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Believing Magic: Believing Magic Series

by Shane Shelton

Having never been a recreational reader, Jane Miller is not sure what to think as strange events from the book she’s reading begin to mirror into her everyday life in odd ways. She’s been told to report any unusual â??side effects’ she experiences while in the drug study, but is â??book deja-vu’ a side effect, or is it something that’s totally normal when your really into a good book?

Believing Magic is a modern dark fantasy, and book one in the Believing Magic Series. I challenge you to read the FREE Kindle sample of Believing Magic and then decide for yourself if you’d like to go farther.


Individual Ebook Pricing:

Book I – Believing Magic – 775 kindle eqiv. pages – 275,000 wds – $2.99

Book II – Kingdom Come – 145,000 wds – $3.99

Book III – Sacrifice – 148,000 wds – $3.99

Book IV – Garden of Wrath – 138,000 wds – $3.99

Book V – All Around the Throne – $3.99


Book VI – Devil’s Tithe (taking pre-orders soon) – $6.99

CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains violence, language, various adult themes and situations throughout. This book is NOT erotica. It’s ideal reading for those who enjoy Modern YA Fantasy – but without the training wheels.

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The Soul Thief: The Gypsy Dreamwalker. Book One

by David Menefee

Ever since the tragic accident that claimed the lives of the Grey family, Dr. Angela Cooper, psychiatrist and half-gypsy psychic healer, has refused to use her dream walking power. However, when Cassandra Grey, a survivor of the deadly fire, turns up unexpectedly at the hospital, Angela agrees to help her. Entering the Otherworld to heal the girl’s mind, Angela discovers a powerful, shadowy presence that knows her name and her darkest secrets.

When Angela’s estranged shaman grandfather warns her that this shadowy entity seeks to steal her soul, she ignores him until it kills a close friend. Now she’s ready to fight, waging a supernatural conflict in the dreamscape of the Otherworld. Discovering that Cassandra’s unconscious mind holds the key to victory, Angela recruits her help to defeat the Soul Thief and save her family, friends, and, ultimately, everyone at the hospital.

Cast Shadows: The Rebirth

by Joseph Drapeau

When Night leaves Darkness without knowing

And calls to the lights of the wood

Night will meet his closest, oldest, farthest, newest friend


The two share the world

But once upon a time, millennia ago

Darkness was not satisfied, and wished to have that which was Light’s

So he strode up to Light and demanded it, not fully knowing what it was

Light, confused, refused, saying Darkness had enough, a fair share

Furious, Darkness raged, and his rage consumed the Land of Daenenrem

Darkness created Chaos

But Chaos, awed and terrified by Darkness’ rage, fled and disappeared

Light could not abide Darkness’ destruction, and so the two made War

War, ever the mediator in such disputes, brought them together again and again

Their battles swept up all and left naught but sorrow and destruction in their wake

Until finally, the two came face to face on the field for one last confrontation

War was not invited to this exchange

The Legends’ Clash

None know truly what happened, for to look on the fight meant death

No earthly creature can bear witness when legends do battle

In the end, Light was gone and Darkness remained

Now Darkness had what was Light’s

Darkness despaired, finally understanding that he’d lost what he truly needed

Darkness needed Light

The two were nothing without one another, and so Darkness was nothing

Darkness created nothing

Darkness had nothing

But Darkness met Truth and Truth gave Darkness Hope

Hope was like Light, and together Hope and Darkness found Light’s only remains

And Darkness entrusted some of those remains to Night

Eventually, Darkness knew, Night would be lost to Darkness

Night would be curious about Light and without realizing why, would seek Light

Light would be reborn

Balance would restore Light, but Balance would need help

Night would find Light, but neither would know

Light would find himself in Night, and would start to remember

But Darkness will try to get Night back by force of arms

Darkness will send Dragon, his most powerful avatar, to retrieve Night

Light will draw his sword, and in doing so will touch Balance

Then Night will finally know Light

Because Light is reborn

The Worst Kind of Monster: A Short Horror Story

by Shaun Hupp

Why won’t anyone believe me?

