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Solo Kayak II

by James Nugent

August 2014

I set my trusty 14′ kayak in my lagoon. It was a rising tide heading south and I had several hours before it reversed and dumped some 13 or more feet of water out of the inlet. Eld Inlet is approximately 6 nautical miles long. The southern 2 miles can only be navigated at high tide. It turns into a mud flat and a shellfish farm at low tide. At high tide it is a pristine water way of immense beauty.

I left my lagoon just as the fog was lifting. It gave me a mile of visibility and would continue to lift just as it did every day in the last half of August. I have never known the phenomena of fog, to be different in the last 25 years. Sometime at the end of August it will just be cloudy all day. There will be sunny days in September and October but the sun will never go so high in the sky or be as warm. The days will rapidly be darker and shorter until late December.

Be that as it may, today was one of those luscious days of paddling and reflecting on the joys of summer.

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