – the bizarre, crazy existence that we found ourselves. Almost nothing had worked out the way the visionaries have imagined, extrapolated, projected, forecasted and plotted out.

Coffee time stories

by Dean Moriarty

This is a book of short stories that were written over coffee in many cafes in Cardiff that talk about many different topics.

Pixel Nation Volume 1

A retro gaming digital book spanning the last 30 years, with exclusive articles, interviews and full colour designs. Contents include:

Can video games be considered art? – We talk to our good friends, Jose Emroca Flores (responsible for our cover), Dutch artist Metin Sevin from Seventh Heaven as we attempt to answer the question “Can video games truly be considered as art?”

2D Platform Revival – An in-depth look at the classic 2D Platform genre, how it faded away, and its current resurgence on modern platforms.

Design Classic: NiGHTS into Dreams – Huge feature on the beautiful Sega title Nights into Dreams. This is a “Design Classic” concept, where we outline in detail a particular game, and what makes it a design classic as well as its history.

Retro Icon: Outrun – Yes, we obviously love Sega, but really, all the cool kids do! A huge in-depth feature, and our regular “Retro Icon” concept, going into mega detail about the original Outrun Coin-Op and what makes it unquestionably a Retro Icon.

Bob Wakelin Interview – We interview super influential 80’s British video game artist Bob Wakelin, and take a look at some of his favourite pieces of game art.

Guide to Floppy Discs, the Gaming Black Market and the Far East – Yeah, we’re going there! The awesome and very knowledgeable Adam of Retro Collect joins the Pixel Nation, and gives you a wonderfully entertaining look at the various copying devices and black market shadiness from the world of retro games.

Confessions of a Girl Gamer – But I thought this was a geeky boys club? No! Geeky girls play too! An excellent and thought provoking look at some of video games most iconic female characters, as written from the perspective of an actual real life girl gamer!

Zelda Cartoon Feature – “Well, excuse me Princess!” We interview the two voice actors from the 1980’s Zelda cartoon, to get an insiders perspective on the show.

Spotlight: Koji Kando – A look at some of the awesome output from the Japanese video game music composer who has composed some of the most iconic game music of all time.

Amiga 1200 Look Back – Who doesn’t go weak at the knees for Commodores super beast of an Amiga? This is a richly detailed look at the history behind the system and how it came to be.

The Shadow of the Beast Interview – Another exclusive interview, as we talk to the man behind the Amiga classic Shadow of the Beast, Martin Edmondson, in the first of a 2 part special speaking to the people behind the games.


· Tomb Raider 2 – A Saturn vs. PlayStation Story

· The Rise & Fall of Arcades

· The Year in Games – 1985

Plus much, much more!

Ring-a-Ding-Ding: A Cool Rat Pack Quiz

by Leonard Stegmann

They had more fun than you ever will. A lot more. (Humor Quiz/835 words)


by George Ho-Yow

An article introducing SUDOKU strategy and tactics for beginners. Plus a novel way of using an empty grid to develop tactical skills.

Your Filthy Body: A Quiz

by Leonard Stegmann

Is there anything so extraordinary, so marvelous, so downright revolting as the human body? Especially yours. Hold your nose, avert your eyes and take the quiz. (Humor Quiz/700 words)

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