Free parenting and families Kindle books for 22 Aug 14

Kendall Macaw Loves Her Ma

by Tammy Fitzherbert

This is an adorable story for kids and parents alike. In it, a baby Macaw who is highly attached to her momma, needs to branch out and leave the nest so she can start preschool. The momma bird knows just scary that can be for her little one, but also knows it is time to let her spread her wings. This colorfully illustrated story has an easy to read rhyming sequence that will have your kids memorizing the pages and wanting you to read it over and over again. You’ll delight in seeing how momma macaw has to adjust to her own separation anxiety as she finds herself alone while her baby is off at school. This has a very happy ending and teaches a positive message throughout.

York Bound Enterprise Presents: FAMILY IS 4EVER

by Kareem Abdul Rahman

Family Is 4ever is a story about the Harris family and the seemingly never ending circle of poverty, drug use, and teenage pregnancy which has plagued the family for generations. To most people who knew them it was a foregone conclusion that every Harris would go to prison, have a baby as a teen, or live in poverty and collect welfare and food stamps all of their lives. Most of the family seems to accept the fact that this was how their lives was going to be. Will any Harris ever break this cycle of negativity and stereotyping that the family seems to be cursed with?

Start at Home: Kindergarten Literacy Core Curriculum

by Kathleen Benyo

Reading is a complicated learning experience for the young child as well as for anyone learning the English language. The purpose of this book is to provide active learning for parent and child. I try to avoid worksheets; plenty of those are available online. I do ask you to create flashcards from index cards. That’s the closest we’ll get in this book to worksheets.

At the end of this book, you’ll find my favorite 99 kindergarten books, a list of music for children, the 100 most used words in print, and the standards for kindergarten literacy.

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking is what it’s all about.

How to Create TRUE and LASTING Honesty in Your Marriage or Relationship (Growing in Love for Life Series Book 13)

by Liam Naden

Is a lack of honesty causing problems in your marriage?

Is your husband or wife not being honest with you, causing you to not trust them?

Are you finding it difficult to be honest with your spouse?

A lack of honesty is at the heart of all marriage problems. Learn how to create true honesty and your relationship will be transformed.

In this book, acclaimed marriage coach Liam Naden shows you:

– what honesty REALLY is in a marriage

– five questions that will show you just how honest your marriage actually is – and what your answers mean for your long-term future and happiness

– the six things you must do to get your spouse to open up to you in total honesty about all things

– how to overcome your fears and be totally honest with your spouse

– the four things that will happen when you create true honesty in your marriage (they will surprise and delight you!)

and much more.

Honesty is the key to a great marriage. By “getting it right” you can solve most (if not all) of your problems, sometimes almost overnight. It really is that powerful and important.

If you truly want to create a great marriage (no matter where you are at the moment) you need to do the things contained in this book!

Marriage Help: How to Save Your Marriage and Stop Divorce

by Marita Kinney

This book will help couples learn about divorce, why it should be avoided and how it can be avoided. It will provide insights on how to handle marriage problems so as to save the relationship. Moreover, it will provide different tips on how to keep the relationship stronger than ever.

Autism in Teens: Strategies, Accommodations, Parent Rights

by Cindy Stringer Wismer

‘Autism in Teens- Strategies, Accommodations, Parent Rights’ is a guide for parents, teachers, and those who care for a teen with autism. This book addresses the changes a child goes through as they transition to their teenage years and high school. Become an empowered advocate for your child with appropriate IEP accommodations and home strategies.

The Missing Toy

by Matthew Myre

A book about three friends and one has a problem that needs to be solved but the solution was unexpected.

Mommy, stay with me!

by Shula Tulman

The need of a children to be with their mother, to make Mommie share their experiences, to find a warm place in her arms and to get much needed encouragement, warmth and security, is a natural need which actually never fades away.

Those moments when a child goes to sleep and asks mommie to stay just a little bit longer are known to every parent. We can all identify with the situation.

The psychologist James Mann coined the term “Mommie Time” in the clinical context as representing an infinite amount of time of the unconscious, a feeling that we have all the time in the world.

When we get “Mommie Time” we get non-verbal comprehension, Mommie calming us and making order, all at once. When children feel that they are understood, they can dive into that pool of infinite time and feel loved and protected: everything will be OK, nothing is impossible.

In their innermost selves, children know that the “ritual” of bedtime has to come to its end. There is a limit. Mommie will eventually leave the room, but… maybe she can stay just a little bit longer? Children will always try to get a little more “Mommie Time”…

The book describes spontaneous moments, little moments of quality time in the daily bedtime routine, the opportunity of children to get special attention with Mommie listening and accepting their world.

Children and parents will find in this book an expression of these moments, of the desire to have Mommie stay just a little bit longer…

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