Free historical fiction Kindle books for 20 Aug 14

The Hawaiians: by Steve Stelle

by Steve Stelle

Surfing is not a crime, but it was in Old Hawaii when the Calvinist missionaries held power by influencing the royalty. When a group of young Americans jump ship and start the first surf camp in a downtrodden and practically deserted Waikiki, Head Missionary Hiram Bingham becomes apoplectic with rage. A cast of memorable characters fill this novel with many plot twists and ideas that are as relevant today as they were almost two hundred years ago.

In 1824 sixteen year old, orphaned William Goode was put aboard ship in New Orleans as an apprentice seaman against his will. A young man with unique abilites, he began an adventure that took him to Hawaii, forging friendships and making enemies along the way. Spanning more than a decade, this fast paced narrative is written in a blend of James Michener and James Patterson, full of accurate history and a rousing ensemble of characters presented in a page turning style.

The Calvinist missionaries want to make sure no one is having any fun while William and his friends just want to work their little farm of taro patches and fish ponds and go surfing free from religious oppression.

From the beaches of early Waikiki to the chilly winters of Boston, this novel moves back and forth, around the Horn and across the vast Pacific, with enterprising surfers, a beautiful Hawaiian princess, runaway slaves, and a renegade priest. You will fall in love with Hawaii, fall in love with the characters, and see Hawaiian history in a whole new way.

Warriors And Kings

by Charles Hinton

1,000 A.D., A huge muscular warrior from a family of warriors, princes and forefather as kings. A secret was kept that his mother was a baby mother to the King’s son. When he was a baby his mother was murdered and father died in combat. Years later he becomes a mercenary and finds out he’s a king. He seeks his throne. Action, drama and Adventure.

Wilderness Trail (Pantera Book 1)

by Robert Larrison

Exiled from Palestine for the murder of his step-father, Yeshu Pantera joins a band of Roman soldiers as they venture into the Sinai Desert, headed for Alexandria in ancient Egypt. Beset with misfortune, they find their real assignment is a little to the south, a lot more south to be exact.

This short story of approximately 4900 words is an excerpt from the first part of the epic Alt-History novel “Pantera.” Follow Yeshu and his companions as they learn to live and fight in a region of the world where survival depends on cunning and ingenuity.

Travels in time: Alexander the Great in Pergamon

by Mary Black

Four children from Crete, Alex, Irene, Kostantis and Nikolas, were searching desperately for their time-machine, which had mysteriously disappeared. That quest led them to strange places of many secrets. At last they found the machine, and this took them again to travels through time. During this adventure they met and befriended Alexander the Great. They understood his character, learned some of his secrets, and were transported with him in time to ancient Pergamon in the company of the philosopher Aristoteles. A fascinating journey, full of new knowledge, danger and adventure.

Chronicles of Jongleur, The Storyteller

by Sandra Gallimore

Saga of four generations of a family in the 13th century, with a historic basis. A family with a deadly secret in a dangerous time in the world . The question is will they survive?

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