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Get Your Life Back: Strategies to Achieve Your Stress-Free Work-Life Balance Through Effective Time Management

by Reid Cahill

Get Your Life Back: Strategies to Achieve Your Stress-Free Work-Life Balance Through Effective Time Management

Jez James has travelled the world and it’s not uncommon to find him frequenting some of the world’s finest beaches. Jez has found a way to keep his income moving up while he spends more time getting down to the water for his early morning swim. Jez typically gets going at 6am and spends his first three hours of each day getting himself prepared to challenge the problems his clients present to him on a regular basis. When working Jez has the ability to find his way into a state of flow and manages to clear more work in his first two hours than most people cover in a day.

When was the last time you felt like things in your life were really in control?

The majority of today’s workers are finding they are putting more effort into their work and getting less out of the grind. They have to fight for their rights for time off for that precious family holiday in the sunshine and have to drag themselves through the long winter period to save up the right for more time for next year. It takes longer to commute to work and to get across town for appointments. Their problem is that they don’t challenge the status quo. They follow others and as a result lead highly inefficient lives. Are you one of those people? Don’t you want to change?

Get your life back

You can make some minor changes in your day to day life that can provide you with the benefit of more time to relax, spend time with friends and family or just appreciate an escape in a book. You can get more life back in your work-life balance. You will learn some life long lessons that you can apply at home and at work.

In this book â??Get Your Life Back: Strategies to Achieve Your Stress-Free Work-Life Balance Through Effective Time Management’ you will discover ways to reorient your life and learn simple but highly effective ways to make changes in your day that can instantly improve your life. You’ll learn to become aligned with the successful people, those who continue to grow but do so in a stress-free way. So if you find yourself chasing time every day you’ll still be able to find the time to relax and catch up with friends and family. You’ll be able to leave the work at work and relax at home.

Redefine your lifestyle so you can work like Jez. It’s no secret that Jez and his friends can really run a business from their favorite beaches around the world. Thousands of location independent entrepreneurs are doing that today. You’ll learn to shift your mindset to orient your thinking, apply practical time management tips and release yourself from the time sapping 9-5 grind.

â??Get Your Life Back: Strategies to Achieve Your Stress-Free Work-Life Balance Through Effective Time Management’ is a highly practical tool and compiles a rounded view of modern techniques to help you transform your life and master your time.

You’ll have more confidence to manage your time effectively and will immediately feel the benefits that can improve balance in your relationships, your health, your mindset and increase your potential to make more money.

So take action now. What are you waiting for?

You can learn key strategies to transform your life and regain control of your work life balance. You will be able to implement changes in your daily work routines from day one and by the end of the week will realise immediately that you have spare time to make the most of your valuable life.

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The Passive Aggressive Salesman: A Satire

by Jason Allington

A humorous take on sales training and self-help books. Most sales literature is dry and regurgitated, like dehydrated cud. This author scrapes off the caked-on emesis of sales cliche and shows you the passive aggressive techniques that lie beneath.

He has been described as a cross between Woody Allen and Harvey Mckay by someone you don’t know and have no earthly reason to believe.

If you have ever sold anything to anyone or even if you have ever been sold anything by anyone, you should enjoy this book.

Get Paid For Your Pad: How to Maximize Profit From Your Airbnb Listing

by Jasper Ribbers

Stop grinding away at work while daydreaming about a financially free existence. If you have a home and an Internet connection, you have a solution: Airbnb hosting. Get Paid For Your Pad is the veritable blueprint on how to transform your home into a short-stay rental boon. Renting in the short-stay market, when done correctly, crushes the return from long-term tenants. Like hundreds of thousands of people, you can boost your profits by 2 to 3 times with the most well known short-stay marketplace in the world: Airbnb.

This step-by-step guide to renting your home on the Airbnb platform teaches:

– How Jasper went from making $24,000 per year to $60,000 from his house in Amsterdam

– How to prepare your home like a 5-star hotel in a cost-effective manner

– How to set up a dazzling and polished Airbnb listing from start to finish

– How to communicate with guests in a professional and responsive way

– How to scientifically calculate an optimal price point for profit maximization

– How to catapult your search rank within the Airbnb platform

The book comes with countless (1) tips, (2) examples, (3) real life stories from Airbnb hosts, (4) action points, and (5) easy-to-implement templates that can be employed to launch and optimize your Airbnb business right away!

