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Reaching Another Level: How Private Coaching Transforms the Lives of Professional Athletes, Weekend Warriors, and the Kids Next Door

by Jordan Lancaster Fliegel

Learn the true stories behind the making of some of America’s greatest athletes, and how they beat the odds one grueling training session at a time — when no camera was on them, and when no one knew their names.

Behind every great athlete is a private coach. Those coaches are the ones who gave those athletes confidence, who pushed them beyond their limits, who corrected their games when they went south, who taught them how to really play, and who believed in them when no one else did. This book belongs to those athletes, to the private coaches who guided them, and to all the rest of us who have our own athletic dreams — or the desire, intuition, and skills to help others achieve their dreams.

In Reaching Another Level, Jordan Fliegel — a former professional athlete, longtime private coach, and Founder of CoachUp, America’s leader in private coaching, gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the work of making a modern-day athlete in the ultra-competitive world of sports, from the youth ranks on up through the pros.

The Tony Conigliaro Story

by Bruce Fitzpatrick

By the time he was five he was a kid with a dream: someday he’d be a baseball player. By the time he graduated from high school he had become a nationally touted hitting machine. A â??phenom’ they said. There wasn’t a pitcher he couldn’t hit.

This attracted scouts from every team in professional baseball, including the Boston Red Sox, who played less than five miles from where he’d grown up, and who signed him as a teenager. His other significant teenage experience came when he fell in love for the first time. Eventually, Julie Markakis would go from childhood sweetheart to the love of his life, though several of their experiences would be wrought with heartache.

Gifted with extraordinary skills, a story book romance, rare physical abilities, and Hollywood handsome looks, it appeared Tony had been blessed by the gods. He was even brought up to the big team after only a year in the minors. On his first at bat in front of his hometown fans, he hit a towering home run over Fenway’s famous â??Green Monster’, which made him the overnight darling of Boston’s airwaves.

Then, on August 18, 1967 at the height of Boston’s Impossible Dream year, he suffered the second worst ‘beaning’ in baseball history. Doctors feared he would never see again; fans feared he’d never play again; and his family watched in horror, fearing he might never rise again as he lay in the dirt beside home plate, wreathing in agony.

But he clung to his childhood dream. After two years of grueling physical conditioning and medical regimens, he returned to baseball and earned the Comeback Player of the Year Award. Ironically, two years later he was traded to the team that beaned him. No longer in Boston, his enthusiasm waned and he left the game after only a few months. When it seemed all was lost, he was offered the color commentator position on the Red Sox broadcast network, and the chance to live and work with the Red Sox again.

In the midst of this, he was beset with the most challenging experience of his life, an event that nearly killed him. On death’s doorstep, people everywhere rallied to his aid. His friends and fans hadn’t forgotten him, nor would they. Ever.

This is more than a sports story. It’s a human interest story, a love story, a story of triumph and tragedy, and is one of the greatest comeback stories in all of sports history.

Such is the stuff of The Tony Conigliaro Story…


Red Sox Nation, The Villages, FL

Art Plant, President

“We’ve made Bruce Fitzpatrick an honorary member for the work he has done on Tony Conigliaro’s life, and for the interest he has generated after having performed two speaking engagements in front our audiences.”

Fenway Nation

Ernie Paicopolos, Senior Executive

“This is a must-read for every Red Sox fanâ??those who lived through it all or those who need to know how it happened. Bruce Fitzpatrick does a masterful job of letting us all recall the amazing life of Tony C. We recommend the book highly.”

Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY

Bruce Markusen, Sr. Executive

“The Tony Conigliaro Story is highly recommended, particularly for those of Red Sox Nation.”


Jay Crawford, Sports Anchor

“I loved it! So much I didn’t know. What a crazy story. I wish more young fans today knew exactly how good he really was! Thanks again!”

Julie Markakis,

Childhood Sweetheart, Lifelong Friend

“I finished the book this morning. I want to express my gratitude for such a great read. You truly captured Tony’s life. I’m sure he is smiling down on you.”

