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Emotional Abuse Help and Healing: How Emotional Abuse Hurts and How To Heal After Being Emotionally Abused (Coping With Emotional Abuse Book 2)

by Pamela Help

Emotional Abuse-Help and Healing For The Victim of Emotional Abuse

Abuse is a very painful experience, but something that can be overcome. While abusers wield a sense of power, the abused have even more strength, exemplified by the fact that they are able to survive and tolerate the pain that they feel. With the right tools and strategies, survivors of abuse can become even stronger and better than they’ve ever been. Though healing is an extremely difficult process, it isn’t impossible.

With enough hope and perseverance, you can pick up the pieces of your life and be the best person you can be.

Though the healing process is difficult, it is not impossible. There are different coping techniques and strategies that help people deal with the pain of abuse and find ways to move on to a healthier and more fruitful life. If you are a victim of abuse or know a person that is, we hope that this book will help you find ways to heal from the pain of your past and help others to do the same.

When You Are Finished With This Kindle Book About Emotional Abuse You Will Understand:

  • Exactly what emotional abuse is
  • The effects of being emotionally abused
  • The signs or red flags of an emotionally abusive personality
  • How to heal from being emotionally abused
  • and much, much more…

Some Tips From This Book on Emotional Abuse:

– Abusers often attempt to manipulate their partner into becoming completely dependent on them. They then use their ability to provide for their partner as a threat, and will often emphasize that their partner won’t be able to find a better companion should they decide to leave. This is particularly problematic in abusive marriages.

– Abusers often attempt to control every aspect of their partner’s life, including material wealth, finances, and the like. They often tend to monitor their partner’s comings and goings, and give their partner very little opportunity to do things on their own.

– Abusers often change their partner’s appearance, preferring clothes and looks that appeal only to them. Abuse is a game of control and abusers often feel the need to control most aspects of their partner’s life.

As you can see, the author, Pamela Help writes in a straightforward manor. While reading this book you won’t be sifting through a bunch of useless content. NO! You are going to be learning about emotional abuse through reading condensed content that is filled with wisdom.

More Helpful Ideas From This Kindle Book About Abuse

– Abusers also may be very rigid and may become uncomfortable when their partner refuses to do things that don’t fall in line with their own interests. They may react angrily and may force their partner to do what they want by using threats and manipulation.

– Abusers often exhibit aggression such as verbal aggression, insults, shaming, threatening and even physical abuse. They also use threats to manipulate their partner into doing what they want and giving them what they need, physically or psychologically.

– Abusers often minimize the emotions and feelings of their partner. Their partner eventually feels worthless. This leads to the abused person defining themselves by how their abuser sees them. They learn to become completely dependent and their abuser gains complete control in the relationship.

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Ever in the right place?

by Katalin Lázár F.

This novel, based on a true story, follows the turbulent life of a little girl growing up in Hungary in the mid-1950’s, all the way to our present day. Will her immense longing for beauty and goodness be enough to help her break out of the ruthless and inhuman circumstances she is forced to live in? Will she be able to conquer prejudices and face the challenges of growing up all on her own? If so, what kind of extraordinary power allows her to do that? What does life have in store for her: happiness, sorrow, beauty, wonder, pain, grief, loneliness, joy, success, satisfaction, solace, peace or all of these? Is this just an everyday story or something much more than that?

7 Tips and Rules you Must Follow to Get Your Ex Back in 30 Days

by Bravo Ebooks


Just imagine, or try to remember if you have already been there before, that you are having the time of your life with the one you love the most. You make the best couple in the world and you think that never could possibly happen to change your love. You are completely sure of yours and your partner’s feelings. For a while nothing matters for you anymore, except from that one person who makes you happy no matter how though the situation is.

But will this period last forever? Will your love be stronger than anything that you will have to face in this life? There are more types of breakups that your partnership can suffer, and they are generally explained in the next chapter. Check it out and find out how can you avoid some bad moments and save your relationship if it is still possible.

Breakups: Stop Feeling Lonely, Depressed and Sad After A Breakup (Getting Over Relatoinship Breakups Book 1)

by Dawn Help

Breakups-Healing After Going Through a Relationship Separation

Are you feeling intense loneliness all of the time due to just having gone through a intimate relationship breakup? Are you filled with anger that you just can’t seem to overcome? Are you obsessing over your ex all of the time? Does it feel like you are on a wild emotional roller coaster ride that you can’t control? Are you losing sleep? Do you find it difficult to function at work? I can help you with all of these situations.

All of these difficult things are normal for someone who is trying to heal from a broken relationship.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of people all over the world learn how to cope with difficulties in life and I can help you too! Teaching others how to cope with thoughts and emotions that are out of control is my specialty.

This book was written as I was healing from the emotional wounds of going through a breakup with my partner whom I’d been with for three years. I can assure you that I’ve felt and learned how to deal with every emotion you are feeling right now.

