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The Magic of Chocolate: Funny Chapter Book for Kids: The Chocolateers

by Samuel Connor

Jay is stunned. His new wacky friend, Mr Saucerer, has just told him that food has magic inside and that a group called The Chocolateers use it to do extraordinary spells. Apparently, all you need to use magic is eat a healthy and balanced diet. Mr Saucerer explains that chocolate is the most powerful of foods and the Chocolateers use it as often as they can. Could this be true? After the awful day Jay’s had he’s willing to go along with the idea.

While Jay is given his first set of magic lessons, Evil Elder Fryer, the one who created ice cream brain freeze and leader of the despicable French Fries fanatics known as the Fryers, has discovered yet another way to try and take over the world. Well, Jay has more on his plate than he first thought.

Jay’s bravery and Mr Saucerer’s knowledge of food magic are put to the test as they set off on an exciting and hilarious adventure to try and save the world.

Unforgettable Stories For Kids: To Develop Their Creativity

by Judith Rolfs

Unforgettable Stories for Kids is a book of wild, improbable stories designed to enhance the imagination and creativity of every child who reads them. It’s written by a psychotherapist who has worked extensively with children.

The incredible stories in the pages of Unforgettable Stories For Kids can touch children’s minds and hearts in truly unforgettable ways.

The character names in the stories give readers a glimpse into the imaginative settings young readers will enter. Wodgets, Poppits, a mop named Godfrey that solves world problems, a creature named Wickella who threatens walkers in the woods until a boy finds his courage, a lovable Grandmother who amazes her granddaughter, Sarah Savelda, and a fighting angel named Kyler.

The author uses time-tested principles of storytelling in Unforgettable Stories for Kids much like those used Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Stories grab children with the same intensity as video games. This is true for every story in the Unforgettable Stories For Kids collection.

Stories can be fun and still teach a valuable moral principle. Kids absorb lessons about living without overt teaching. Parents will appreciate the insights kids derive along with enjoying giggles and laughter.

Read a different Unforgettable Story For Kids each night. These are the kinds of stories that can be read over and over again with joy.

May every child you know experience the delight of these imaginative stories and be motivated to write some of their own.

An award-winning author, family counselor, mom and grand mom, Dr. Judith Rolfs, knows what kids care about and delivers delight in unexpected joy-filled ways. Parents will love the stories as much as children do.

Give every child you know the delight of reading these creative stories, then ask them if they might like to tell a story of their own.

Twelve complete children’s stories in one book!

Destined to become classic tales:

Wonderif and Wonderwhat

Danny Dime

Big Wickella and Giant blacktree

Warrior Angel

The Tickle Ring

The Sandbox



Hunting For Joy


Grannie’s Secret

Sarah Savelda

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Children book: I Wish I Were a Monarch Butterfly: Caterpillar and Butterfly Kid’s Photo Book with Fun Facts (Ages 3-9) (Bedtime Story)

by Jean Matee

I Wish I Were a Monarch Butterfly

Is there anything interesting for being a Monarch butterfly than any other butterflies? The answers are in this book.

An interesting kid’s photo book + fun facts about Monarch Butterfly by Jean Matee.

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