Many of our Readers

Have compared The Tony Conigliaro Story to Brian’s Song

Baseball Dreams, Fishing Magic: One Man’s Trip Through This Crazy Thing Called Life

by Mike Reuther

A baseball player, a fisherman – young man looking for answers.

Perhaps no pursuits stir the passions of dreamers and poets like baseball and

fly fishing. For Nick Grimes, a small town kid with big dreams, these two pastimes and sports are more than pursuits of the soul, they are means to an end. Or so he thinks.

We first see Grimes as a talented pitcher and a cocksure young man with his sights firmly set on a Major League baseball career. With his blazing fastball he uses to zip past hitters, his destiny as a big league ballplayer seems inevitable. He’s barely out of high school when he signs a professional contract to pitch for the Detroit Tigers organization. But when the minor leagues prove to be tougher than what he bargained for, he finds himself out of baseball and learning life’s hard lessons.

Whether fishing for trout in the mountains of Pennsylvania or learning about love, Grimes is a young man chasing happiness, his place in the world. He’s a man who must live life on his own terms, but does he know what he really wants?

Rejecting conventional jobs, Grimes embarks on a different life, that of a fishing guide. But he’ll find happiness to be an elusive creature, and the people he meets along his remarkable life journey will teach him some of its most valuable lessons.

There’s the woman writer with her own dreams, her own ambitions, who captures Grimes’ heart. His father, who gave up his own dreams to remain a factory worker, and a pitching coach who sees something special in Grimes, urge him to take second chances. But perhaps the most unforgettable character is Sir, Jon, a mysterious fly fisherman leading a Thoreau-like existence in the mountains, who offers him life’s most important lesson. His brief encounters with Sir Jon are wake-up calls for the young man, and will provide readers with some of the most unforgettable moments of this remarkable story.

Nick Grimes will learn all about love and sex, death, despair and dashed dreams, but perhaps most of all, hope and rejuvenation.

With echoes of A River Runs Through It and The Rookie, this short novel by Mike Reuther goes beyond the coming-of-age story and will have have readers cheering, perhaps shedding a tear or two. Baseball Dreams, Fishing Magic is the story of a young man chasing the American dream on baseball fields, on trout streams, in bar rooms. More than just another baseball book, it’s a fishing tale, a love story – a romance of the soul.

Another Saturday & Sweet F.A

by Calvin Wade

In the summer of 2013, Calvin Wade, a man with football in his blood and very little in his wallet, decided to embark upon an F.A Cup adventure that he and his father had discussed for over thirty years. The idea was to head to a game in the Extra Preliminary Round of the F.A Cup and then follow the winners of each game, up and down the country, through every round, until eventually reaching the bright lights of Wembley and the F.A Cup Final.

This is not only an autobiographical account of a nine month journey through the 2013-14 footballing season, especially the F.A Cup, but it is also a story about family, friendship, financial struggle and a footballing past. It is about tales new and old with English Peles, a man known as ‘The Casual Hopper’ and football fans of all ages throughout the British Isles.

With a foreword by former F.A Cup winning manager, Joe Royle, ‘Another Saturday & Sweet F.A’ seeks to show that Bill Shankly was right after all and sometimes football can be more important than life and death.

* Fifty pence from the sale of the paperback and Kindle versions of this book will be donated to The Christie Charity. The charity raises money to fund projects at The Christie Hospital, Manchester, which are outside the scope of the NHS.

Cast the First Stone

by Shawn Rohrbach

What motivates a professional cyclist to enter the dark, seedy world of systemic doping, and what measures will he take to cover this up?

A young, American professional cyclist-Philip LaPont-is coerced into a team sponsored doping program while attempting to be chosen for a Tour de France cycling team. At first he dislikes cheating, but then he begins to like the winning brought by the performance-enhancing drugs. To deflect attention, he conspires with his mother to accuse his own father-a pompous and arrogant retired Philosophy professor-of a heinous crime. As lies are spun and lives unraveled, are the deeper wounds of loss and callousness in a family’s history enough to drive a son beyond redemption?

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