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Weight Loss for Christians: How I Used the Daniel Fast to Nurture My Soul and Lose 60 Ibs in 90 Days Sheryl Jones

by Sheryl Jones

Do you feel like you’ve tried and failed every diet plan on the market? I know I do. It wasn’t until I looked inward, and fed my soul, that I actually succeeded in ridding my body of some serious weight. My advice for serial dieters? Stop resorting to traditional dieting. You don’t need a formal diet plan to lose weight. Simply follow in my footsteps and initiate your own weight loss path based on the transformative Daniel Fast.

I relied on this revolutionary plan to lose 60 lbs in 90 days and I’ve never felt or looked better. My book demonstrates how I took the first essential step to taking control of my weight by first nurturing my essence, and other specific steps I took to achieve my ultimate goal.

The difference between this innovative plan and traditional ones is that it is free of complex rules. It gives you a deeper, more realistic blueprint on which to base weight loss: exercising and nourishing your inner spirit. With the remarkable first-person knowledge that I share, you are guaranteed to be inspired, empowered and driven to achieve the weight loss results you’ve been waiting for…by feeding your soul first.

Weight Loss for Christians: How I Used Scriptural Meditation to Curb Unhealthy Habits and Ward Off the Temptation of Physical Cravings

by Brett Richardson

Can weight loss be achieved through scriptural meditation? Can snacking, cravings and other habits be cured through spiritual affirmations? From my own personal struggle and triumph, you’ll learn that you can break free from the chains of dieting and self-sabotage – simply by using the bible as your personal trainer and guide.

When you invite the word of God into the weight loss process, you’ll learn how to quickly identify the more damaging, physical hunger signals and stop them dead in their tracks. You’ll also learn how to recognize the more important emotional-spiritual hunger signals, which, when honored, will lead to a fuller, more satiated soul. There’s no suffering involved in this diet plan – just profound biblical wisdom that can help you conquer the weight loss battle, while deepening your relationship with God.

Book of Enoch: All About the Three Books of Enoch

by Dr. A. Nyland

This is an introduction to, a summary of, all three books of Enoch and is NOT a translation of the books of Enoch. Nyland’s translation is called, “Complete Books of Enoch: All Three: New Translation with Extensive Commentary.”

The mysterious figure of Enoch was the great grandfather of Noah, and an extract from the First Book of Enoch appears in the book of Jude in the New Testament. The First Book of Enoch has been a most controversial book for centuries.

The Book of Enoch is of importance to those interested in theology, and controversial knowledge as well as angelology and demonology.

Book of Enoch: All About the Three Books of Enoch is by #1 bestselling author and translator Dr. A. Nyland, translator of the Complete Books of Enoch: All Three: New Translation with Extensive Commentary.


Best selling author and translator Dr. A. Nyland is an ancient language scholar who served as Faculty at the University of New England, Australia. Dr. Nyland is also the translator of “The Book of Jubilees,” and “The Gospel of Thomas,” and the author of “Angels, Archangels and Angel Categories: What the Ancients said,” “Satan: Fiction not Fact. Evidence from the Bible,” and “Fallen Angels, Watchers, Giants, Nephilim and Evil,” among others.

The 7 Chakras: Balancing, Color and Meaning (Hinduism Philosophy and Practice)

by M.A. Hill

The 7 chakras are energy centers that are fundamental for our well-being. When the 7 chakras are open and properly balanced, they produce frequencies and vibrations that travel outside our body creating a layer of color around us, also known as aura.

By understanding the main 7 chakras, we can improve our lives and connect our physical body to our spiritual body. This will in turn, enable us to lead longer and healthier lives.

In this book you will learn:

What are Chakras?

An Overview of the 7 Main Chakras As Well as the Important Minor Chakras

Chakra # 1: The Root Chakra

Chakra # 2: The Sacral Chakra

Chakra # 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Chakra # 4: The Heart Chakra

Chakra # 5: The Throat Chakra

Chakra # 6: The Brow Chakra

Chakra # 7: The Crown Chakra

What is Chakra Healing and Balancing?

