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For the Broken Dreamers (Crossroads Series Book 4)

by Rosalyn Martin

**For the Broken Dreamers is the fourth and final part in the Crossroads Series, but can be (and is encouraged) to be read as a STAND ALONE novel**

At twenty-two, Maggie was sure she had it all: a gorgeous, brilliant man who loved her (so much that he gave her his last name); acceptance into the graduate program at CSU (where she could indulge in her passion for science); a new community of friends (who had adopted her and her husband after they started attending Crossroads Community Church); and the three people in her life she never wanted to live without (even after a decade of knowing them).

At twenty-five, Maggie felt lost and directionless. Her identity was linked to her name (but the man who gave her the name was no longer around to love her); she had a Master’s degree (but was too afraid to use it); she had a church home (but she couldn’t bring herself to truly engage in their community); and the three friends who loved her the most (even after a decade of knowing her) seemed to be the only blessings she could cling to as she faced the summer ahead.

Maggie had every intention of burying herself in work and pushing her way toward autumn as fast as humanly possible. After one year of living without Larry, she felt barely strong enough to endure much more than that. But when her friends gather together to support her through the season she had been dreading, hope sparks brighter than it did before. She was sure their presence was an answered prayer.

Levi hadn’t been back to Fort Collins in three yearsâ??since Maggie became Mrs. Larry Oliver. Work and other obligations kept him away from the town that used to be home, until Gwyneth gave him the perfect excuse to spend the entire summer with his three best friends. While his love and devotion to Gwyneth made it easy to agree to her plan, Maggie’s grief was what called him back the loudest.

Levi had every intention of filling the role of supportive friend in a way he hadn’t been able to over the past yearâ?¦but as he settled into a routine with Maggie, he got to know her in a way he never had before. He was sure God had a plan for her, which was why they had all been pulled together for the summer, but had him falling for her been part of that plan?

For the first time in his life, he couldn’t fight his attraction. But was Maggie ready to move on? And could their friendship survive the shift into the realm of romance?

Forgiven Heart

by Lynn Bulock

Pure, light romance. Cassie Neel is a young widow struggling to make ends meet. When her kids “buy” her a birthday date with police officer Lee Winter, her life takes a turn for the better in all ways but one. Her late husband’s will made his mother executor of his estate, and Cassie’s former mother-in-law is sure no good can come of Cassie dating Lee.

Ernie the Eagle

by David Maurice Ware Sr.

Earnie The Eagle is a entertaining book for the children, with a message for the adults.

CHRISTUS receives The Thorn of Jesus (THE CHRISTUS SERIES Book 2)

by Shiloh Cross

THE CHRISTUS SERIES of eBooks successfully builds up to an ultimate ending that will leave you delightfully shouting, “Hooray for our side!”

The inheritance of THE THORN OF JESUS leaves Christus encumbered by a responsibility that he is not mature enough to handle. The Thorn is magnificently capable of working miracles, but only once per person. Against his wishes, his wife uses that power to make their daughter into the beautifully artistic person that she always desired to become. Later when their daughter is desperately ill, THE THORN is of no use to them. In time, even Christus weakens and uses THE THORN for a devilish desire, which immediately causes it to turn to dust. Years will pass prior to THE THORN returning to its majestic form, allowing it to save the new family of Christus.

If you are looking for adventure, then you will want to check out this ambitious blend of religion, action and romance! There is just enough of the right kind of detail to make you feel as if you are there, and living among characters that are congenial and believable. All of the characters present memorable and deeply human emotions, as they traverse the pitfalls of life. The intense relationships between them are as much a part of this story as the twisting sequence of events.

THE CHRISTUS SERIES presents a rollercoaster of emotions that will not let the reader ignore them, while the complexities of the characters will make you wish you could chase their dreams and tolerate their fears.

THE CHRISTUS SERIES blends action, romance, history and geography all into wonderful stories of religious diversity. Travel with Christus as he enjoys life, marries, travels across half the known world, suffers terribly, makes a fortune, and settles down with a place of his own, simply to be torn apart by the demands of a lovely woman.

THE CHRISTUS SERIES consists of five eBooks, with each volume containing six or more chapters.

Enjoy all the eBooks in THE CHRISTUS SERIES!

Volume 1: CHRISTUS and The Early Years.

Volume 2: CHRISTUS receives The Thorn of Jesus.

Volume 3: CHRISTUS is Threatened.

Volume 4: CHRISTUS is Devastated.

Volume 5: CHRISTUS incurs God’s Anger.

How To Be Your Best

by Marlene Thornton

going through or have.

There are topics on why we feel down at times, and is there a cure? You will find inspirational words to make you think. At the end there are many recipes made by author. Who said cooking could not make you feel better? Not just women cook in the 2000’s so do men.

Also added is a revised version of Marlene’s book Edible Poetry.

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