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by Edward W. Robertson

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Rob Dunbar is the world’s best history professor. And with good reason: he’s been alive for three thousand years, keeping his existence a secret since before the days of Athens.

But a stranger named Baxter has a better use for Rob’s vast expertise. Baxter’s looking to found a mining company in the Asteroid Belt. In exchange for Rob’s help, he’ll try to unravel the mystery of Rob’s origin.

As they’re getting their outfit off the ground, they come under covert attack by HemiCo, a powerful Mars-based corporation. And Rob learns Baxter has a secret of his own–he’s not human. He’s a highly illegal AI.

Developed by HemiCo in the wilds of Mars, the first AI escaped decades ago. They’ve been fighting a shadow war against their creators ever since. Dragged to Mars, Rob is thrown into the center of the fight–and becomes the unlikely leader of a revolution that will change the course of human history amongst the stars.

The Baggage Handler

by Colin Browne

Martin White, editor of The Shallow Review of Books, likes his life as he likes his work: shallow. Living in purposeful near-isolation in the middle of a crowded city, he keeps his relationships superficial and his life uncomplicated. His deliberate avoidance of social potholes prompts his colleagues to turn to him for assistance handling their own life and relationship baggage, which only strengthens his resolve never to allow any of it into his life. He’s pretty happy, albeit hollow and empty.

But then Kasia turns up. Young, Polish, focused on minding her own business, she neither invites, nor encourages Martin’s flailing attempts at romance, but he can’t help himself. For reasons that defy logic for an isolationist such as he, he falls for her, hard. Years of handling baggage have done nothing to equip him to handle his own however as he realizes with excruciating displays of ineptitude, again and again. He’s way out of his depth â?¦

Faced with a challenge by Rich, his more socially adept colleague, to ask Kasia out within a week or Rich will, Martin has no option but to open the doors to all the complexity of modern life and relationships as he re-emerges from the shadows.

A twisted romantic comedy, written from the male perspective, The Baggage Handler is an acknowledgement that if you’re going to be serious about it, this love stuff is hard.

Dream Killers – Complete Season 1 (The Dream Killers Book 3)

by S.M. Blooding

The Sea of Dreams spat me out with no memories, no idea of who I was or what my purpose might be. When Captain Bo, dream killer extraordinaire, arrived, I took a chance to explore.

On the road of discovery, I tripped upon dreamplanes floating dead in a graveyard, scared children attempting to survive their dreams turned nightmare, strange guardians, rogue Dreamlanders, and ships with hearts of silver. I learned more about Dreamland than I ever thought possible.

But people are dying. They’re disappearing. Dreamland is twisting, shifting, ripping. I don’t know how best to help, how to save those I’ve met, who have wormed their way into my heart. If only I knew who I was, what I’d been born to do.

Then I found out. I know who I am.

I wish I didn’t.

Dream Killers is geared for fans of Once Upon a Time. The first season (Spring 2014) consists of 3 novellas called episodes. It follows River as he discovers who he is and his role in Dreamland. Dream Killers is to Dreamland Stories what Agents of Shield is to the Marvel movies. Dreamland is an intense, rich, fascinating world with lots going on. If you like fairy tales, are looking for something new,try this one.

The Last Man

by Ryan King

Thank God for the dogs, thinks Sam, otherwise I’d go crazy.

It’s been over five years since a deadly plague swept the world and Sam is the only person left alive…at least as far as he knows. He roams a desolate land already rapidly reverting to nature with his canine companions. But there is still danger, and Sam may not be as alone as he thinks.

The Last Man is a refreshing and compelling post-apocalyptic short novel.

Those Who Remain: A Zombie Novel (Those Who Remain Trilogy Book 1)

by Priscila Santa Rosa

Hide your children, lock your doors, and load your guns because zombies are real and they are coming. Danny Terrence knows this better than anyone. He spent months preparing for the inevitable moment the disease would reach his small town. What he didn’t prepare for is the fact that nobody really believes him.

