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Academy Girls

by Nora Carroll

When Jane Milton was a senior at a snobby New England boarding school, she and her friends developed dangerous twin obsessions– with a decades-old unsolved murder, and with the poems of Emily Dickinson. As their obsession turned dark and tragedy ensued, Jane fled the school, vowing she would never return. Twenty-five years later, and down on her luck, she returns to her former school to teach English. But, when she arrives, pages from an old manuscript penned by her former roommate seem to have resurfaced in the hands of a brilliant pupil– and Jane knows that the old typescript pages contain her darkest secrets. Will she be able to unravel the secrets of the past in time to redeem the present?

The Younger Man

by Dermot Davis

Fast approaching 40 and after two failed marriages, Frances has sworn off men. Still mending her broken heart from her most recent divorce, she has come to rely on her therapist as if she was her best friend. Even though she knows that she is not happy with her life, she has no idea how to fix it. Approached by a younger man, she decides to go along for the ride. The reawakening of her heart soon turns her cozy world upside down. Does she have it within her heart to take another chance on love? Thoughtful and thought-provoking contemporary fiction for those who like to read more challenging material than regular Chick-lit.

“With brilliant writing skills, the reader is entranced from page one. THE YOUNGER MAN, both compelling and heart-warming, is definitely worthy of 5 stars.”AUTHOR ALLIANCE

“…this well written book is first and foremost a journey of self discovery for the main character, Frances… Only gifted authors like Dermot Davis have the ability to pen such a flawed character and make the reader still care and want the best for her.”KINDLE BOOK REVIEW

“If you want flimsy and inconsequential this is NOT the book for you. If you like romance with something between the ears – then don’t hesitate – pick up The Younger Man, today!”BOOK ADDICT

Companion book to ZEN AND SEX and prequel to LOVE FOR FRANCES. All novels available in complete (3 books in 1) BOX SET.

Stolen Hearts: Book 1 (Grim’s Labyrinth Series)

by Grim’s Labyrinth Publishing


She’s been having the dream since she was five years old.

The dank hallway.

The body strapped to a gurney.

The strange, irresistible thirst for blood.

It’s always the same.

Until Conlan shows up.

Jessica’s just a typical teenager, if you don’t count the brutally abusive stepmother or the recurring nightmares. When she overhears her stepmother plotting to kill her and hide the body, Jessica decides to run for her life. She jumps out the window and lands right in Conlan’s lap. He’s smart and funny, and he’s had the same nightmare. Soon she and the cute guy from her math class set off on a paranormal road trip that takes them to the source of her nightmares. There, she will be faced with a choice straight out of hell and not even Conlan can protect her.

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Grim’s Labyrinth Sandbox

All titles released by Grim’s Labyrinth Publishing are available for you to create derivative works. Feel free to publish and profit from those deviations.

Chasing Hope

by Kathryn Cushman

A Personal Drama of Shattered Dreams and Second Chances

A talented runner fully committed to Olympic dreams, Sabrina Rice’s future was shattered by a devastating diagnosis. One forfeited scholarship and several years later, she has new goals and dreams that have nothing to do with running–something that’s become far too painful to think on.

Until the day she sees Brandy Philip running across the community college campus, easily outpacing security. Sabrina immediately recognizes world-class speed, and it’s all the more painful that it belongs to a teenage graffiti artist. When a chance encounter brings the two young women together, Sabrina becomes Brandy’s best hope for staying out of juvenile hall. Soon, Sabrina begins to feel an uncomfortable nudge that her new life is just about to be toppled…that God may be calling her to minister to this talented but troubled girl.

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