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Bad Samaritan: The Welfare State And Its Victims

by Jeff Moore

In this short and impactful book, author Jeff Moore takes a sledgehammer to the modern welfare state, demolishing the pretence that it helps the vulnerable and arguing instead that it corrupts them. With his powerful and engaging style, and a bevy of facts and statistics in hand, Moore examines the destruction welfare wreaks on families and communities, and concludes the best thing we can do for welfare recipients is get rid of welfare.



II-The Debt Collectors

III-The Welfare Gangs

IV-You Reap What You Sow



by Edward King

Hillary Clinton naturally thought that she would have been heir to the throne after Bill demits office and make history by becoming the first female President. The balance was really in her favor as President Bill Clinton did extremely well with the economy under his watch. But Barak Obama an African American, a graduate from Havard Law School, had his eyes set on the White House and he was equally determine to make history by becoming the first African American President.  

The seismic effect must have ripped through the Clinton’s camp when Barak became the democrats pick! He was quite a spoiler, a show stopper some might say!

Barak made history and as the feud deepens, Bill ended up making racist comments which created more problems for the Clintons. How would a president who was once dubbed as the president for the African American community deal with reaction of this community when this racist comment goes public?

Surely President Obama is African American and this community would most definitely throw their support in his direction. But can Barak survive the pressures of running the White House and dealing with the Clintons; some would say that he made a truce by making Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State. But, there is evidence to suggest that something runs deeper that not even the apparent truce can stopâ?¦


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