Sell More Books with Better Book Descriptions: Learn how to write and format great book descriptions that will maximize sales of you Kindle and Createspace books

by Matt Bowns

Learn how to create compelling and well formatted descriptions that will sell more books

Sell more Kindle books with professional eye catching descriptions!

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but most people do and they are just as likely to judge your book by the content and presentation of your description too.

The most successful self-published authors know this and they take just as much care with writing their descriptions as they do writing their books.

But even the best words will not have the impact they should if they’re poorly formatted. Amazon allows authors to use various styles in the description of your book that can make it really stand out, but it requires some knowledge of HTML (the language web pages are built with) so many authors don’t know how to do it.

In Sell More Books with Better Book Descriptions you will learn:

  • How to word your book’s description to get maximum sales
  • How to structure your description for maximum visual impact
  • How to create professional eye catching descriptions that readers can’t ignore
  • How to get the sale with a ‘call to action’
  • What software to use to save time and avoid frustration
  • and much more!

If you’re a self-published author and you’re not writing great descriptions for your books, you’re probably losing sales to other authors who are. You owe it to yourself to write the best description you can and Sell More Books with Better Book Descriptions will show you how.

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How to Raise More Money for Any Non-Profit: The Definitive Fundraising Guide

by Joe Garecht

This book is the definitive guide to non-profit fundraising. It contains everything a non-profit organization needs to raise the money it needs to carry out its mission.

This book contains both basic and advanced strategies, tactics, and step-by-step guides to every aspect of non-profit fundraising, including:

-How to Find New Prospects (Prospecting)

-How to Turn Prospects into Donors (Cultivation)

-How to Make More Successful Fundraising Asks (Asking)

-How to Turn One-Time Donor into Lifelong Supporters (Stewardship)

-Building Donor Fundraising Networks, Affinity Groups, and Donor Clubs

-How to Write an Amazing Case for Support for Your Non-Profit

-Step-by-Step Plans for Getting Your Board to Give and Raise More Money for Your Organization

-Supercharging Your Fundraising Events

-Supercharging Your Direct Mail Fundraising

-Supercharging Your Online Fundraising

-Supercharging Your Monthly Giving Program

-Supercharging Your Planned Giving Program

-Writing a Successful Fundraising Plan for Your Organization

-Implementing the Rapid Growth Fundraising System â?¢ at Your Non-Profit

Based on 12 years of experience in leading non-profit organizations from “barely surviving” to thriving, How to Raise More Money for Any Non-Profit includes actionable steps you can start using – today – to supercharge your fundraising.

Joe Garecht is the founder of The Fundraising Authority and an expert on non-profit fundraising. He is the author of The Non-Profit Fundraising Formula, The Silent Auction Handbook, and Raising Money Without Going Crazy.

Picmoney’s Money Empire Guide To Make Money Online: Best Work At Home Secrets To Earn Money Online

by Gagan Kainth

“Now Your All Dreams Will Going To Become Reality, with This Easy To Follow System To MAKE MONEY On Internet Instantly…The Amazing MONEY Making Secrets of A 28 Year Old Internet Millionaire Who Breaks His 6 Years Silence On How He’s Made Millions on The Internet”

Power Rapport Building: Advanced Power Rapport Building For Greater Influence, Romantic Intimacy, Meeting New Friends, Building Confidence, Persuasion, … Inner Peace, Charisma, Body Language)

by Ryan Cooper

Power Rapport Building for Transforming All Areas of Your Life!

Today only, get this Amazing Amazon book for this incredibly discounted price! Read on your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Kindle Device.

This “Power Rapport Building” book contains proven steps and strategies on how to confidently approach and talk to anyone! Gaining the skill of building rapport will greatly enhance your ability to meet new friends, talk to or meet members of the opposite sex, increase your networking abilities for your professional life, and much more!