How to Balance Your Chakras – Part I – Foods and Exercises

How to Balance Your Chakras – Part I – Techniques

How to Feel and Understand Auras

Chakras and Your Relationships


M. A. Hills is a world renowned author and writer of “The 7 Chakras: Balancing, Colors and Meaning.” She currently resides in the beautiful Atlantic coast of Florida near Miami, the “sunshine capital”. Her goal is to write books on subjects related to Nature, Self-development, Spirituality, Enigmas, and Mysteries that she is passionate about.

M. A. Hills is also an animal lover and animal-rights advocate. She also loves to connect with her readers via her blog and other social media channels. Her love for nature has led her to remote regions such as the Amazonian forests, the Antartica and tropical wonderlands such as the jungles of Brazil, Africa and even the Sahara deserts.

She is also an avid cook and loves to share her passion for good food and wine with her friends and family.

That Man Jesus

by Monte Hanson

The account of Jesus Christ is most commonly found in the four gospels of the Holy Bible. Unfortunately, this account is not easy to read as each gospel has separate accounts and none of the accounts are completely chronological. Now Monte Hanson has condensed the four gospel accounts into one easy-to-read chronological account.

How to do Meditation on the Go: Active meditation

by Julian Hebbrecht

In this book – Meditation on the Go – you will learn techniques of active meditation as practiced by Buddhist monks to imbue a high level of awareness into their daily activities. You will learn to use the five senses, ceremonies and rituals, acting, and your daily activities to create moments of stillness that, when combined, will result in a higher state of awareness all through the day. The more you practice these exercises, this higher state of awareness, will become your natural way of being and will give your life a very different quality.

360 Degrees of Grief: Reflections of Hope

by Kayla Fioravanti

360 Degrees of Grief is a Selah Press Anthology filled with stories, poetry and songs. Sixty-four authors contributed transparent stories written with open hearts reflecting hope to the reader. These authors have lived through the complete spectrum of lifeâ??from ecstatic joy to the darkest griefâ??and share the lessons they learned along the journey.

Contributing authors include: Steve Green, Clay and Renee Crosse, Wayne Watson, Kayla Fioravanti, Melodie Tunney, Joyce Bone, Linda Reinhardt, Bruce Fong, Tom Burgess, Mary Humphrey, Elin Criswell, Drenda Howatt, Lisa LaCross Wethey, Kolinda King Duer, Bethany Learn, Duane Bigoni, Sharon Steffke Caldwell, Beverly Brainard, Marc Whitmore, Jessica Mills Winstead, T.G. Barnes, Kimberly Crumby, Chuck Hagele, Shila Laing, Shirley Logan, Lynn McLeod, Lisa Rodgers, Prevo Rodgers, Maria Gelnett, Cherie Funderburg, Heather Blair, Tammy Lovell Stone, Jacquelyn Bodeutsch, K.A. Croasmun, Paul Dengler, Wendi Fincher, Zachary Fisher, Gary Forsythe, Lona Renee Fraser, Charles Garret, Valerie Geer, Emily Joy, Cathy Koch, Kyle Koch, Dana Lyne, Rebecca Marmolejo, Ric Minch, Ginger Moore, Ellen Peacock, Cheri Perry, Deborah Petersen, Karyn Pugh, Lane Reed, Mandalyn Rey, Debbie Richards, Loral Robben, Rex Paul Schnelle, Sara Shay, Debra Sturdevant, Michelle Titus, Rachel Turner, Dorothy Wagner and Carol Wilson.

Encounters of Heaven

by Lynette Love

A deep hunger came about when I first saw Jesus. I saw Him ministering to people who had gone up for prayer. His deep love and beauty just shone out of him.

Many months later, I was called up into Heaven, experiencing wonderful encounters with Him.

This book reveals some of those experiences, not only about Heaven, but also about the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – what they are like!

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