Free historical fiction Kindle books for 26 Aug 14

Gracie (Women & War Book 1)

by Ellie Keaton

London 1938 – Gracie Thompson has a job, a loving family, a twin brother who drives her insane and a great friend. A chance meeting introduces her to the love of her life. But the storm clouds are gathering, Europe is teetering on the verge of war and threatening to destroy everything Gracie holds dear. When war arrives her family are split up, her lover is in daily danger and her life is threatened. Her father and boyfriend believe a womans place is in the home but she is equally determined to do her duty for King and Country.

She succeeds in her ambition to do her bit but at what cost? Will she ever see her twin again? And can she live with the knowledge her actions may have led to the loss of the one man she loves. Not only could he die, but he may do so believing she never loved him. Is she brave enough to pull the life she wants back from the abyss?

The Witch Within

by Iva Kenaz

A gripping medieval tale set in 16th century Bohemia

After she has been charged with witchcraft, sixteen-year-old Talitha escapes to the abandoned Cursed Lands and seeks the ancient cave of her ancestors. In the deep woods, she starts to remember her ancestral lore of healing and magical symbolism and receives guidance on how to survive from the local spirits.

But soon she’s captured by two men, who were sent to take her to the local justice. One is a brute, but the other one is fatally attracted to her. After Talitha manages to escape them, she finds her ancestral cave, but also another one at the highest peak of the forest where a group of refugee women have established a camp. By facing both the dark and bright side of her kin, Talitha learns that what she thought was her curse, may yet become her gift.

Iva Kenaz’s debut novel, The Witch Within, was inspired by the mysterious tales and history of South Bohemia (the Czech Republic) as well as by Natural Magic and Paganism. The sequel will be released in summer 2015.

The Starlight Club 2: The Contenders: The Starlight Club Series (Mystery Mob Series)

by Joe Corso

Red Fortunato’s Starlight Club in Queens is back, still teeming with mobsters and their “business” each night. Trenchie, Tarzan and Moose have returned. The Genovese family and others hang out amidst the grandeur of Red’s renovated baby – the Grand Ballroom.

Columbia Pictures studio head, Larry Bernstein, is being blackmailed. “He knew that once any money had been exchanged, that this would not prevent any future demands. These people were nuts and nuts meant dangerous. There was no one in Hollywood he could trust. This was a gossip columnist’s dream scoop” that could ruin the studio. Big Red eagerly offers assistance, on his terms, with a caveat – a piece of Hollywood, and Swifty, the son he never had, is his ticket in the boxing ring and in glamour city.

“Red was what some in the neighborhood called a â??benevolent dictator.’ His neighbors loved him and his enemies knew he was the boss of a crime family that numbered a thousand men or more. It was just a given that no crime would take place in Red’s territory. The outcome was a reprisal called â??the wrath of the Red Head’.” Too bad no one told the power hungry Detroit capo. He violated the “rules.”

The phone was reminiscent of the red phone that led right to the White House. The council’s decision would stand. “The chief tapped the fingers of both hands twice. That was the signal” to Red that it was okay to proceed with justice – mob style. “The car moved slowly ahead until it reached a huge yellow machine. It was the car crusher. Reilly and his men instantly knew their fate. There were whimpers from inside the car, grown men pleading, pleading for their lives, begging for mercy.”

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: I Dream if Jeanie…a Tunnel, a Mausoleum and Love (THE CHAMPAGNE BILLIONAIRE Book 5)

by Maria Valenta

Vlasta inherited a house in Vienna from her mother. It came to her via a circuitous route, but had been one of the houses bought and put into a family trust be a distant forebear. Hidden in Plain Sight is a story that is indirectly concerned with Vlasta as it concerns the life of Roswita, who appears in some of the other stories.

This is a sweet little story also involving the tunnel and the empty Mausoleum in Vienna that goes back to the days of the Second World War. And of the American who lived and loved there, of the people who loved him, his little family, of the song that he taught them to sing, and of what eventually happened to them all.

If you like to read simple, genuine love stories about genuine people who live extraordinary lives in turbulent times, living and dying, growing up and moving on, then this is for you. This is a story of nice, ordinary people who lived in Vienna during the Second World War.

It is also the story of people who endangered their own lives in order to save others. Those are the people who lived by the dictum, â??There, But For The Grace Of God, Go I’.

Word Count 5741

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