By using this book, you will learn basic and advanced strategies in using your charisma to start new and improve existing relationships. You can use these relationships for various life goals like improving your career, building a professional network, or finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with.

Let’s start building your network today!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How Power Rapport Building Can Transform All Areas Of Your Life
  • How To Approach And Talk To Anyone With Confidence
  • How To Overcome Insecurity, Enhance Your Communication Skills, And Speak And Influence Small Or Large Groups
  • Understanding How To Monitor And Use Your Body Language For Optimal Rapport Building
  • Strategies To Increase Your Charisma And How To Be The Most Interesting Person In The Room
  • Techniques To Gain Inner Peace And Resolve Any Internal Conflicts That Sabotage Your Ability To Be Self-Assured
  • How To Always Know What To Say To Build Rapport And Start Conversations In Seconds
  • Using Power Rapport Building As A Persuasion Vehicle And To Advance Your Career
  • Build Rapport Instantly With The Opposite Sex For Greater Romantic Intimacy
  • Skills For Meeting New Friends, Building Rapport, And Developing Relationships
  • Much, Much More!

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LIVING FRUGALLY: Tips On Saving Money And Living Within Your Means

by Pepper Rosanne

I know that living frugally brings to mind all sorts of unpleasant things to many people, but it doesn’t have to be so! Those that live frugally often have zealous approaches to saving money, and those ideas will be presented in this incredible book!

Productivity Hacks: A how-to guidebook to master productivity habits for better life management (habit building, productivity hacks, time management, life hacks)

by Rohit Malhotra

Discover how to be more productive by managing your time, energy and attention

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In my book,”Productivity Hacks”, you will discover how to increase your productivity by mastering a few time-tested productivity habits. There are practical tips on how to produce better outputs, how to focus, and how to get things done in the workplace. Most people would want to improve their productivity by being efficient and make a good use of time and resources, and output.

We all want to more productive for various reasons – to make more money, to achieve more, to complete our projects. It is a difficult task as thinking about being more productive and getting things done are two different things. This book gives you the proven strategy to boost your productivity and prioritize the most important task you need to get done and enable you to get more things done in your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Are you a productive person?
  • What are the five habits of a productive person?
  • How to use productivity hacks to increase your productivity?
  • How to increase productivity by managing your time?
  • How to increase productivity by managing your energy?
  • How to increase productivity by managing your attention?
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Debt Management Unleashed

by Val U

Drowning in debt? Need to get rid of debt? Debt controlling your life? Well with these simple steps you could be well on your way to becoming debt free. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to want to become debt free and put in the effort.

Just look for Val U to find information you can truly value.

Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology

by Kerry L Mulherin

Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology provides a handy reference for the learner who wishes to gain a basic understanding of this fascinating branch of applied psychology in the workplace. This introduction to I/O psychology is the perfect pocket study guide for introductory classes in psychology on college or for the high school senior preparing for transition.

Profitable Niche Topics: How to Find Profitable Niche Topics for Your Kindle eBook

by Allen Westinfield

LEARN:: How to Find Profitable Niche eBook Topics

Profitable Niche Topics will help you find keywords that will help your Kindle eBook sell. Learn to play where others are not. Learn how to tell if keywords have potential or if you will be wasting your time writing a book on that subject. You will learn proven methods that dramatically increase sales. Find your Profitable Niche Topic today.

Keywords:: eBooks Natural Marketer

In Profitable Niche Topics you will discover that your keywords are your books natural marketer. You will learn exactly how to spot a profitable keyword and by writing your eBook around that topic you will dramatically increase your sales by up to 20x. Profitable Niche Topics will show you how to find niches and keywords that consumers are looking for.

DISCOVER: Methods to Keyword Extraction

In “Profitable Niche Topics: How to Find Profitable Niche Topics for Your Kindle eBook,” you will discover how to extract keywords. Coming up with a lengthy list of keywords for evaluation is the first step to finding a profitable one. Profitable Niche Topics walks you through several methods to finding potential keywords.

You will learn:

Keyword Extraction

– How to Use the Keyword Evaluator MerchRank

How to Analyze Kindle Keywords

– How to Find a Profitable Niche Topic

Learn Methods that Successful Kindle eBook writers are Using to Make $10,000 per Month

– How to Find Niche Topics from Websites Like Clickbank, Craigslist, Amazon, and more.

