Free science fiction Kindle books for 19 Aug 14

Benton: A Zombie Novel: Volume Two

by Jolie du Pré

Jennifer Benton’s family died in the first wave of zombie attacks. She found friends in a small group of survivors, and she’s fallen in love with Mark, the charismatic young man leading them.

Though the survivors now have a fragile sense of safety, some of Jennifer’s new friends die, and she has a beautiful blonde rival. Jennifer thinks jealousy will bring Mark back.

She’s wrong.

And now everything may be overâ??for everyoneâ?¦

Publisher’s note:

Benton: A Zombie Novel: Volume One –

Benton: A Zombie Novel: Volume Two –

Benton: A Zombie Novel: Volume Three – Coming September, 2014

Cosmic Girl: Rising Up

by R S J Gregory

It’s amazing, how something so simple as getting up out of bed can change your life.

If I had stayed in bed, and not went on that school trip, my life would have been so different.

But I did get up, and I did go on that school trip. My life will never be the same again.

I will never be the same, and the world will bear witness to that change.

But I didn’t know what was coming my way as I stared out of the school bus at the pine trees as we drove by. I wasn’t thinking about anything dramatic.

I was just looking forward to a nice thanksgiving dinner when I got back.

But something was set in motion that day that I was powerless to prevent. I was only sixteen, and still in a wheelchair back then. I had no idea what was about to happen.

A field trip to Washington D.C., what could happen?

This is my story.

Who am I?

I’m Cosmic Girl.

Britney Brookes was just an ordinary sixteen-year old girl who couldn’t walk,

until she is kidnapped and experimented on, and is given extraordinary powers.

When the police and the F.B.I. find no leads to pursue, just some dead bodies.

Britney vows to find the shadowy figure behind it all, and begins her own investigation.

Back home in Chicago, she creates a costume, and gives herself a new name.

Cosmic Girl.

Then her search begins.

But this is more than just a thirst for justice.

This is personal.

The Happy Haven

by James Gerard

For young Bill, the one time child mathematical prodigy, life is good–very, very good. After graduation from one of the finest universities in the world, he and three of his fellow child prodigies are hired by a private business consortium. The consortium consists of powerful individuals that are seeking an advantage in the world of business. What they are asking Bill and his friends to do is to create a machine that will clearly give them such an advantage, and in return have been promised riches and pleasures beyond any of their imaginations.

But one day, Bill, on a rest and relaxation period, receives a message from his three friends. The message asks him for an answer to a question by which the machine they successfully constructed can be tested for reliability. The question, however, is one that Bill finds annoying. It is a question for which he knows there is no truthful answer, and worse, goes well beyond the nature of science. The question also begins to wear on his conscious, and before long, something begins to make sour the sweet, sweet life he lives.

What that question is and how Bill arrives at the answer just might be found at the Happy Haven.

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