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Self-Compassion – I Don’t Have To Feel Better Than Others To Feel Good About Myself: Learn How To See Self Esteem Through The Lens Of Self-Love and Mindfulness and Cultivate The Courage To Be You

by Simeon Lindstrom

Self-Compassion – I Don’t Have To Feel Better Than Others To Feel Good About Myself: Learn How To See Self Esteem Through The Lens Of Self-Love and Mindfulness and Cultivate The Courage To Be You

The world is a vast, complicated and sometimes downright hostile place. Today, more than ever, human beings have had to learn new ways to be resilient, know themselves and have the courage to be who they are. Our hyper connected world bombards us with images of phenomenally successful celebrities together with the expectation that we should want nothing but the best for ourselves at all times. But in a bustling world of 7 billion people, carving out a meaningful niche for ourselves can be daunting to say the least.

It’s understandable that people feel the need to bolster their self esteem. Faced with millions of glossy images in the media about how we should live our lives, some have turned to trying even harder still to keep up. Others have merely given up. It’s no exaggeration that people in the 21st century live in a world of infinitely more possibilities than any generation before them. We have experts and gurus of all stripes telling us that the life we have now is nothing compared to what we could achieve – and yet, we’re as depressed and lacking in confidence as ever.

Self help books on the market today will tell you one of two things: either that you are perfect already as you are and needn’t worry, or that with just a little (well, a lot) of effort, you can reach those goals. Be the best, smartest, most successful, thinnest and relentlessly happiest version of yourself possible. No excuses!

This book takes a different approach to self esteem altogether.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and worthless, inundated with information, struggling to juggle life, expectations, and disappointments… it may be time for a little self-compassion.

Unlike self esteem or an inflated confidence level, self-compassion is a different way of looking at yourself and others, warts and all, and a way more realistic acceptance of the way things are. The foundation of this book rests on the assumption that our goal should not be to increase our self esteem, but rather dismantling the belief that our sense of self-worth is something that other people give us or something we take or earn by doing good.

Healthier than a high self esteem is a realistic, compassionate view of ourselves – and others. Generating our sense of self-worth from within means we have a more stable self-concept – one that can endure criticism while still learning from it. One that can honestly appraise who we are as human beings – and love and respect ourselves anyway. With self-compassion, you become unflappable, calm and self-assured – without the risk of narcissism or becoming self-absorbed.

Through a series of exercises, this book will suggest a new, gentle yet extremely powerful attitude shift that can end feelings of self-hatred, doubt, shame and low self-worth forever.

Here’s What You’ll Learn After Reading This Book:

  • What self-compassion is and how it manifests itself in our bodies, emotions, and thoughts
  • The science of self-compassion
  • How self-compassion relates to self esteem
  • Powerful self-compassion exercises that will change the way you look at yourself and others
  • Forgiveness, boundaries, and assertiveness
  • Practical steps to take in order for you to put self-compassion into action and making it a lasting habit in your life
  • And much more!

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How To Overcome Rejection In Life: Be More Healthy With Your Relations And Feel More Confident: Life Coaching, Overcoming, Relations

by Samantha Rehiro

A Proven, Step-By-Step Method To Overcome Rejection In Life

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You’re about to discover how to overcome rejection in life. Millions of people suffer from rejection in some scene of their lives. Most people realize of the rejection problem but the emotional turmoil and burden of rejection paralyses them from completing any task routine or new. They become frustrated, irritated and they pay it with measuring the temperaments of their friends, family and near-ones. If handled poorly, rejection is one of the menaces that can parasite your mind to a standstill of perpetual paralysis. The sooner rejection is solved, the sooner your life starts on a new note of fortune, success and prosperity.

