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The Curious Case of the Stolen Stockings (Bureau of Burlesque Book 2)

by T. A. Dufficy

A crime has been committed in the sleepy village of Little Hatten… Or has it?

The disappearance of some stockings has caused a minor sensation at the new ladies private detective business – “Cadette Investigation Agency”.

Carrie thinks the stockings have been borrowed by a burlesquer. But her friend and business partner, Odette, is not so sure. However they have a bigger case of suspected adultery on their hands.

When it comes to relationships Carrie faces the dilemma of confronting her duplicitous ex-husband, but the women vow to live life to the max and consequently their love lives follow exciting twists and turns. Will they find true love and, more importantly, will they solve the cases they embark on?

As for burlesqueâ?¦ The women fully embrace the “Sisterhood of the Sequins” as they release their “Inner Goddess” to often hilarious but life-affirming results.

Join Carrie and Odette in the second part of the Bureau of Burlesque series when their new business takes off in this heart-warming tale of friendship, intrigue, laughter, love and feather boas.

(Length – 50,000 words)

Reviews of Book 1 of the Bureau of Burlesque series – “It Began With Burlesque”:

“Such a wonderful change from the run of the mill romance novels. This is very different – humorous, intriguing and entertaining. Introducing burlesque is inspirational (fancy a go myself now) but this is predominantly a story of friendship and of trying to find romance again. Simply Brilliant! Next instalment due out this summer – Yippee!”

“This is a ‘page turner’ full of laughs, witty observations and just enough pathos to keep the balance. Great to relax with on holiday or just after a long day at work.”

“This was such a very good book, it has comedy, mystery, and romance!! It’s a wonderful story about friendship!!! Loved it!!!”

“Light hearted and fun, made me laugh out loud at times. Lots of things a girl can relate to. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Minnesota State Fair: Deep Fried Thoughts on Cheese Curds, Carnies, and The Human Condition

by Ben Nesvig

Once a year, millions of Minnesotans step out of their air conditioned homes to venture into the dusty outdoor furnace that is late August to congregate at the Minnesota State Fair. Driven by the promise of a deep fried oasis, carnival rides, and people watching, the Minnesota State Fair is a tradition for many Minnesotans, including Ben Nesvig.

In the Kindle Single Minnesota State Fair: Deep Fried Thoughts on Cheese Curds, Carnies, and the Human Condition, Ben Nesvig shares his stream of consciousness journey at the Minnesota State Fair with readers as he explores everything from deep fried cookie dough, the thrill of a giant yellow slide, and ultimately, what prompts Minnesotans to make the greasy pilgrimage.

From the introduction:

Like a moth to a flame and a Minnesotan to hot dish, I feel pulled here by something primal, something so innate it eludes conscious definition. Yes, I want cheese curds. Yes, I want a strawberry milkshake. Yes, I want to eat so much my belt files for unemployment and my pants become tights. I enjoy these indulgences, but I also enjoy spending an air conditioned evening at home with a ham sandwich and a good book.

Why do I come to the State Fair every year without fail? Have I been enslaved by Lady Cheese Curd’s greasy golden seduction? While I get a thrill out of the food, I’d just be as comfortable eating a shameful amount of fried delicacies at a Chinese buffet without an audience of a hundred thousand strangers watching me wipe butter off my face. What exactly has led me to the State Fair over two dozen times since my birth? The unanswered question of why bothers me, like the last remaining ounce of a milkshake that refuses to be slurped into the straw. I need resolve.

Home Wrecker (A Calvin Recker Mystery Short Story)

by Brendan Mackey

Stay-at-home dad detective Calvin Recker is back with his most nap-defying case yet.

Someone’s vandalizing the “For Sale” signs that haunt the front lawns of the sleepy subdivision of Stable Bluff. Struggling real estate agent Kelli Anne Bradley hires Calvin and his unreliable sidekick, Grover, to investigate.

“Home Wrecker” is a 11,000-word, 50-page short story and the second case in a series featuring stay-at-home dad detective Calvin Recker.

Awkward: The First Resurrection of Robert Levenplatter

by Gary Paul Bryant

You won’t need a medical dictionary for this seriously funny and imaginative short story by author and songwriter Gary Paul Bryant. When a prominent Massachusetts chemist Robert Levenplatter finally succumbs to lung cancer, his adult children Nina and Luke, along with his favorite nephew RPL setup a makeshift operating room in Levenplatter’s garage. Employing a couple of trusted friends to get the necessary medical equipment from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and before the state of Massachusetts can issue a death certificate, Luke, Nina and RPL put their considerable biomedical talents together to bring dear old dad back from the dead. His wife had other ideas. (7883 words)

Swimming Pool Corny Jokes and Humor

by S.L. Sherbert

CORNY JOKE: What kind of fruit you should always serve at a pool party?


