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Lilac Time

by Phyllis Bischoff

Lilac Time is the story of Ida, an elderly Austrian woman, who has made England her home for the past 60 years.

Following a fall, Ida is less able to look after herself and her family arrange for her to move into a care home, where suppressed memories of her life in Vienna during the war start to dominate her thoughts.

Ida’s emerging story begins to impact on her three grown-up children in different ways, but it is Anna, the younger daughter and the most attentive to her mother, who encourages her to speak about her life as a young wife and mother in Austria.

As Anna begins to unravel the events of the past, she takes a trip to Vienna in an attempt to discover what happened to her mother during the darkest days of Nazi occupation.

The whole family is stunned by Ida’s final revelation..

Yaakwdaat Aya: This is Yakutat

by Kadashan

Yaakwdaat Aya
“This is Yakutat”

Includes original paintings by Kadashan

Bertrand J. Adams Sr., who writes under his Tlingit name, Kadashan, offers one of the first and few glimpses into the daily lives of the Tlingit Indians. His stories describe the Tlingit as they live today in Southeastern Alaska. The Tlingit have been in contact with Westerners for over 250 years. The pervasive thinking is that they have completely abandoned their traditional culture and values in favor of western ways. While his writings were not specifically designed to counter this popular supposition, Kadashan successfully describes, in a simple manner, the ways in which the Tlingit have incorporated traditional beliefs and values into their daily lives.

He shows his greatest strength when he writes of the common, ordinary events in village life. A trip to the store is filled with the subtle nuances and thoughts of individuals reared in both the Tlingit and western cultures. Hunting and fishing trips illustrate the challenges facing the participants as well as the simple pleasures of these ventures. Additionally, Kadashan aptly reveals the knowledge villagers possess of their environment. The author also deals with the conflicts and tensions faced by Tlingit youth whose world is challenged by new ways. In this collection, the author also offers his own thinking of the institutions which act as a buffer between the Tlingit and Western societies and on the laws that impact Tlingit culture.

Kadashan’s stories reveal an intimate knowledge as well as love of village life. His enthusiasm carries over to readers. When his stories were first published in the Alaska Native Magazine, they were instantly popular. This collection should receive the same warm welcome.

Rosita Worl

(From the introduction)


by Mark Frankland


A story for the 2007

Wickerman Festival

รข??When the past meets the flames’


The continent of Europe is still divided by a fence

that runs from the Baltic Sea to the Swiss border.

Thousands of nuclear missiles in the West

are aimed at the cities of the East

And thousands of nuclear missiles in the East

are aimed at the cities of the West.

The Cold War rages.

An ice cold night. A raging blizzard. The streets

of the Polish city of Bialystok are devoid of life.

A secret operation goes wrong. There is a killing.

And after the killing there is a secret.

The secret is locked away for twenty five years

Until at last the truth emerges from the shadows

as the moment arrives

For the Wickerman to burn . . .

Love in the Middle of Nowhere

by Jerri Akins

An innocent visit to the untamed West erupts into a never-ending nightmare for Felicia. Kidnapped by outlaw raiders from the wreckage of a stagecoach, she is caught up in conflicts she never knew existed.

As she struggles to understand new insights into her own character, Felicia clings desperately to the hope of the handsome soldier is who trying to save her, and finds herself facing decisions that will change her life forever.

Miss Hewitt Investigates Little Miss Moffatt

by Linda Stephenson

It is June 1916 and Great Britain is at war with Germany. Lady detective Miss Isabel Hewitt’s former manservant and confidant, Clarke, has returned to the trenches as part of the Royal Army Medical Corps. He is currently in Northern France. Miss Hewitt’s old friend Elvira Stone offers to cheer Isabel up by taking her away on holiday down to a sleepy fishing village called Marling on the south coast. But there is a catch. She wants Isabel to look into the disappearance of a young girl, the niece of a friend Sir Rupert Moffatt. A recently deceased great aunt has left a legacy giving a reward for anyone who finds out what has happened to her. The child, Patience Moffatt, vanished in October 1913. Isabel reluctantly agrees, although she claims, she is no miracle worker. But once down in Marling, she discovers everyone seems to have a secret and what are the strange flashing lights she sees out at sea? With a war on, anything is possible and who can she trust to help her now Clarke is away?

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