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The Yogi and The Snake

by Shailendra Gulhati

The Yogi and the Snake is a Modern Mystic Classic. It shows one man’s search for the purpose of life, his growth of awareness, Self discovery and consequent participation with unfolding consciousness.The book is based on the personal records of the intense mystical experience, visions, encounters, poetic revelations, process of spiritual enlightenment and insight of Shailendra Gulhati, a Jammu based Shaivite Author.

The Yogi and the Snake takes the form of a parable.The Yogi (Supreme spiritual master; Shiva), in a dramatic mystical interaction with the snake (the contemporary spiritual seeker), unfolds the eternal secrets of spiritual life, the essence of spiritual pluralism that bridges the gap between ancient mystic wisdom and contemporary spiritual understanding.

101 Inspirational Quotes About Life

by Marry Jones

101 Inspirational Quotes About Life

This 101 Inspirational Quotes About Life includes 101 quotes from famous authors, celebrities, and other famous people. Reading through these quotes will cheer you up and can inspire your life.

Many people don’t set their goals. That’s the big problem here because they don’t know how their life will be and what they want to achieve in their life.

Although a lot of people set their goals, they can’t achieve them. Why? Because they lack of motivation and inspiration to do it. This is very important.

In this book, we mention 101 inspirational quotes about life. This will help to realize how inspiration is very significant factor. It will push you to approach your goals faster, which lead to happy life in the end.

Marry Jones

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by fighter388

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SIMPLE STEPS – THE AMAZING HOUSEWORK METHOD: You Are Doing Your Housework Wrong – Makes home organization, decluttering, and tidying super easy

by Ian Stables

Transform All Your Household Tasks Into Super Simple Steps

You are doing your housework wrong

For years, I’ve used a cleaning method that’s very efficient. I teach it in my successful book, The Easy Way To Clean.

Despite this, up until recently, I always found a large task daunting and intimidating. It filled me with dread when I looked at that pile of ironing, untidy room, cupboard, drawer, etc. I could do these things efficiently but they were still daunting. It used to make me feel tired just looking at it.

Recently, something occurred to me. It changed the way I looked at household tasks. My mind is now completely relaxed when I approach any task. I tackle it with comfortable ease.

It’s all about the way you see it. There are also certain efficient processes I follow that allows me to complete each task a lot faster.

Household tasks, organization, and decluttering always looks daunting. This is because of the way you look at it and tackle the task.

There is a better way. I call it Simple Tasks.

Here’s the benefits…

– No mind panic.

– Complete any household task easily and efficiently. This turns anything into something super simple. You can do it without hardly any motivation.

– Tidying that untidy room is a cinch.

– That pile of ironing is as simple as ironing one thing.

– Declutter, organize, and tidy an area in super simple steps.

– Keeping your home continually tidy is as simple as putting one thing away.

– This amazing method turns all your housework into super simple steps.

Make it easy on yourself. Give it a try.

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