If you enjoy fun in the sun then this humorous books is for you. It is a quick and easy read that contains original family friendly corny jokes about swimming pools.

Interesting trivia has been included plus there is a humorous simply amusing look pool parties. In fact, the humor is prefect to share at pool parties because we all know if you have a swimming pool, you will be having a party this summer.

Cat Jokes for Kids by Charlie the Cavalier: (FREE Puppet Download Included!): Hilarious Jokes (Best Clean Joke Books for Kids) (Charlie the Cavalier Best Joke Books)

by Charlie The Cavalier

Charlie the Cavalier Books Presents Best Joke Books

Child Friendly Cat Jokes for Kids!

Charlie the Cavalier is a family friendly dog that bring smiles to children’s faces. Charlie brings to you family friendly jokes to make kids and adults smile. Enjoy this book with the children in your life.

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– Great for Road Trips

– Read in Waiting Rooms

– Read Before nap time

– Read at bed time

– Great for a vacation

A few Jokes From This Funny Joke Book…

Question: Where does an alien cat like their milk?

Answer: On a flying saucer!

Question: What cat has no feet?

Answer: A catfish!

Question: How do cats feel after a nap?

Answer: I feel grr-eat!

Scroll up and click ‘buy’ to read these funny jokes!


by Aleksandar Cvijanovic

Animal jokes were never funny…. UNTIL NOW!



A lion inside a cage is tempting his visitors

Lion: Many people take pictures of me, but few get the honor of doing it inside my cage

Man: Pick me!!!

Lion: Sure

Man: Where should I stand?

Lion: In front of my mouth would be perfect


A group of guests come to a wolfs hotel

Guests: Give us some information about this hotel

Wolf: I’ve never had a bad review

Guests: That’s impressive

Wolf: Not really, you can’t write a review after you’ve been eaten


A porcupine and squirrel have been walking for an hour

Squirrel: My legs are tired!

Porcupine: Hop on my back, I’ll carry you

If you enjoyed this i’m sure you will love the other 48. Buy it now and see for yourself if it’s the funniest animal jokebook you’ve read

Garry Plotter 13-The Final Showdown!!

by Michael Smulkowski

Garry Plotter must infiltrate Waldowart’s compound and dispose of the nemesis that has haunted his life.

Mirrored Images & Other Reflections

by TG Browning

Mirrored Images can save your life when you’re struck from behind by a vicious Irony out for blood. Learn the tricks of survival in a world gone gonzo with catches and pitfalls and the occasional embarrassing scene that you cannot avoid.

TG Browning relates how he’s survived getting his pickup sideswiped by a dock, how to survive in the wilds with nothing more than a poncho, a ground cloth, six stakes, string, a cell-phone and a handy pickup nearby containing dinner leftovers and RC cola. Visit little known hideaways in Oregon like the Butterfly Meadow of Last Resort and Flora, Oregon. Learn the secret to never having to listen to telephone sales people.

O SO Special Agent Assclown Cheap Version: Mules Gone Bad Part 1

(Sure, you don’t wanna spend two bucks on a new comic, so here’s a cheaper, slightly abridged version of the original) Set in the world of government employ where, save the world or not, your paycheck is still the same, Oscar, the O.F.U.s number 1 weapon in America’s war on everything, is teamed up with his new partner, Lomasi Redfeather, and the hunt begins for the arch-villains Bad Ass and the Sascrotch. T and A with an extra dose of crude humor. Warning- Explicit Content. Language, Nudity, Sexual Situations, and general Poor Taste.

Living in Sin: A Story of Love, Sex, and Life

by John Castle

About a man who seeks love, looking for happiness, only to find something else.

Steaks and Stout

by Stephen Duffy

Born in Dublin’s city centre in the 1960’s, Tommy Costelloe was the seventh child in a brood of thirteen. A truant, a troublemaker, nothing in his young life ever marked him as one destined for fame and glory. Until he discovered his voice. Poised on the edge of greatness, the world lay at his feet and a bright and glittering showbiz career beckoned. However, falling in love and a bottle of aspirin put paid to all his dreams. Marched up the aisle at gunpoint, Tommy is forced to abandon his dreams and finds himself working as a butcher’s apprentice. Follow Tommy as he stumbles through life, from fame and fortune to rack and ruin. From love and lust to dirty nappies and despair. Steaks and Stout is his hilarious tale.

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