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The Novellas

by Kealan Patrick Burke

An omnibus collection of four novellas by Bram Stoker Award-winning author Kealan Patrick Burke (Kin, The Turtle Boy).

Featured in this book are:


The perfect getaway…

The perfect place to hide…

Hocking Hills, Ohio is an oasis for campers, hikers, nature enthusiasts, and for those who just want to get away and lose themselves in the wild.

And as long as you follow your guide’s advice and stay within the permitted areas, you can expect to survive the night.

Because deep within the dark woods, something insidious awaits, something few have ever seen, something ancient, unknowable, and insatiable.

If you go down to these woods today, you won’t live to see the sunrise…


For years the Wickerwood Inn has stood abandoned, home to nothing but dust and the trapped echo of past celebrations…and tragedy.

For a down on his luck ex-gambler, the inn’s reputation is a thing of myth, and certainly not reason enough to turn down the first paying job to come his way in months. The inn will soon be renovated in preparation for a new lease on life. So tonight, from midnight till six, Peter Haskins will watch over the machinery.

And he will soon discover that there is something else in the hotel with him, something that needs no new lease on life, for it has never died.

And never will.


Wade Crawford is not a good guy. He’s a bank robber and a ruthless killer, and now three people are dead and Wade is on the run. With the cops hot on his heels, he breaks into a seemingly ordinary house in a seemingly ordinary neighborhood to hide and wait on word from his partner.

But this neighborhood is far from ordinary. Indeed it has a very specific purpose, and soon Wade will discover that life in prison would be preferable to the hellish torment Seldom Seen has in store for him.


Meet Jason Tennant, a writer of violent horror novels whose career is mired firmly in a maddening swamp of frustration somewhere north of nowhere and south of success. He is a midlister, those thankless souls who labor in the shadows of sometimes better, sometimes luckier writers, and it’s starting to take its toll.

Meet Kent Gray, wildly popular author of a string of so-called “sex-fi” novels. He’s wealthy, handsome, and the object of Jason Tennant’s professional jealousy.

Welcome to Baltimore, Maryland, and the Aurora Science Fiction & Horror Convention, where these two men, midlister and bestseller, will meet for the first time, and the midlister motto “Better Read Than Dead” will be put to the ultimate test.

The Sandman Boogie (Bad Things Book 1)

by J. Cabasal

Joe Lockerbie is a wet works guy. Probably the best that ever lived, and with good reasonâ??he’s been doing it for 82 years. After the Devil approached him after his wife and son were killed, he was offered a deal to stay eternally young, but on one conditionâ??Joe has to kill for him.

The Devil’s got one last job for Joe, and in return he will burn up his contract. The catch? He needs to go up against an Olympian and his lackeys who are trying to bring back an ancient race of elder gods.

On the dirty streets of Chicago, there’s plenty of things that go bump in the night.

Joe Lockerbie is the guy that you call when you need to bump back.

The Man in the Long Black Coat

by J.L. Aarne

Dale Bruyer and James Sandover were huntsmen: monster hunting heirs to a secret legacy, self-appointed defenders of mankind, students of magic, warriors andâ??in James’s caseâ??occasional chess opponent of the Devil himself. Until James died and left Dale all alone on a self-destructive path through alcoholism to an early grave.

Then one stormy night, the giant tree that had marked James’s grave uproots and Dale finds footprints walking away from the hole beneath it. A killer begins ritualistically murdering young women in the small town of Solagrove, Louisiana where he lives, and though the man in the long black coat sounds a lot like James, it can’t be James. James is dead; there is absolutely no question about it.

Dale is reluctantly dragged into the investigation by his neighbor, the mother of the first victim. He’s not so sure the killings are really his sort of thing, but there’s something very familiar about it all anyway and someone has to stop it. Though why does it have to be him?

In the midst of all this chaos, he suddenly finds himself with a house full: a werewolf in the kitchen, a god crashing on his sofa and a punk rock fallen angel riding shotgun.

