Free poetry Kindle books for 24 Aug 14

Twenty Poems of Light and Longing: Rabbit HOLE calling

by JK

‘Bring the rhyme back!’ said the Mad Hatter ‘For all our lives have too much prose’. So they went down a rabbit HOLE of lyrical rhyme. They hummed Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen as they descended.

‘This is not a poem but a broken mirror doing its obligation,of reflecting the world’s pains.

This is not a poem but the chronicles of a paradise lost, of an Eden’s remains…’

As the sun shines through the darkness of my Heart: A glimpse into the tortured mind of bipolar

by Lisa McGregor

As a woman who suffers from Bipolar, I have had many days of darkness. Poetry has always been my outlet . My poems are dark, gloomy, intense, thought provoking, and humorous I write of abuse, grief, death, love, and many other subjects. most readers will be able to relate to the sadness and the joys that I have put to words.

I choose to right in Lyrics and Rhyme, making it easy for the readers to feel apart of the emotions as they are simple to follow .

I’m sure you will cry and maybe laugh out loud !

Keeping Hope

by Amanda Peters

A book of poems written by a 22 year old author discovering the meaning of Love and her journey to how she found the truth of it all

Fracture Thought and Scattered Pieces

by Susan Leitz

Thoughts seem to skitter everywhere…here one moment and there the next. Sometimes those little bits of memory and pieces of ideas get lost and never found again, yet others come crashing back to you at strange and mysterious times. These poems tell of some of those thoughts and ideas, even if in a somewhat elusive and flitting manner. You can gather the pieces and attempt to put them in some sort of meaningful or perhaps even nonsensical manner as you read through. It might happen that one of your own memories or thoughts surprisingly rises to the surface. Perhaps it will be one that you have been searching for, but could not find.

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