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Children Books:Ron Sleeps Alone:(kids Values books)Adventure action(funny)kid bedtime book 4-8(emotion & feeling)Picture Books(Early readers)Rhyming(parenting)manners(sleep … Books for Early / Beginner Readers 2)

by Sigal Adler

A round moon peeked through the window that night,
Dad read Ron a bedtime story and turned out the light.
“Good night Ron,” said Dad, “dream of good things,
Sleep well so you’ll be rested for what a new day brings.”

Danza’s Message (Pumpkinheads)

by Karen Kilpatrick

Playing and dancing, you’re a star! Listen to Danza: Beautiful is what you are!

Danza and her friends are silly and sweet. Playing before the mirror, they are reminded of just how special they are. Parents and children alike can relate to this valuable book about self-esteem and love of self.

“Bright and sunny characters, expressive faces, and attractive art catches the young child’s eye. Awareness building about themselves and others is really key in these toddler and preschool aged books. Common themes of sharing, self-esteem, reverence for the natural world, feeling alone or loved, and making the world a better place are great topics for young children and beyond. Reading, reviewing, and reflecting with preschoolers about these topics is a great start for these themes to be introduced to them. Using these rhyming books for discussion and pointing out real world examples will further deepen the understanding of these lessons in life. Great books!” – Academics’ Choice

Winner of Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval and Academics’ Choice Smart Book Award

Healthy Pets Naturally: An Introductory Guide to Naturopathy for Dogs and Cats

by Julie Massoni

Healthy Pets Naturally is an introductory guide to naturopathy for dogs and cats and includes information on natural diet, nutritional supplements to improve your animals health along with information on using herbs, homeopathy and flower essences to assist health and wellbeing. Natural alternatives for fleas, worming, antibiotics and pain relief. Also includes information on feeding a vegetarian diet for dogs. Written by a qualified animal naturopath who has helped thousands of animals with a range of acute and chronic health issues. If you would like to know more about using natural therapies and how to avoid many health problems then this book is a great reference.

Stress Busting: Self-Assessment Workbook for Stress Management

by Grace Wilhelm MA

Everyone experiences stress, but too much stress or our reaction to it may cause physical, mental or emotional problems. Stress Busting is a simple and basic workbook with self-assessments that will help the reader to discover causes, symptoms and ways to relieve stress in his or her life. This workbook is perfect for student self-assessment and discovery with explanations and an excellent resource for school counselors, educators, health care providers, and parents for their work and explanations with students. Other self-assessments include stress and friends, family, and school. If you are looking for a simple and introductory guide on stress management, then this easy to follow workbook is for you! Adults looking for simple, basic and introductory information on stress management may find this helpful. The workbook is purposed for adolescents.

Rudy and Cirrus of Karma

by R. M. Smith

A boy named Rudy breaks his mom’s treasured vase and blames his little brother and sister. His mom sends him on an errand and he trips into a hole where he finds a vase similar to the one he broke. A cloud-like creature comes out of the vase and offers him three wishes. Rudy soon discovers that sometimes what goes around comes around.

Legends of Assendria

by Stephen Loder

Brennan lives the life of an ordinary kid. In fact, living in Oklahoma, a state that is void of excitement and is best known for corn fields, one could even say his life is extra-ordinary. Now 11-years-old, Brennan wants nothing more than to escape these dull confines for the excitement of wellâ??anywhere.

Unfortunately for him, after his family decides to move to Washington State, Brennan finds more excitement then he could have ever imagined. Lost in a mysterious fifty room hotel his family inherited, Brennan and his 10-year-old little sister Isabella push their way deeper into the forgotten areas of the old building, mistakenly stumbling upon something that will not only rip them from this world, but will challenge everything they know about their lives.

Thrust into the beautiful, yet alien world of Assendria, Brennan and Isabella must now move with haste. For an unspeakable ancient evil is pursuing them, one that will force them to face the lies that have shaped their past, and challenge Brennan to the find the courage and strength he never knew he had.

Positive Thinking: 117 Special Images: Every Phrase a Gem!

by Janet Elliot

This book provides 117 pieces of exquisite picture,

every picture has a famous quotes,these are great wisdom,

and positive thinking energy, often read,

absorb the idea of a great man, with great pace,

towards the success of the other side.

Minecraft: The Adventure of the Khannai – An Epic Minecraft Adventure Story – in Novel Style

by Jason Scott

An Epic Minecraft Story by Amazon #1 Bestselling Author Jason Scott

David and Kayla, a baron and baroness in the land of Sapphire, is charged by King Dreamo to purge monsters from the surrounding area of the village known as Farmridge.

David and Kayla were trained as Khannai, elite soldiers sworn to protect local lands from chaos.

Beginning from their castle they must fully equip themselves with weaponry, armor, food, emeralds and utility items.