Purg I: Fallen Angel (Books on Sale for Kindle Unlimited by Nicholas Black Book 15)

by Nicholas Black

Purg 1: Fallen Angel

by Nicholas Black

(Kindle Unlimited, Best of Suspense, Horror, Fiction)

A serial killer is roaming the streets of Los Angeles. The police can’t catch him; the FBI can’t understand him; and nobodyâ??including the ‘voices’â??can stop him.

In another part of the panicked city, a young mother struggles to keep her small family together. The problem is that forces, which humans can barely comprehend, are carrying out orders that have been sent down from another plane of existence . . .

There, the life and death of a young child is just another violent step in the cascade of events leading to the End of Days.

Caught in the middle is a fallen Guardian Angel, one of many, condemned to carry out the service of God in the darkest city . . . Purgatory. It is the place where all Souls wait, determining their final choice. They may choose the Grace of God, or they may cross the Torn Valley and enter the city of Hadesâ??a bright place of sin and pleasure . . . and of Lucifer.

Whatever they choose, the decision is permanent.

In Purgatory the Angels protect the evolved Souls as choices are being made. In Hades, Demons and Dark Angels are preparing for the final battle between Heaven and Hell, good against evil. And the outcome of this battle has not yet been foretold.

In a series of twists and turns; unlikely heroes and unexpected alliances are formed that could spell the end for all humanity, and the beginning of Lucifer’s reign.

Welcome to Purg: Where everything is ruled by darkness . . . and nothing is what it seems . . .

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The Scar That Bleeds (Augustus Baltazar Book 2)

by Neil Bursnoll

Something is savaging Augustus Baltazar’s many wounds. Is the voice in his head the Shadow Lord, or is Solani tricking him with mind games? Can he stop the incessant rotting before it becomes too much, and consumes his very soul? DI Merrick encounters similar difficulties, after playing his hand that results in unexpected disaster. The loss of his closest colleague and the tragic circumstances of his past have become heavier than stone.

Find out which path they both take. For Stu, it could be a life of darkness and decay alongside the man of fire, or the understanding and openness with the woman he yearns and is slowly falling for. For Merrick, it could be a descent into darker territory, or a salvation that no-one is willing to offer.

This is the second thrilling novel in the Augustus Baltazar series from author Neil Bursnoll.

They Won’t Stop Too – Episode 2 (zombies, attack, bite, kill, murder, slow burn, this is the end, contamination, killing, apocalypse, end of days, affliction z,)

by Stephen Odaire


Episode 3 is AVAILABLE NOW! Download your copy today:

This series continues where it left off in episode 1:

Download Episode 1 here:

They Won’t Stop Too – the second episode in the young adult zombie romance series They Won’t Stop.

After a few days of being kidnapped and raped, J finds out that this new world is much worse than she feared. Her plans to escape come with a heavy cost, and she realizes that zombies aren’t the worst of her problems. She meets a new love interest who challenges her objectives, making her journey more complicated. She soon finds herself running from more than just zombies. Should she pursue this new relationship? Should she go find her father? Should she find her true love, her boyfriend Chris? What should she do? What would you do if every way you turned, made things worse?

This is a young adult novel with language, violence, and sexual situations. Not recommended for readers under the age of 17.

Tags: zombie, attack, bite, kill, murder, slow burn, this is the end, contamination, killing, apocalypse, end of days, affliction z, kyle west, chrissy pebbles, amanda

Beautiful Sins: The Return (THE THANEADDUS CHRONICLES Book 7)

by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Based on Jennifer Hampton’s


Beautiful Sins: The Return

Story Preview Edition (not the full version)

By #1 International Bestselling Author L. L. Christenson

#1 International Bestselling Author Lisa Loucks Christenson

This will be updated with the cover blurb …

Chapter 1

Leigha Lowery

My eyes burned; tears fed my inner thoughts as I stared into what appeared to be an endless road, one we’d been traveling on for hours before the view changed, but only from the sublime, boring scraggy scenery to scragglier dark shadows. Blinking away my tears and all my thoughts attached, somehow, to them, changed nothing, I had decisions to make. The clicking rattle on the passenger wheel faded away while I was watching the evergreens lining the highway melding into tonight’s dusk, before they disappeared completely into the deepest blacks on earth. I was witnessing and experiencing, firsthand, evening mixed with rain stirred the blackest moments possible–and it fit my mood, but it didn’t give me any answers, just the peace that comes when I’m still, one with nothingness. If that can even be explained, that’s how I would say I felt. One minute there was a faint glow from the sun on the west horizon, after my next blink it was gone.