Dustin knows there’s something in the basement. He’s heard the growling from the laundry chute for days. If he wants his parents to believe him, he’s going to need proof. And to get that, he’s going to have to go down there with….

The Worst Kind of Monster


From the author of the Novelette, Last Words, Shaun Hupp puts the reader behind the eyes of a child and brings them face-to-face with a monster. This story is not for the weak at heart. It contains disturbing scenes with gore.

The Crow’s Nest

by Michael Guidry

A young boy is forced to move into the mansion of his great-great grandfather Marcus when his father loses his job. What first seems to be a curse of boredom unravels into a thrilling mystery for the child when he discovers that his ancestor was an adventurer who laid many secrets into the house’s foundation. But as he delves deeper into the tale of Marcus Bandonnel, his fun summer mystery takes a turn into a horrifying unveiling of the past that will permanently change his future- or prevent him from having one at all.

The first published work of current college student Michael Guidry, ‘The Crow’s Nest’ introduces you to Michael’s infinite imagination, providing just a taste of many stories to come. So take a seat, and read on to find out what exactly Marcus Bandonnel sealed beneath his great mansion. And of course, more importantly, find out why.

Sparrow Man

by M. R. Pritchard

Meg Clark has turned out to be everything her father and the people of her little North Country town of Gouvernour, NY, have been saying her whole life: nothin’ but a piece of white trash. In an effort to hide her past and turn herself around, she spent her inheritance from her dead mother on the perfect little house with a white picket fence. Then something terrible happened and Meg got sent to county lockup so her fiancé, Jim, wouldn’t have to. And then everyone started waking upâ?¦dead.

Good thing escaping from County wasn’t hard. Jim told her exactly how to get free. Now Meg is running and the walking dead are following. In a last ditch effort to find weapons to protect herself, Meg finds Sparrow instead. A tall, strange man with a quirk, Sparrow has an obsession with feathers and the only goal that’s on his mind is finding an old barn on Route 37 with a snowy owl in its rafters.

Meg’s headed to Kingston, where she and Jim agreed to meet if they ever got separated. But sometimes, crossing the border brings more than just freedom and protection and safety. Sometimes it brings questions that someone like Meg would prefer not to answer. And everyone keeps asking questions, including Sparrow. He thinks she’s hiding something and he’s not impressed by her stories of the sins she’s been committing all her life. While Sparrow’s the one who’s a bit cracked in the head, it never occurs to Meg that she could be the one who’s not remembering something. Like what really happened that day she killed those seven men.

The Final Mile

by Jay Lamborn

A man out for his evening run in Southwest Florida encounters something he didn’t expect and finds himself in a race for his life.

The Final Mile is a short story and an excellent way to kill time on your commute … if you’re not driving. Or be daring and read it at bedtime.

The Butcher’s Boy

by Michael Robb Mathias

This title has just been announced as finalist in the 2011 Readers Favorite Awards in the “Fiction – Horror” category. Winners announced 9/1/2011

The Butcher’s Boy
A Paranormal/Murder-Mystery/Chiller

Thirty-one years ago, Buxly the Butcher went to trial for killing his entire family. Now Janet, a newly divorced nurse, has unknowingly purchased the place where it all took place.

What happens when her eleven year old son and their overprotective Rottweiler learn that the place is haunted by the victims of that grizzly act? Can young Michael fight through the madness and terror to figure out what really happened so long ago? If he does, maybe the tormented souls can be put to rest. If he fails, he just might become one of them. With only the help of his babysitter, a burned out house painter, and his dog, Lucy Fur, Michael is about to try. The problem is, not everyone is who they seem, even the dead.

***Content Warning: This is NOT the over-gory sort of thrasher-horror novel, but it does touch on some unsettling subject matter and should not be read by the squeamish, the easily offended, or children under the age of 18.

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