Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 23 Aug 14

Internet Marketing: The Only Book You Will Need To Start Making Money Your First Week Online

by Matthew Payne

Internet marketing is making many people rich each and every year. Each year millions of individuals start their own businesses online. Many of them fail or get so overwhelmed with information that they quit before they really ever get started. This book provides a clear and precise path for you to follow in order to have success online relatively quickly. It also gives you to the tools that you need in order to have long term success online.

This book is an introduction to getting your online marketing career started. This book will show you how to start making money as soon as this week, but it will also provide you with a clear path to providing a full-time income for yourself for many years to come.
This book will teach you how to:
-How to start making money with Fiverr this week
-How to promote your own products/services online
-How to promote affiliate products
-How to create your own website
-How to market your own website
-Introduction to SEO
-Introduction to pay per click advertising

This book covers the basics of online marketing. If you are going to be successful online you basically need two basic things. You need a website, and you need a quality website traffic. After that succeeding online is merely a numbers game. There are also things that you have to do such as editing your website if your website is not producing enough income as you think it should be producing. This book covers many things you need to do if your website is under performing.

This book also covers the basics of SEO and running a pay per click online marketing campaign. SEO and pay per click is key to getting quality website traffic to your website.

If you are interested in internet marketing and making money online as early as this week then this book is for you. If you also want to understand how to set yourself up for long-term success online then this book is for you. Internet marketing is the wave of the future as more and more individuals desire to start making money online.

Amazon Prime Manual: Music, Movies & Lending Library Membership Guide

by Shelby Johnson

Amazon Prime Manual

Are you an Amazon Prime member looking to get the most out of your membership? Or perhaps you’re considering joining the service, but want to know what sorts of great things you can do with a Prime membership. Inside this new Amazon Prime manual you’ll get a complete look at all of the aspects of Prime membership and how to use its key features including music, movies, books, Prime Pantry, and of course, Prime shipping!

What you will find inside when you buy this helpful Prime guide:

– How to use the new Prime music features

– How to stream or download music with your devices

– How to use Instant Video to watch free movies and TV shows

– What a Watchlist does and how to use it

– How to get free books each month to read with Lending Library

– What Prime Pantry is and how to use it to save time & money

– The different varieties of Prime shipping you can enjoy

– Screenshots, how-to’s and helpful resource links

– and much, much more!

This inexpensive guide will help you save time and money as it enables you to get the most out of your Amazon Prime membership. The latest Prime manual was created by bestselling author Shelby Johnson along with her team of researchers and writers from Tech Media Source website. Ms. Johnson has helped thousands of people learn to use their various technology devices and gadgets, with the latest low-priced guide giving Prime members a great resources to use! Get your copy today and get more from your Prime membership!

Note: This guide was written with respect to the United States Prime membership, so certain concepts may not be applicable in other countries. The guide also discusses use of Prime on various devices, but mostly focuses on using the membership features online through a PC or Mac computer, OR on Amazon’s mobile devices (Kindle Fire tablets and Fire Phone).

Evernote Business Explained!: Key Reason Why Evernote Busines is Right for You and Your Company

by Patrick Maloney

This is an overview guide to understand the features and benefits of moving across to Evernote Business (EB), I get asked similar questions daily about why clients should use EB in their company and the impacts this has on their Evernote personal accounts.

Hopefully, this will answer some of the basic questions you have. From this I have smaller PDF guides which can talk you through the fundamentals foundations on configuring EB for a successful and speedy installation within your company


1 – Introduction

2 – Evernote flexible platform

3 – What is Evernote?

4 – What is Evernote Business?

5 – Evernote Business is it right for my company

6 – Five Ways to Improve Your Business

7- Three Quick Ways to Build Evernote Use Among Your Team

8 – How to Share Key Information Among Your Team

9 – Improve Teamwork and Communication

10 – Three Ways to Quickly Find Your Information in Evernote Business

11 – Evernote Business Case Studies

12 – Evernote Business General Questions

13 – Evernote Business Security

14 – Evernote Business Consulting Services

15 – Kindle and Ebook Readers – Notice

16 – About the Author

17 – Disclosure

6 Ways to invest in Bitcoin: And other crypto-currencies

by Patrick Murphy

6 Ways to invest in Bitcoin (And other crypto-currencies) is a quick guide to introduce unfamiliar readers to the way in which they can start investing in Bitcoin and crypto-currency. In this eBook you will explore 6 different options when it comes to crypto-currency investment ranging from exchanges to exchange-traded funds. This quick read should take less than an hour and by the end of the book you should know how and if you want to invest in Bitcoin. Written by an author with years of experience in the crypto-currency industry, you can rest assured that you are receiving the most valuable and relevant information in one compact package.

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