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Life is a Circus Run by a Platypus

by Allison Hawn

Has being late to work due to dancing clowns ever been a problem for you? Have you ever had to defend yourself against a giant iguana? Does the overture to The Music Man make you violently twitch?

In Life is a Circus Run by a Platypus readers are immersed into what it would be like to live every day as if a herd of ballerinas were chasing you, without the inconvenience of actually having to run.  This collection of truly bizarre short stories taken from the author, Allison Hawn’s, life takes one across the world and into the strangest crevices of civilization. The lessons learned through her adventures might very well save the reader if they too ever have to face birthing a cow, calming distraught technical support or death by furniture.


by Andrew V. Kudin

How far can someone go in the name of a game?

Someone whose game has become the meaning of life?

The programmer who created the first chess computer program is found dead under mysterious circumstances. Was his death really accidental, as the official investigation determined?

The truth seems impossible to establish when unexpectedly an unknown chess player challenges a powerful financial corporation. FBI agents and private detectives look for this mysterious player who has never lost a single game.

The book SAUGANASH, by Andrew V. Kudin, tells a story of the most dramatic chess game in the history of the world.


by Yuki Kamagata

Do you know Japan?

I think you know .

So, do you know the cool character of Japan?

Is “Kanji” it.

Kanji is one of the cool characters that are the most attention now.

be able to easily learn the kanji of 30 in this book.

And you can become a hero in the school and workplace.

Why become?

The reason is because no one can write.

Now, Become a Hero! ! !

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Poker Wisdom of a Degenerate: Lessons Learnt from Micro Stakes Poker

by Ryan Bushell

Poker Wisdom of a Degenerate is designed with the beginner poker player in mind. It offers a concise overview of the author’s experiences playing poker as a student and how to avoid costly common mistakes, as well as how to maximise on the opportunities that most commonly present themselves at the poker table.

It offers practical advice on playing poker both live and on the internet and signposts what you need to be aware of in order to save as much money as possible in your poker education. This guide is even more effective when read alongside a good strategy book.

A glossary of terminology is also included to give a brief overview of some common poker knowledge as well as cutting though some poker jargon and translating it into plain English.

Animal Jokes for Kids by Charlie the Cavalier: (FREE Puppet Download Included!): Hilarious Jokes (Best Clean Joke Books for Kids) (Charlie the Cavalier Best Joke Books)

by Charlie The Cavalier

Charlie the Cavalier Books Presents Best Joke Books

Child Friendly Animal Jokes for Kids!

Charlie the Cavalier is a family friendly dog that bring smiles to children’s faces. Charlie brings to you family friendly jokes to make kids and adults smile. Enjoy this book with the children in your life.

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– Great for Road Trips

– Read in Waiting Rooms

– Read Before nap time

– Read at bed time

– Great for a vacation

A few Jokes From This Funny Joke Book…

Question: Where do polar bears vote?

Answer: The North Poll!

Question: What do you call a smart insect?

Answer: A spelling bee!

Question: What do cats read in the morning?

Answer: Mewspapers!

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