In this Kindle book about breakups you are going to learn:

  • How to determine when you are ready to establish a friendship with your ex.
  • Why you are feeling so angry, sad, disappointed, confused and uncertain about your life.
  • Things you can start doing to instantly help relieve the emotional pain you are feeling and to get you on the path to healing your broken heart.
  • How to build a new life for yourself.
  • Many ways that you can protect your heart while it is in the healing process.
  • How to stop feeling awful
  • How to manage the thoughts that are causing you to spin out of control
  • How to sleep better.
  • And much, much more…
  • The pain you feel after a breakup can be caused by a multitude of things. This book will help you sort out why you are feeling so bad and give you some insight into what you can do to heal your broken heart.

    If there’s one thing I really want you to get from this book, it’s that healing from the situational depression that accompanies a breakup just takes time. The darkness that has engulfed you will eventually lift. I can promise that you will feel like yourself again; things like this just take time.

    Tips From This Kindle Book On Getting Past A Relationship Breakup

    The Worst Things You Can Do After Breaking Up

    1. Don’t sleep with someone new. I hate it when I see people online giving this sort of advice, that the sooner you sleep with someone else, the quicker you will get your ex out of your head. RUBBISH! You will only come away from casual sex feeling cheap, used and worse than you felt before…

    2. Do not under any circumstances comb the Internet to see what your ex is up to.

    3. You may want to consider avoiding the usual places where you and your ex spent considerable amounts of time. Wait until you have healed enough. If you don’t, you may be sent into an emotional tailspin that you cannot stop.

    4. Don’t look to your ex for closure if they broke up with you. You both should have a full understanding of the things that were not working in the relationship. Look at the situation with honesty in your eyes. If you take time to write in a journal regularly, you will clearly see all of the areas that were not working in your relationship without having to look to your ex to explain why you broke up…

    Please understand that for a very long time, your ex is going to be on your mind. You are going to lose sleep, feel very sad, experience anger and possibly cry many tears. You will be on a wild emotional roller coaster ride. Don’t despair; I can assure you that the emotional ups and downs will level off and you will begin to feel more stable.

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    Win Back Your EX: How to Win Your EX Back: The Ultimate Formula for Quickly Winning Back and Keeping Your EX Permanently (Live intensively, love deeply & work happy)

    by David Dipetta

    Learn the most effective way to get back your ex in a matter of days

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    You’re about to discover how to get back your ex as fast as possible, relationships are complicated but a breakup isn’t always the end when you love someone. In this book you will be provided with the best way to get your lost love back in a matter of days.

    If you want your ex back, don’t waste more time, time is critical in breakups, open yourself to this great possibility, learn quickly and step by step how to overcome the sadness and get ready for the challenge of getting your true love back, make sure that you take advantage of this opportunity and get your special one back.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

    • Righting the Wrongs
    • Confidence Is the Key to Success
    • Meeting The Expectations
    • Nurturing the Relationship
    • Be Creative!
    • Hard Work Pays Off
    • Much, much more!

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    Inspiring Quotes & Meditations for Women Trying To Conceive

    by Danielle McDowell

    Are you facing infertility? Are you, or someone you know dealing with struggles of trying to conceive? If you are in this situation, then you understand the range of emotions women deal with along this journey. Inspiring Quotes & Meditations is a short and simple book, that encourages women to not give up. When trying to conceive seems impossible, having meditations to remind you that your dream is still reachable, brings comfort to our minds.


    The author struggles with infertility, and knows the impact it has on couples and families. As she carries on each day, she reminds herself that her dream will come to pass. She would like women to smile, or feel better, if just for a moment. She hopes the quotes and meditations will help women to not give up on becoming a mother.

    The Slap: How I Survived An Abusive Argument To Save My Marriage

    by Tori Simmonds

    Domestic violence is something I thought happened to other people. But domestic abuse can happen within any marriage, at any time and especially in one where marital arguments are a way of life. I had been married for twenty years when an argument turned abusive. How many women have suffered marital abuse and assumed that is all they have to look forward to?

    I wanted to stay married – but not at any expense so I figured out what my limits were if I did not want to get divorced, If you want to stay married, you need to fight to get your husband back and even train your husband to behave properly. Here’s my story.

    Is Your Relationship Worth Saving?

    by Julia Colwell PhD

    We know when our relationships aren’t working. Yet, some problems are fixable; while others are not. Which are you working on? To help anyone feeling unsure about how to handle the challenges in their own intimate partnership, clinical psychologist Dr. Julia B. Colwell offers Is Your Relationship Worth Saving? In this free ebook, Dr. Colwell reveals a path to intimacy that allows for ongoing passion, creativity, celebration, and big, big love.

    Learn more about:

    *The telltale signs of a stuck relationship

    *Speaking the unarguable truth; a breakthrough method for shifting from conflict and suffering to connection and flow

    *The relationship between our emotions and our bodies *Taking full responsibility for the entirety of our experience

    *Reactive Brain versus Creative Brain

    Note: If you’ve found this ebook helpful, you might be interested in exploring The Relationship Skills Workbook: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to a Thriving Relationship, new from Julia B. Colwell. Here, Dr. Colwell offers key tools and skill-building exercises for creating a lasting and loving relationship.

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