The Beautiful Sins books are in development. Watch for the Series Edition including sneak peaks on all the upcoming stories we’ll be releasing, including some sneak previews, like this Story Preview Edition. The first serial will release

the first week of September 2014. There were 21 books in Jennifer’s original series, several of them were never published. Lisa Loucks Christenson purchased the rights to Jennifer’s books and is developing them into this new Beautiful Sins series.

The reason this book is releasing ahead of the others is for die-hard fans who have been patiently waiting for the next story. Please check back soon as we add more of the stories!

White Wolf Creek

3…2…1…: Scaring the Shit Out of You in 3 Sentences or Less

by Sam Plank

My fourth attempt at scaring you in as little time as possible!

Bad Blood: A Vampire Thriller (The Spider Trilogy Book 1)

by J.R. Rain

“BAD BLOOD is fast, hilarious and sexy. Rain, Nicholson and Night just might have created the coolest vampire since Kiefer Sutherland. The Mount Shasta setting is dreamy. The cult is deliciously creepy. And Spider is as sexy as they come. I was pressing the ereader’s ‘forward’ button so fast that I broke it. Let’s hope we hear more from Spider.”
â??H.P. MALLORY, #1 bestselling author of Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble and To Kill A Warlock

They call him Spider.

And people come to him when they have a problem. So when teenager Parker Cole approaches Spider at night school, he figures she’s just another problem waiting to happen. But then she tells him about her father, who runs a cult called Cloudland based at the foot of mystical Mount Shasta, California.

And then she tells Spider about her best friend, who is now dead, her body completely drained of blood. Spider wonders if the death is the work of a fellow vampire…or if he’s now the target of a sinister game designed to lure him to Cloudland, where darker mysteries await.

A vampire thriller from three bestselling authors: J. R. Rain of the Vampire for Hire series, H.T. Night of Vampire Love Story, and Scott Nicholson of The Red Church. Bad Blood includes two bonus short stories, three sample chapters, and a clickable Table of Contents.

Photo credits: Jack Blake – “Seattle Nightlines.” Richard H. Beckmann, Green Lizard Photography – “Self Portrait”

Angels, Devils, an Elder God, and Me

by John Wheeler

It’s not every night that you meet the love of your life and your worst enemy, but for this novel’s bitterly hilarious narrator, tonight is anything but a normal nightâ??and before it ends, he’ll find himself embroiled in a paranormal conspiracy involving a hungry Beast Beyond Time, a magical shotgun, a demon who moonlights as a novelist, and a couple folks who absolutely refuse to stay dead.

The Haunted: 25 Dark and Twisted Horror Stories

by Valentine King

25 terrifying horror stories in a single anthology.

Enter a world where sacrificing body parts might help save a marriage, where something in a baby’s cot waits to eat an unlucky burglar. It’s a place where an inherited chair contains the ghost of its last owner and a sex doll decides it no longer wants to stay locked in the wardrobe .

In the top 50 Amazon horror chart ever since release, this collection contains something for all discerning horror fans, from monsters to ghosts, blood splattered gore to psychological terror.

Contains every tale from the top 10 bestsellers: School Reunion, Couples Therapy and The House in the Wood.

The Fall (Remnants of an Ancient Empire Book 0)

by Aqib Ali

Enter this dark fantasy world where a massive demonic empire threatens one of the last bastions of all humanoid beings, The Empire of Kings. Emperor Morcant (human) and his elven allies must find a way to to save their people from total destruction. The Dark Empires fleet which is led by an Arch-Demon by the name of Nsital, out-numbers the humanoids a million to one in this story of good vs evil. Will the good guys prevail or will they fail? Whatever happens here will depict the course of history for all beings.

This story serves as a prologue to the Remnants of an Ancient Empire series.

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