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The Best of Brazil For Tourists: The Ultimate Guide to Brazil’s Sites, Restaurants, Shopping, and Beaches for Tourists! (Restaurants, Sites, Tourism, … Vacation, Tourist Destination, Must See’s)

by Getaway Guides

The Best of Brazil For Tourists: The Ultimate Guide to Brazil’s Sites, Restaurants, Shopping, and Beaches for Tourists!

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Brazil is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and rightfully so. Besides the fact that it is the fifth largest country in terms of mass and population, it possesses a diverse and rich culture and even boasts some of the most breathtaking natural wonders in existence. The nation is known for their tropical rainforests, lagoons, stunning beaches, forests and a number of other scenic locations. Moreover, Brazilian people are known for their hospitality and their fun nature, as seen through the historical cities and vibrant celebrations that take place in the country.

There are countless things to do when traveling to the country and a single trip might not be enough to explore everything that Brazil has to offer. This is where this book comes in – it is a comprehensive guide to help you narrow down your options without feeling like you missed out on anything. In here, you will find the best spots to see in the country, restaurants that serve mouthwatering cuisine, places to shop without blowing your bank, and the most picturesque beaches where you can spend time under the sun. Simply put, this handbook will serve as your personal “tour guide”, enabling you to discover the best of Brazil at your own pace and time.

Here Is A Preview Of What is Inside…

  • Must-see Attractions in Brazil
  • Where to Eat?
  • Shopping Sites to Look Out For
  • Best Brazilian Beaches to Visit
  • Much, much more!

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Travel Hack Goa: Best Travel Hack Book

by Aruna

Are you a leisure traveler, student, travel hacker? Then this book is a must read for those ‘Real Money’ saving tips when you travel to Goa. Also you get the best places to hang out on a budget. Best Friend of a Beach Lover!

Florianopolis: The Undiscovered Destination of Brazil

by Claudia Looi

Where is Florianopolis? Why should we go to Florianopolis first before heading to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil?

Those were some of the questions we asked while we were in Montevideo Uruguay, planning our trip to Brazil. Our family of four spent five weeks in Brazil. Frankly we don’t claim to be Florianopolis experts but we have first hand experiences in Florianopolis.

Florianopolis is the hidden gem of Brazil. It offers lots of beaches, water sport opportunities including surfing and kite-surfing, amazing oysters, shrimp and fish and loads of laid-back beaches to relax, enjoy the sunshine or read a book with your favorite beer or cocktail.

Many wealthy Brazilians have their second home by the beach. Some â??informed’ Americans and Europeans have made their second home there as well. New York Times called it the “The Place to Beâ?¦It’s a mixture of St. Tropez and Ibiza but without the attitude and without the prices!”

Whether you are going for a week, a month or planning to have second home in Florianopolis, you will find tips, suggestions and photos of places to eat, see, sleep, play and how to live like a local.

We made this eBook affordable so you can discover for yourself how different Florianopolis is compared to Sao Paulo or Rio. It is safe, laid-back, sunny and beautiful. Florianopolis will show you the safer and laid back side of Brazil while Sao Paulo and Rio will show you their landmarks, history and football stadium. (We love Sao Paulo and Rio too!)

Don’t miss out on this hidden treasure if you are traveling to Brazil.

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London’s top 50 free museums

by Ben West

Detailing 50 of the capital’s top museums, the book is arranged both alphabetically and geographically and includes lists of London’s premier must-see free museums, so you can find the ideal museum to visit within seconds.

Whatever your age and interests, whether you are a Londoner wishing to discover more of this great city, a cash-strapped parent with children to entertain, or a visitor to the capital who after shelling out on transport, board and lodgings doesn’t wish to also have to travel the expensive tourist trails so many end upon, this book is for you.

The author, Ben West, has written on a wide variety of subjects for many newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, Fionancial Times, The Evening Standard, Vogue and Readers’ Digest.

See the World on Any Budget

by Nathaniel Lambert

The objective of See the World on Any Budget is to share helpful tips and strategies for affordably traveling the world. The author shares specific travel tips that will save you money on your next trip as well as personal experiences to show you how to get the most out of a family vacation, business trip, or a last minute getaway.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I describes how to save money on transportation by airplane, car, public transportation and bike. Part II provides strategies for saving big on lodging and includes information on the pros and cons of several housing options including hotel, home-based bed and breakfasts, couchsurfing, hostels, social network, and house swapping. Finally, Part III offers other money saving tips regarding sightseeing, meals, souvenirs, and more. Ultimately, true wealth comes in creating memories for yourself and with those you love and See the World on Any Budget will show you can make this affordable.

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