Free fantasy Kindle books for 27 Aug 14

Victor Deus (Heritage of the Blood Book 1)

by Brent Lee Markee

Every culture has its legends. Those men and women whose legacies were so great that their stories have been repeated generation to generation. A person of such impact that other cultures long detached from the origins tell stories of these powerful individuals. Such is the story of Victor Deus. Unlike many such legends, there was little need to embellish the deeds he and his allies accomplished. Some remember him as a savior, some as a tyrant. There are whole worlds that worship him like a god, and others that raise him up as a devil. All of these worlds agree upon one thing though, he was fiercely protective of his allies, and swiftly dealt with his enemies.

How does one become such a figure? Loved by so many, yet feared by even more? The story is a long one, and I hope you will bear with me as the story unfolds. One thing you must know about Victor Deus is that he was not given time to be a child, for his formative years were full of training and despair. Therefor, it is there where this story begins, a boy, barely able to hold a sword, thrust into events he cannot control.

Victor Deus (Heritage of the Blood: Book One) is the first book in a series of books that follow Victor Deus and his ally’s through an epic fantasy journey that will span many worlds and genres. The initial Arc will be three to four books long and will be a coming of age story for the main protagonists. Although I am starting with Victor at a young age, this will not be a young adult series. I have no plans for gratuitous sex or violence, but there will be war, and all that goes along with it.

THE RIPENING (Dark Side of the Moon Book 1)

by MJ Riley

Yuna is a fairly ordinary girl from an ordinary town. When she became friends with the dark and mysterious Luther in their youth, it was more from curiosity than any real allure.

Recently, however, the young woman has found herself longing for the nights in which he returns to her after his mysteriously monthly trips. Despite all the secrets he keeps and his disappearances, she’s never been more interested in, or confused by a man.

His sudden departure after an intimate encounter, however, sends her on a journey to discover the true nature of Luther and his family – and lands her in danger she never could have imagined.

Full Moon Bikers: Part One

by Sookie Sabre

MARA ELLIS doesn’t have much of a life. She’s approaching her mid twenties now and spends most of her time locked down in a retail job, all the the while wishing someone will whisk her away from her existence. It just so happens…

REESE SHERMAN might be the man for the job. An old friend for high school, he’s now part of the cool crowd having recently been accepted by a motorcycle club known as the Full Moon Bikers. When Reese visits Mara one Friday afternoon, she hopes this finally will be the day that he has come for her. Unfortunately, Reese has other ideas…

Distraught and rejected, Mara returns home to contemplate how she can get her hope back. She enlists the help of a loyal friend and together they go into the night on a quest to win over Reese, so that Mara will find her happiness.

But whether Mara will find it is one thing, whether she survives through the night is quite another…

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