Free sports Kindle books for 25 Aug 14

A Legacy’s Bond

by Shaun Meehan

Growing up amidst tales of adventure, had by a long deceased grandfather, a young man spends his years in woods and streams, searching for his own. Often, his thoughts wandered to the man who had become legend, considering what their relationship might have been, had he of lived long enough to meet himâ??wondering what he might say regarding the man he had become.

On an opening day deer hunt, with bow in hand, his contemplations were similarly consumed. Having had well prepared for deer season, scouting, and honing his archery skills into a fine art, he was destined for success, though what would occur on that day, to one even as prepared as heâ??was altogether unforeseeable.

He would find his success, though in more ways than one, leaving him forever changed; questioning all that he knew while alleviating the longing in his soul.

Darts 101

by Tim Frentz

This Dart book covers everything from the history of the sport and the rules to the latest in components and strategies. Player profiles are updated with the latest in 2013 results. Includes over 40 pages of tournament flyers for easy access and detailed training ideas from the top USA Pros.

The Quest for Gtops: The 10K Tops of Britain

by Richard Sumner

Think of a mathematical formula which tells you which mountains to climb – and follow it! This is what Richard Sumner has done. His formula is a bit quirky, certainly unique. No-one has thought of it before, and it has led him to explore some 356 special hills and mountains of Britain, from Dartmoor to Caithness, some of which he would never otherwise have considered. This charming book relives Richard’s adventures pursuing his quest, with sensitive descriptions of the wonderful moods and diversity of upland Britain. Feel you have walked every step with him in adversity and joy. This is not a guide book but does include a full listing of the “GTop” mountains, should you wish to try them for yourself.

49 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Marsh Fox Duck Punt

by Henry E. Prante

The “MARSH FOX” is a light weight (about 88 pounds) one-person duck punt especially designed for the marshes of British Columbia, BC — but could just as easily be used anywhere on earth that has marshes and wetlands.

This home built duck punt can get waterfowler’s, photographers, and anyone who so desires, much closer to their quarry among reeds and marshes and improve the success of their outdoor adventures.

This book outlines an easy to follow 49 step by step method of building your own “Marsh Fox” duck punt. It includes the actual design and other helpful information to improve upon your success.

Some basic woodworking skills and tools are necessary, but I believe you will be pleased with the result if you follow the design and instructions as they are laid out.

I hope you enjoy this project and your new adventures.

Please do let me know how you make out.

Thanks very much for buying this book.

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