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Essential Oils for Beginners: The Basic of Essential Oils and Recipes for Weight loss, Physical and Emotional Well-Being

by Emily Lysandra

Essential Oils for Beginners : The Basic of Essential Oils and Recipes for Weight loss, Physical and Emotional Well-Being

This book will teach you everything you need to know about essential oils. If you are interested in learning more about what essential oils are, how they can benefit you, and how you can even have your own essential oil business at home. By preparing your own oils, not only will you save money but you can also ensure that there are no harmful chemicals infused into the oils.

In this essential oils book, you will find recipes including the following:

– Different Methods of Extracting Essential Oils

– A Guide on How to Buy and Store Essential Oils

– Essential Oils Blending Basics

– Essential Oils for Common Ailments

– Essential Oil Blends Recipes

– A Holistic Approach on Weight Loss

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22 Best Natural Green Cleaning Recipes

by Kate Hilton

22 Best Natural Green Cleaning Recipes

Natural cleaning has become a priority for us. Natural Cleaning Products are useful and have a lot of benefits. It’s easy to find ingredients and to follow the step. In this book, you will be given 22 Best Natural Cleaning Recipes. If you are not yet one of those who are into natural cleaning products, then it might be time for you to switch into it. You will be proud of making your own cleaning recipes which will save a lot of money!

Discover the Recipes of Natural Green Cleaning

In this book “22 Best Natural Green Cleaning Recipes”, you will discover the recipes of natural cleaning. You will learn the ingredients of cleaning recipes and the instructions step by step.

We have provided these following Natural Green Cleaning Recipes for you:

22 Best Natural Green Cleaning Recipes” contains the following information that you should know:

Recipe # 1: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Recipe # 2: Vinegar and Water

Recipe # 3: Olive Oil

Recipe # 4: Cleaning with Ammonia

Recipe # 5: Cleaning with Vinegar

Recipe # 6: Disinfectants

Recipe # 7: Tea-Tree Oil Wipe

Recipe # 8: Citrus Spray

Recipe # 9: Soap Spray (use for all bugs)

Recipe # 10: Natural Ant Repellent

Recipe # 11: Recipe used for window cleaner

Recipe # 12: Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

Recipe # 13: Powdered Laundry Soap

Recipe # 14: Fabric Softener

Recipe # 15: Homemade Disinfectant

Recipe # 16: The Blue Stuff

Recipe # 17: Recipe -exterior of the windows

Recipe # 18: Cleaning with Baking Soda

Recipe # 19: Wood and Floor Polish


Recipe # 21: Deep-Set to Carpet Stain cleaner

Recipe # 22: Cleaning Stainless Steel

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The Key to Positive Thinking: How to Achieve Happiness and Success

by Joseph Henry

The Key to Positive Thinking

Learn the Key to Success Now!

This eBook will help you fight the negativity for good. It will inspire you to always think positive so you can focus on things that can better improve your life. There are so many benefits to positive thinking and this eBook will teach you to reap those benefits for yourself and your loved ones. Success and happiness will be within your reach if you choose to be positive and this eBook will help you achieve that.

You can change your life with this small book .Easy techniques for positive thinking that brings you success in all areas of life

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The 8 Hour Diet: How I Stripped Away Over 80 Pounds in 6 Months Eating Super Rich Foods Inside an 8 Hour Window

by Brianne Pentecost

The secret to losing weight isn’t knowing WHAT to eat – it’s knowing WHEN to eat! In fact, you can eat whatever you want, including rich, savory, indulgent foods, and still lose weight by simply eating within a specific eight-hour time frame. That’s the basic premise behind the life-altering “8 Hour Diet” plan, which I used to lose an astounding 80+ lbs in just six months. The best part of the plan is that there are no rules, no restrictions and no special recipes to follow.

The only guideline is to eat within a top secret eight-hour window of time (revealed only in this book!). As long as you do that, you’re guaranteed to lose weight. Stop denying your body what it craves! Give it what it wants, while losing weight and feeling good about yourself.

Simple & Easy Soap Making: Let’s Make Soap from Organic and Natural Materials! – Easy-to-Follow Guide (Homemade Soap from Scratch)

by Linda Koln

This is a step by step guide for making soap from scratch.

Easy-to-follow instructions and author’s advice will help you make soap at home from start to finish.

In this book you’ll discover:

– types of oils and their properties

– how to create recipes for cold and hot process soap making

– table of soaping oils and fats

– useful soap additives

– cold process soap making

– hot process soap making

– how to make swirls

– 30+ great soap recipes

– possible mistakes

The author also gives examples and a master classes of making soap from scratch.

Grape & Leaf Altar Lace Filet Crochet Pattern

by Minnie Hoffinger

Grape & Leaf Altar Lace is a beautiful filet crochet lace pattern, originally written by Minnie Hoffinger in 1920. Symbols of communion, graceful wheat motifs and grape vines surround a cross in the center. A wave-like pattern and simple scallops at the bottom complete the lace.

This is not your usual scanned vintage crochet pattern! To make this pattern great for today’s crocheter, I wrote complete instructions and made an easy to follow chart. Minnie’s pattern was not quite symmetrical and a bit cryptic, so I fixed that. I also changed the written instructions to use modern US crochet terms.

The only stitches you need to know to complete this lace are: chain stitch, double crochet, treble crochet, and slip stitch. This lace pattern’s rows are done top to bottom. The simple scallops on the bottom are made by decreasing at the beginning of odd rows and increasing at the end of even rows.

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