Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 20 Aug 14

IPv4 IPv6 Technology and Implementation

by Ghazi Mokammel Hossain

Internet has greater contribution towards modern civilization. Next generation will share this contribution of technological knowledge. Internet protocol is the necessary things for computer networking. Computer networking totally depends on this protocol. In this book I have written about total descriptions of Internet Protocol version 4 and 6. I have also shown the relations, advantages, disadvantages between Ipv4 and 6 and the difference between these two technologies. I have also shown the implementations of these technologies by analyzing the technology, network designing and testing the some part of this technology.

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Excel 2013: What You Need To Know

by Mike Martin

This eBook shows you exactly what you need to do to work efficiently with Excel 2013.

Don’t feel helpless when you try to filter your data or create a PivotTable. Discover how to create macros to make complex and/or repetitive tasks easier. Learn how to apply sophisticated graphic treatments in your spreadsheets without leaving Excel. And this is not all…

Topics include:

– Transposing Data

– Copying one or more cells

– Custom lists

– Flash Fill

– Formulas

– Using the function assistant

– Using a workbook on the move

– Creating a PivotTable

– Analysing data in multiple table

– Quick analysis

– Apps for Excel

– Protecting a worksheet

– Creating a PivotChart

– Sparklines

With this eBook, Mediaforma Learning offers an exclusive bonus: all topics are available on video!

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Creating Applications with Microsoft Access 2013 (The Get It Done Series Book 17)

by Edward Jones

Take your skills with Microsoft Access 2013 to the next level!

You are well past the basics; you are the expert that others look to when they need help getting the job done with Microsoft Access. Now, take your database skills to the next level! With Microsoft Access 2013 and this book, you will learn to-

-Design tables and relationships for maximum effectiveness

-Learn the secrets of parameter query design to get the data you need on demand

-Design forms and reports that display and summarize data precisely as it is needed

-Put it all together by creating complete applications that others can use with no specialized Access training

Creating Applications with Microsoft Access 2013 is a get-it-done guide for developing complete custom applications using Microsoft Access, the world’s most popular Windows-based database management software. Microsoft Access is the corporate standard for creating desktop database solutions. If you are a power user who serves as the รข??office guru’ for everyday users of Access, or a developer for a corporate or government agency who must gain a familiarity with Access as a development platform for applications, you’ll find this book to be a must-read.

This book is designed for experienced Microsoft Access users who are learning to develop applications for the first time, as well as for experienced programmers who are moving to Microsoft Access from another development system. Creating Applications with Microsoft Access 2013 comes from the technical pen of Ed Jones, a longtime bestselling author of computer books who has sold a total of over one million books, including the popular Microsoft Access Developer’s Guide, the Microsoft Office Bible, and Access 2000 Answers: Certified Tech Support.

Information Product Marketing: How to create successful information products that sell like crazy, grow your business fast and end entrepreneurial overwhelm with Pam Hendrickson

by John Tighe

Recently I had the honor of interviewing the legendary Pam Hendrickson – an amazing entrepreneur and the world’s leading expert on creating and marketing successful information products.

Just two years ago Pam launched a consulting and product development business with her husband Chris. In the short space of time since launching they have taken it from a standing start to a seven figure a year business – a truly remarkable achievement!

Prior to starting her business Pam worked with Tony Robbins for 18 years and was his Executive Vice President of Content Development.

This short book is based on that interview I did with Pam.

The interview starts with Pam talking about her story and her personal reasons for making the jump from the corporate world (working with Tony) to becoming an entrepreneur. Then Pam explains the 4 Step System that she used to build her seven figure a year business in just two years.

Then, in what I call the Success Round, Pam talks about some of the resources that have helped her achieve success at such a high level. Finally Pam shares with us an amusing (some would say embarrassing!) fact about herself – thanks Pam for being so honest and playing along with the question!

I loved doing this interview and I’ve listened to it several times since recording it. I hope you get as much value from it as I did.

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