Finding the right keywords for your eBook is crucial to increasing sales. Profitable Niche Topics will show you the methods that successful kindle eBook writers are currently using to generate $10,000 or more.

Would You Like To Know More?

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YouTube: where cultural memory and copyright converge (Finding The Digital Distribution Sweet Spot Book 1)

by Leon Haggarty

The article YouTube: Where cultural memory and copyright converge by Lucas Hilderbrand discusses how YouTube has allowed us to share a wide array of content with others. YouTube has been the largest digital medium to distribute culturally significant video to others. At the time of the article’s release (2007) YouTube was the most developed platform to share these cultural memories (the article argues).

LinkedIn Profile Mastery: Learn The Secrets To Get Noticed, Get Hired and Build Your Business Network

by Sandra Tedford

FREE BONUS REPORT: FREE PDF REPORT Reveals Exactly How To Get Started Building Your Online Presence Today.

Hi, my name is Sandra Tedford and I am going to reveal to you how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile on LinkedIn.

In this book, I am going to outline how to create, connect and build your social presence starting with your LinkedIn Profile. Whether you’re a job seeker or an entrepreneur looking for new business opportunities, having a LinkedIn profile is a must.

If you want to learn how to position yourself to GET NOTICED, find opportunities, gain valuable connections and attract the right people, then you absolutely cannot miss out on downloading this book!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

– The Most Important Things Employers and Companies Want to See When Viewing Your LinkedIn Profile

– How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile With Multimedia

– How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Endorsements

– Why You Should Plan Your Career Like A Business

– Exactly How The Social Job Seeker is Gaining A Competitive Edge

– The Secret to Finding and Keeping A Career of the Future

– And Much, Much More!

This book provides practical information that will help you to optimize your LinkedIn profile today.

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Stop at Nothing: Achieve Your Goals, Reach Your Destiny, and Never Let Anyone Stop You Again (How to Be Successful, Make Money, and Design Your Life Book 2)

by Luke Williams

You’re About To Discover How To Smash Your Goals Like Never Before, Nothing or No-one Can Stop You!

Why do goals such as doubling your income or maintaining a healthy body seem so hard and frankly unrealistic for some of us to achieve?

Maybe it’s our own limiting beliefs; maybe it’s the result of negativity from those around us, possibly even both?

So how exactly do you light that flame of passion and motivation that drives you on regardless?

How do you condition yourself to rise above the naysayers or individuals that belittle your efforts?

Quite simply you condition the mind.

Your mind is the most powerful computer in the world, when it’s fully engaged on the journey you’ll achieve more than you ever felt possible!

It’s time to go out on a limb and create an environment where motivation can thrive, and act as a burning fire within your life. By downloading this book you will have already taken what many believe is the hardest stepâ?¦The first one!

Everyone has set backs and times in their life where they just can’t seem to catch a break, you’ve had or are having times like these and most of the success stories you see on TV or read about have also had them. If you’re serious about success they’re just a blip on the radar of smashing your long term goals.

Within this book were going to take your goals and put real life plans and strategies in place to easily achieve not only your goals but much more on top!

We’ll look at your current goals, examine the reasons why they’re your goals and double check that they’re the right goals. We’ll also look at techniques and strategies for surpassing goals with ease along with how to deal with those inevitable setbacks, bad days and naysayers. By the time you finish reading you’ll have the practical and mental skills needed for success – meaning you’ll be ready to attack both new and existing goals with a level of motivation that makes success a certainty!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Exactly how to define and measure your goals.
  • How to create the perfect success environment.
  • Practical time management techniques to supercharge your output.
  • How to turn setbacks and failure into positives.
  • How to regularly review your goals.
  • Tips to maintain a life of balance.


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How to make money online

by Tony F

want to make money online easy and fast ? well then take a look at this awesome book i have searched high and low on the internet for the best money making tips and show you the stuff i use to work from home and quit your dead end job , start doing the things you want to do each day spend more time with family while most of these money making systems run on auto pilot racking you in the cash each month

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