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Start Living Life…NOW!: 15 Spontaneously Fun Things To Do In The Next 30 days. (With Little To No Money.)

by Alex Broches

Can you memorize a new language in 30 days? Can you write a book and get at least one review on Amazon in 30 days? Can you find five Facebook friends to play Handball with you in the next 30 days? Author Alex Broches will challenge you to try 15 spontaneous and fun things in the next 30 days that require little to no money. This book is ideal for college students, families, and anyone in between who is looking to step out of their comfort zone! The goal is to try new things, meet new people and also to have fun in the next 30 days!

Like Tears in Rain: Meditations on Science Fiction Cinema

by Alex Kane

Alex Kane lives in west-central Illinois, where he works as a freelancer, plays too many first-person shooters, and blogs about culture and technology in his spare time. A graduate of the 2013 Clarion West Writers Workshop, his stories have appeared in Omni, Spark, Digital Science Fiction, and the YA anthology Futuredaze, among other places. His reviews and criticism have also been published in Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Amazing Stories, Bookgasm, and SF Signal. Follow him on Twitter @alexjkane.

The essays that follow were written out of a love for science fiction in all its forms: on film, in fiction, in video games, in comics. They were written neither for money nor as a means of declaring myself some kind of self-appointed expert on the genre. Many of them appeared for the first time in Amazing Stories, the world’s very first science fiction magazine, while others are original to this volumeâ??but each and every one of them has been revised and expanded for the sake of remaining timely. Science fiction has a hard time keeping up with the world, though, for many of us, it stands ageless and forever relevant in our hearts: a constant beacon of youthful exuberance and wonder at the full breadth of the universe.

I hope you’ll enjoy my various explorations of the big-screen myths SF has given us in recent years. Imperfect though they sometimes are, I believe that seeing worlds beyond our own brought to life in a way that’s both visible and readily accessible to the next generation of readers, dreamers, and creators is vital to keeping not only the written literature alive, but also to the mission of scientific discovery that is so often forgotten in this age of hardship and cynicism.

Whether or not topics like transhumanism and interstellar flight ought to be among our most immediate social concerns is something I leave up to the reader. But I will say this: Tomorrow is coming sooner than we may think, and science fiction gives us a vast canvas for exploring its various challenges and questions from the relative safety of our imaginations, long before we are forced to face them in reality.

So: if the future is Skynet, then science fiction is a kind of “T-850″â??a Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, reprogrammed with a more benevolent temperament and sent back in time to warn us about the various Bradburian follies we’ll inevitably make as our species advances.

(I use this last term in its loosest possible sense.)

Random Facts You Never Knew You Never Knew

by Christina Jones

So many interesting facts, a pictoral presentation of trivia and fun little bits of information about the world around you.

The TERRIBLE Two’s: Funny Things I Learned From My Toddler Daughter (Savvy Stories Book 2)

by Dan Alatorre

Bestselling author and humorist Dan Alatorre tells hilarious, charming, true life stories about surviving childhood as his daughter “Savvy” turns two. Enjoy this funny and precocious little girl as she learns to feed the cat (almost), decides to give herself a haircut, decorates the cabinets using Sharpie Markers, and more.

These hilarious and heartwarming stories are about the lost, magical moments of childhood, viewed through the heart of a father. You will smile, laugh, and cry – sometimes on the same page! You should buy this book for the laughter, but you will keep it for the memories – and fall in love with you own children all over again.

A loving father, Dan expresses his work in these words: “I think it would be really cool if one day I can hand my daughter a book and say, ‘Here, this is all about how much fun it was to hang out with you.’ ”

Dan’s humor has been celebrated in his bestsellers, and his keen insights are as priceless as they are precious:

“The honesty of a 2 year old is amazing. Are they all like this? I hope so. What a shame that probably has to change.

“I’ve caught my daughter doing stuff where I would expect an older kid to lie, and she persists in telling me exactly what she did, ratting herself out completely. That just can’t keep up, can it?

“Whenever it’s just the two of us home alone and I need a shower, like after I’ve worked out but my wife isn’t home to watch our daughter, I’ll put Savvy on the bed in the master bedroom and leave the bathroom door open. That way, she can watch cartoons while sitting on the bed, and I can shower.

“With the door ajar, she can’t see me, but she can certainly come in if some crisis were to happen – like the DVR switched her cartoon off and put on the news – and I can hear her if were to cry for some reason – like when she was trying to use the headboard as a balance beam and got wedged between the mattress.

“She’s two. That stuff happens…”

You will buy this book for the comedy but you will keep it for the memories – and fall in love all over again with your own kids!

Riker – Night of the Vampire (The Vampire Trilogy Book 1)

by Steven Loton

Harry Riker, London’s most infamous gumshoe, is getting long in the tooth and going heavy on the booze, and his chances to snag that dream case and cash out to an early island retirement are just about over.

Until the vampires show up.

Out of nowhere, police begin finding victims whose bodies have been massacred who’ve been entirely drained of blood. When the government gets involved in the case, Riker sees his chance for a once-in-a-lifetime payday.

Can the overweight, out-of-shape Riker lead government agents to take on a rogue vampire splinter cell before they murder the royal family and take over the country?

Despite himself, this aging, over-the-hill detective might be just the hero his nation needs.

About the author: Mixing genres as only he can, London novelist Steven Loton’s latest book on the misadventures of everyone’s favorite private eye is a tour de force tornado of old-school noir fiction and today’s best supernatural thrillers.

The author of the groundbreaking Kai-Me-Rah and Jungle Shark, Loton injects his gift for observation and razor-sharp action into the latest misadventures of Riker – who could be the city’s best detective, if only he could get out of his own way.