The truth is, if you are suffering rejection in life and have not been able to change your negative self-talks, it’s because you’re lacking the fundamental understanding of yourself. The book explains clear-cut methods to analyse yourself to understand your unique convictions and needs of the subconscious. Only when we comprehend ourselves, do we understand our abilities, potential and capabilities to live. In this book, you will learn how to overcome the immediate haunting rejection that you are suffering from as well as the future doses of failure or triggers of depression. IF understood one’s with lucidity, you can battle not just the causes of rejection but turn over the negative energies in your life to full throttle it to positive channelling. The book explains various need for concern, care and attention when handling rejection as well as the founding blocks of creating a meaningful and successful life. Some of the methodologies advocated through the book proposes a concrete analysis of the self, comprehension of strengths, weaknesses and radiating positivity in every thought and deed. The book also emphasises on life being one of the most magical voyages that we should embrace with extravagant imaginations and affirmations, to create our own paths with overwhelming and exhilarating calmth of life.

Last, but far from the least insignificant, the way to exalt oneself every once a while is to realise that life is ours to create, choose and rejoice, howsoever we desire, as none has lived your life, before or after you!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding Rejection
  • Analysing The Self
  • Understanding One’s Weakness And Positive Points
  • Talking To A Close Friend, Family Or Psychiatrist
  • Steady Dosage Of New Places, People, Food, Books And Films
  • Much, much more!

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A Mom’s Guide to Making Homemade Baby Food: Easy, Healthy, and Affordable Homemade Baby Food Recipes

by Monica Van Zandt

How can you ensure your baby is receiving the proper nutrition from the RIGHT ingredients? With childhood obesity and the use of GMOs on the rise, parents must take a proactive role in their children’s diet from an early age. The best way to get started on the right path is with homemade natural baby food!

This book serves as a guide to getting started with homemade baby food.

You will learn…

– Early nutrition tips

– Practical baby food making advice

– Meal planning techniques

– Special diets

– Food Safety

– Allergies

– Recpies!

– And more…

If you are tired of being frightened about what’s on the baby food label, this is your chance to take control of your loved ones diet(s) with clear actionable recipes and techniques for making homemade baby food.

Le langage du corps et de l’attraction

by Michael Smithsons

D’où vient cette commencé? Le langage du corps est défini comme non verbale, et surtout inconscient, de la communication grâce à l’utilisation de gestes, postures, expressions faciales, et même. Pour l’Å?il averti, il peut révéler les pensées de tout et de tout le monde, ainsi que leur état émotionnel actuel.

#ManFlu: A Modern Mans Struggle

by Clifford Muller

@modernMan: Leave me. Go on without me. I just want to….. die alone #manflu

Man Flu is taking the world by storm, bringing the modern man to the brink. Behind every (great) man, is an even greater and certainly more resilient woman, or partner.

This is the story of a group of mates who work hard and play hard – and as they get struck down one by one by man flu a tale of woe evolves as we see the impact on them and their relationships.

Be strong, and suffer in silence no more.

Cultivating Love: Enhancing Communication

by Dr Ken McGill

Cultivating Love Enhancing communication is the second of five books in the Cultivating Love series, where the theme is to help couples recover and rebuild their relationships after discovering unfaithfulness.

Enhancing Communication provides practical and effective clinical “tools” to help the coupleship identify unhealthy and dysfunctional processes and patterns that derail their communication, and also helps the couple to develop sound skills that facilitate dialogue, empowerment and conflict resolution.

Cultivating Love Enhancing Communication and all of the books in the Cultivating Love series are great resources for individuals, couples, people who are challenged with addictive behaviors as well as for Counselors, Pastors, Pastoral Counselors, College students, Clinical Interns and seasoned Clinicians.

Other books in the Cultivating Love series are:

1. Renewal in Your Life and Your Marriage: For couples who have decided they wish to rebuild their relationship, and need clinical “tools” to assist them in their process of defining and growing healthy, safe and edifying behaviors that will produce love, and strengthen and protect their marriage.

2. Finishing Strong: 26.2 exercises to address compulsive sexual behavior, for individual use or to be used in groups.

3. When Secrets Surface: An in depth exploration of how to deal with the discovery of unfaithfulness, with insight and practical exercises to help you make safe, informed and healthy choices regarding what direction you wish to take with your relationship.

4. Growing Character: Identifying, exploring and cultivating values that help you to determine how you wish to live your life.

Thank you for your consideration of the Cultivating Love book series, and Cultivating Love Enhancing Communication.

Dr. Ken McGill, LMFT

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

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