Luckily for him, an old classmate and bully just happens to be the first one bitten. The bad news is that the family with the biggest arsenal of guns just packed up and left town, leaving them defenseless from an oncoming zombie horde. Being a leader isn’t turning out the way Danny imagined.

Yet four other survivors easily have it worse than him. Between a thirteen-year-old girl on a road trip from hell, a family of paranoid hunters having to deal with their feelings for the first time ever, a stubborn doctor butting-heads with a cold-hearted sergeant and an amoral British professor carrying the fate of humanity in his hands, Danny has it easy. Unless, of course, they all end up in his town, messing with his already messed up life.

Follow these five people as their paths cross and their lives and hopes are challenged in this thrilling novel with brain-mushing humor and heart-breaking action. Those Who Remain: Book One is part of a trilogy.


by Darren Worrow

Be careful what you wish for……

Everything Theory: Blood Routes

by Barry Napier

Having had only six weeks to adjust to his new position with the enigmatic government organization known as CSAR, Gabriel Warren is assigned to a secretive case in a small town in Nevada.

Small desert towns are being wiped out entirely, their residents being brutally slaughtered by unseen killers.

A phantom charter bus is linked to the grisly murders but has never been stopped. According to those that have seen it, the bus disappears at will just like a ghost.

A bloodthirsty cult is beheading people in the desert.

Dozens of people wander into the desert, summoned by a power that has been calling humans into its clutches for centuries.

All of these events are leading up to one potentially catastrophic event. As Gabriel digs deeper into the case, he discovers that it is all connected to one of his father’s failed experiments. Not only that, but the labyrinthine structure of CSAR is getting much more complex as Gabriel discovers that there may be a secret in his past that has him tied to the center of it all.

Blood Routes is the second book in the Everything Theory series. (316 pages)

The Storytellers (Earth Book 1)

by Elizabeth Naramore

As a forty-something single mother of two, slightly alcoholic Maggie Winstone struggled to get by, always feeling a little out of place with her fellow humans. In one particularly awkward social situation, she discovers that she belongs to a rare alien race with communicative powers unparalleled by any other creature in the universe. She also learns that there are those who wish to sell her powers to the highest bidder, or kill her, neither of which sounds appealing to Maggie in the least.

Now thrust into hiding and taking solace on whatever planet she can, Maggie realizes that her skills as a middle-aged grocery store clerk in Ohio have left her ill-equipped to keep her and her family safe. Maggie must overcome her own humanness and embrace her true alien self if she hopes to untangle them from the web of danger and deceit they’ve landed in.

Richard Revisited: A Novel about Shakespeare and Richard III

by Els Launspach

If you love Shakespeare, you will enjoy Richard Revisited, an historical novel about King Richard III

For centuries Richard III counted as the villainous murderer of his young cousins and usurper of his brother’s throne. But how much of this reputation was born of the facts, and how much resulted from political urgency of the Tudors? Within the frame of the recent discovery of the king’s skeleton in Leicester, Richard Revisited offers a poignant image of three inquisitive minds caught up in an age-old struggle. The statesman Thomas More, Master of the Revels George Buc, and lastly Jennifer Simpson, witness in the Trial of Richard III broadcast in 1984. In their efforts to be true to themselves each risks either humiliation or loss of integrity.

Unfolding the action, this controversial novel questions the sources Shakespeare used while writing his famous history-play about the last Plantagenet king. To what extent did the dramatist falsify the facts?

In this book the following questions will be raised:

– did Thomas More regret his Portrait of King Richard III?

– who ordered the young princes to be murdered?

– for what reason was Hastings executed?

– did Richard’s marriage to Ann Neville produce a son?

– was Shakespeare careless or opportunist?

– and who was Shakespeare?

Nation of the Third Eye

by K. K. Savage

When Jac McKay – a 22nd century Astro Police Captain – unexpectedly opens his Third Eye and starts remembering his past lives on Earth, he becomes the target of an unknown power.

As Jac and his friends travel across the Solar System and “beyond”, they have to use all their wits just to stay alive. Without really meaning to, they begin to uncover age-old mysteries – and cannot help but wonder:

How deep does this rabbit hole really go?

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