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Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library. All There is to Know

by Steve Taylor


If you are the owner of a Kindle device, you’ve probably already heard about the benefits of Amazon Prime. You might even be in the middle of your one free month of Amazon Prime service. If so, you definitely need to read this book.

Come along on the journey as one Amazon Prime member details all the benefits and rewards of the service. While Amazon offers a limited amount of information on their website, many users have unanswered questions and the free one month trial can go by so fast that these users don’t get a clear evaluation of the service.

Find the answers to your questions in this book. Questions like:

What devices can I stream movies from?

Can I read a book from the lending library on mor than one device?

How many ebooks can I borrow from the lending library at once?

What are the limitations of the Amazon Prime service?

Many, Many More!

To put it simply, this book will ensure that you get the most value for your Amazon Prime membership. Get your copy now and discover the full potential of your Kindle devices

Harnessing the Influence of Social Proof in Online Shopping: The Effect of Electronic Word of Mouth on Sales of Digital Microproducts: An academic article … The Digital Distribution Sweet Spot Book 3)

by Leon Haggarty

Social proof is a social evaluation of the quality and trust-ability of a product; the social evaluation is done via eWOM. Interestingly in the Intro to e-commerce course word of mouth is stated as one of the four key means of increasing the number of visitors to ones site. Based on the title of the article, and on the screenshot from the academic powerpoint above one can assume that positive eWOM causes the increase in sale of digital microproducts. The key word in the Amblee’s article’s title is harnessing. Any eWOM will likely drive traffic to ones website or to the distribution centre for ones digital products.

Android Programming: Quick & Easy to Implement Android Programming, Step by Step Guide, For Beginners – Includes Examples & Assignments – Easy To Read – Learn By Doing!

by AZ Elite Publishing

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Android Programming: Android Programming For Beginners, Create an Android APP Blog From Scratch!

Creating an app for Android doesn’t require a full-blown integrated development environment. There are several simple, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools that make programming Android apps a breeze.â?¨â?¨We’ll show you how to test apps on an Android emulator. Start building your first app with these simple tools today

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GUI Design for Android Apps

by Ryan Cohen

GUI Design for Android Apps is the perfectâ??and conciseâ??introduction for mobile app developers and designers. Through easy-to-follow tutorials, code samples, and case studies, the book shows the must-know principles for user-interface design for Android apps running on the Intel platform, including smartphones, tablets and embedded devices.

This book is jointly developed for individual learning by Intel Software College and China Shanghai JiaoTong University, and is excerpted from Android Application Development for the Intel® Platform.

What youÂ?ll learn

  • Key aspects of why UI and UX design for embedded systems is different than for desktops
  • Troubleshooting UI design issues
  • Understanding how key concepts such as state transition, context class, and intent work
  • How to use the interface app design tools provided by Android
  • Planning for complex apps (apps with multiple activities)
  • Optimizing app design for touch screen input

Who this book is for

The book is primarily for app developers, software engineers and open-source programming enthusiasts, but can also be used by for training programs and Codeacademy-style programs.

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