Sultry Sailors: Tales From The Deep

by Lilly

We’ve all heard stories about what happens on a Navy ship, with long deployments at sea things are known to get a bit racy. Inside these pages are stories not only coming from the dirtiest part of your imagination, but told by a navy sailor herself. Enjoy.

100 Terrible Names For A Baby: Volume 2

by Johnny Dongle

Johnny Dongle returns with more real-life, awful names given to children even realer-life, awfuler parents. Tresco: Child or Discount Pharmacy Chain? Pacey: Child or Race Horse? Annora: Child or Medical Condition? You be the judge. Bascom: Child or Secretive Government Agency? You be the judge. Advisory: This book is even more vile, vulgar and hilarious than Volume I.

Tokyo Wonder Site

by Christopher Michael Irons

There are many different foreigners, or gaijin, who live in Tokyo, normally packed like sardines in houses with paper thin walls. However, these places are hidden away from the eyes of most Japanese. This novel deals with the story of Yocho Takamitsu, a regular Japanese salaryman, and his voyage of personal self discovery in a new gaijin life. His life is seemingly set: he has a predictable job in an unfulfilling role in a marketing agency, a small flat and a settled if unexciting life. He still has powerful memories of the time when he was a student and the feelings of infinite possibility back then when he lived and breathed film. Through a dream sequence he realises that his life needs to change, with his uncle’s former business partner Ryu holding the key. This leads Yocho on a journey into moving into the land of the gaijin, parties where anything or everything is possible (including becoming entangled with Tokyo’s female socialites), all of which leads him to a life that he would never have previously imagined. For much of the journey one woman, Shiyaka, also seems to be the answer to so many questions, while also posing so questions of her own.

Burning Ambitions: A Brief Insider’s Look at the Successes and Failures of Being an Independent Game Developer

by Christopher Buckner

This book is a brief insider’s view of independent video game production. Read the story of Burning Man Studios, a small London-based developer that started small and almost reached the stars. But setbacks, creative differences and economic challenges altered production in ways the creators could never have anticipated.

This is a enjoyable book for anyone interested in video game development and what goes on behind the scenes.

The Insane Game Guide To Flappy Bird:Player’s Guide

by Malik Adams


This guide provides overall information about the latest Smartphone game “Flappy Bird” which topped the both Google play and iOS store within a very short duration of time. From the development of the game to its release each and every piece of information is provided. Brief history of the game is given in detail. Factors relating to popularity of the game and the overall time period it took to get poplar in local audience all are explained briefly and thoroughly. User will gain knowledge of any kind they want and they will surely get the answer of any type of question related to the game.

User will find data with screenshots to guide them as easily as possible to understand the game. Information related to mechanics of the game and tips and tricks to score high everything is included in this insane guide. Data is collected from both internet and local public by interviews and questionnaires. And up-to date information regarding the game is included in this guide.

Players who find difficulty in playing the game can find useful tip and tricks to get high score. Tips to hack the game to get high score are also provided with detail.

Good-Bye Santa

by Leonard Stegmann

Sure it happened many years ago, and surely Leonard’s not the type to hold a grudge against his second grade teacher for that long. In fact, he just might forgive her one of these days. (Humor Nostalgia/930 Words)

Christmas Eve in Bangkok

by Morgan McFinn

This is a long short story that might also be staged as a one or two act play. It is set in a suite at the prestigious Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The story concerns several characters who have volunteered to field phone calls from ex-pats suffering from the holiday doldrums. The callers are away from home and missing their friends and family during the festive Christmas season. Varying degrees of loneliness and depression afflict them. The theater masks on the cover are meant to suggest the elements of both comedy and tragedy at play in the story. As usual, McFinn has created a host of interesting characters and a repertoire of scintillating dialogue.

Cranial Secretions: Over 500 funny thoughts, stories, and poems or possibly one long run on sentence or not.

by Josh White

A collection of over 500 hilarious or maybe not-so funny thoughts, stories, and poems by two guys and a girl with way too much time on their hands.

This is a collection of thoughts (with a few poems and stories thrown in) that were sent back and forth between the three of us during work over a period of about 2 years. Some are funny some aren’t so funny, but all seem to be oddly addictive. Take that 8th grade teacher who said I would never accomplish anything with my attitude. If you like Jack Handy’s “Deep Thoughts” or Mitch Hedberg you’ll like this stuff.

What others are saying:

– “This book changed my life. I no longer have to worry about toilet paper.”(some homeless guy)

– “The best book I’ve ever had the pleasure of burning for warmth.”(homeless guys friend)

– “This thing makes a great target for my sons pellet gun.”(guy across the street)

– “Outstanding!! I cant say enough good things about this book. I laughed my butt off, now where’s my money?”(ran off with money before giving name)

– “If I had to use just two words to describe the wit and humor in this book, it would be hys-terical.”(blonde girl on street corner)

– “There is nothing better than making a cup of hot chocolate, and curling up with this book by the fire on a cold winter’s night, unless you got a small trace of a life”(an impotent man)

Some scribble from this book:

– If “Purell, hand sanitizer” kills 99.99% of germs then I have to assume the .01% germ is one bad mo-fo.

– I think I speak for all mimes when I say _____

– If I had one wish it would be that everyone sees me when they look in a mirror.

– If a scarecrow has a child would it be a small pile of hay?

– What’s so strange is that I’ve never had to stop at a red light, said the guy who can’t see red or yellow.

-Laptops are great, right now I’m writing this while in the tub. I guess the only thing I have to worry about is dropping it into the wa

– If you’re in the business of making business cards does your business card have a picture of a business card on it?

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