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Beyond Traditional Word of Mouth: An Expanded Model of Customer Driven Influence (Finding The Digital Distribution Sweet Spot Book 5)

by Leon Haggarty

Blazevic (2013) article beyond traditional word-of-mouth takes a looks at customer-to-customer (C2C) interactions that influences consumer behaviour. The article conceptualizes the customer-driven influence (CDI) model, the CDI model looks at the C2C communication from the sender and receiver’s perspective based on goal driven behaviour. The CDI looks at the causes and effects of both the sender and receiver through what seems to be a communication feedback loop model. The Customer Driven Influence model is a similar academic tool as Kietzmann’s honeycomb model of the building blocks of Social Media but for customer-to-customer influence on purchasing.

Mastering Affiliate Marketing: Strategies that can help you excel in the world of Affiliate Marketing

by Shivaram Swamy

This book helps the user to gain and understand completely about affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the hottest trends in the Internet Marketing word. The internet is filled with lots and lots of valuable information that the affiliate gets overwhelmed with the information overload syndrome. The current failure rate in Internet Marketing is 97%. Very very few people succeed in this Industry because they found out the strategies that work as compared to the strategies that do not work. In order for an individual to achieve success in the affiliate marketing industry- there are few things required. Getting the right knowledge, doing proper market research, continuously implementing the strategies learnt and constantly refining the skills needed. It is very important to understand that there is no get-rich quick schemes.

This e-book consists of 8 major sections. Each section consists of 8 sub-sections. All the sub-sections come with an activity checklist. This way, the affiliate can easily evaluate the knowledge he has gained.

1. Basics of Affiliate Marketing

1.1. Overview of Affiliate Marketing

1.2. Affiliate Marketing and Its Role in Internet Marketing

1.3. Preparing to Begin Affiliate Marketing

1.4. Affiliate Marketing and the Major Players

1.5. Types of Affiliate Sites that work best for Monetization

1.6. Integrating Affiliate Marketing that work for your Marketing Mix

1.7. Traditional Affiliate Networks Vs CPA Networks

1.8. Accounts Affiliate Marketing Networks Vs Private Networks

2. Affiliate Marketing Process and Implementation

2.1. Finding a Niche and Doing your Research

2.2. Gearing up for your Marketing Push

2.3. Content: What works and How to Create It

2.4. Selecting the Right Network to work with

2.5. Adding Paid Sponsoring Placement, Adsense, and Links etc.

2.6. Determining the costs of creating a Business Plan

2.7. Tracking Tools

2.8. Obtaining and Placing a Tracking Code

3. Content Creation and Search Engine Strategies

3.1. Are you delivering the content your audience wants?

3.2. Using videos, blogs, emails and social media to broadcast

3.3. Methods for delivering a variety of content

3.4. Applying to affiliate programs and how to get approved

3.5. Building better landing pages

3.6. Selling Affiliate marketing as a viable channel to executives

3.7. Understanding Search: SEO/SEM and their Role in Affiliate Marketing

3.8. Creating content for your affiliate marketing site

4. Content Presentation Testing and Reporting

4.1. Getting the most from what you are delivering

4.2. Measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns

4.3. Driving traffic using Natural and Paid Search

4.4. Negotiating a Better Deal or Higher Commissions

4.5. Testing

4.6. Leveraging your Affiliate Channel into Other Areas of your Business

4.7. Tools for Optimizing your Site

4.8. Network Reporting

5. Marketing Strategies Promotion

5.1.Forums, Websites, Conferences and Message Boards

5.2. Leveraging Social Media

5.3. Engaging your Audience

5.4. Dealing with Network Representative or Affiliate Manger

5.5. Generating Revenue through Membership Site or List Building

5.6. Blending Online and Offline Campaigns

5.7. Tools for monitoring what People are saying about your Brand

5.8. How to Promote your efforts

6. Ethics and Legal Strategies of Affiliate Marketing

6.1. Legal Best Practices and Ethical Considerations

6.2. Affiliate Marketing and Its Role in Internet Marketing

6.3. Preparing to Begin Affiliate Marketing

6.4. Affiliate Marketing and the Major Players

6.5. Types of Affiliate Sites that work best for Monetization

6.6. Integrating Affiliate Marketing that work for your Marketing Mix

6.7. Traditional Affiliate Networks Vs CPA Networks

6.8. Accounts Affiliate Marketing Networks Vs Private Networks

7. Super Affiliate Strategies

7.1. How Super Affiliates choose programs to promote

7.2. Building Trust, Influence and Engagement with customers

7.3. Coupons and Deals


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