Free religious fiction Kindle books for 21 Aug 14

Nor Forsaken: Book 1 of the Dravo Series

by Kaye Hicks

Against the backdrop of the tyrannical and corrupt planetary Government of Dravo and the mercenary Revolution, four couples find faith and purpose. Even though they were told that no one left the Revolution and lived, Richard had met a defector on his last assignment into the city central hub; a defector who offered an alternativeĆ¢??Jesus Christ.

Richard and Reva begin a journey from revolutionaries to defectors to novice Christian disciples, sharing their new found faith in hiding with other believers. Nor Forsaken follows the salvation, struggle, and ministry of this small group, mixed with the natural events of love, birth, and death. Their safety and their lives are threatened by both the Government and the Revolution enforcers. And each new threat assures them all of God’s abiding power to protect, rescue, and do miraculous things.

Mind Waves: A Short Story

by Anne Nash

Someone is sending sinister thoughts. Nina has resisted him before. Now she must find his newest vessel before he finds his next victim.

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