Farmridge produces a lot of food for the region and for the King’s army.

If the village is destroyed by monsters, a considerable food shortage will result in the supply chain for the army and the region.


Magical Charms for Breakfast: Kindle Unlimited Chapter Book (Fairy Tales & Magical Adventures 1)

by Merriweather Hope

All the kids in nine-year-old Stefan’s school have gone crazy for Magical Charms, the new cereal especially for kids they’ve been advertising on TV. Not only is Magical Charms colorful and pretty tastyâ??every box comes with its own unique surprise!

Stefan begs his mom to buy a box and can hardly wait to see what his prize is.

But unlike his friends, who get cool prizes like mini wands, teeny-tiny swords, and super-small unicorns, Stefan gets a boring miniature lamp that looks a lot like Aladdin’s, but can’t do anything specialâ??or so Stefan thinks!

It isn’t until he accidentally wishes for something while holding the little lamp that Stefan realizes his prize is more than meets the eye.

A beautiful quirky girl – genie named Jinn lives inside, and she’s ready and willing to grant Stefan’s every wish! At first Stefan is ecstatic. How amazing it is to have everything he could possibly want right at his fingertips!

But he soon realizes that having a genie of his own just might be more trouble than it’s worthâ?¦.

And then there’s the fact that Jinn has a mission from the Fairy Queen that she just can’t rememberâ?¦.

“Jinn, are you listening to me?”

“JINN! PAY ATTENTION! This is important!”

“Huh, what? Oh yeah. uhh. Sorry, Your Majesty,” said Jinn to the Fairy Queen as she sleepily rubbed her eyes. “A very important missionâ?¦don’t worry, you can count on me. Mustâ?¦saveâ?¦magicâ?¦” Jinn’s voice trailed off as her eyes grew heavy and gave way to sleep.

“JINN!” shouted the Fairy Queen “JINN! Remember the mission and focus on it!”

But it was no use, Jinn was fast asleep. The Fairy Queen shook her head in despair. But what choice did she have at this point? It was all up to Jinn now.

The War of Odds

by Linell Jeppsen

Sixteen-year-old Sara Giddings is a lost and lonely girl after the death of her mother, and like many young people forced to deal with life’s tragedies, Sara begins to dabble in drugs and alcohol.

All of that changes when her father takes her to the tiny community of Ashbrook, which overlaps the land of the fae. Here, a young sprite named Pollo discovers that Sara is not a typical teenager, but a witch with immense, untapped power- the power to heal.

Pollo, a cat named Hissaphat, and the wood nymph, Muriel convince Sara that her powers may be the only key to healing what ails the fae, and Timaron, king of the Unseelie court.

Soon, Sara and her two friends, Nate and Chloe, are thrust into a dark and deadly world as they endeavor to free Timaron, whose mind has been possessed by demons and who, in his madness, has declared war on humankind.

With only her two friends and a band of magical misfits, Sara must travel across a dying world. Hunted and haunted by forces even the faeries fear, Sara must reach Unseelie and face the prince of darkness himself, wielding a power she barely understands, to save the faerie king and the fate of two worlds.

Nathan the Winner

by Kate August

Nathan the Winner

One of the great forest .Tiger family lived here

Nathan is a young tiger.

He has two older brothers,

Tony and Jack.

Every day their father to leave home to gather food and bring it to his children.

Their mother had to take care of their children.

Every day she would teach children to learn how to hunt.

What Do We Do After School (The Wiblets Book 1)

by Deneen Renae

Sing-songy book where The Wiblets talk about all of the things they do when they come home from school.

Luna Lingua Fun in the Sun (An Interactive Early Learning Series): (Health & Safety in the Sun)

by Stormy Dae

EXPLORE Summer time health and safety with Luna Lingua!

This book teaches useful safety in the sun techniques for children ages two to eight.

It’s a bright sunny day and Luna wants to play. She heads for the door but is stopped by mom who wants to make sure she takes proper sun safety precautions. With each suggestion Luna grows more and more impatient and wonders if she’ll make it outside before the sun goes down?

Join Luna Lingua as she discovers the importance of safety in the sun in this fun, silly, rhyming picture book for kids. Each page features unique texturing, and interactive pop-up text and a free coloring book is offered inside!

– FREE Coloring Book

– FREE Parent’s Guide

– Pop-Up Text on every page

– Teaches children basic sun safety

– Utilizes VAK language for learners of all types

Scroll Up and order a copy today.

Player is Waiting… (Ultimate Clan Wars)

by JB Wells

In an age where technology is constantly changing, fighting zombies on-line was the least of twelve year old Kieran Kealey’s problems. The world had suddenly become over run with REAL ones. Their school had closed, their consoles were locked, what more could they do with their summer holidays?

When the opportunity for Gamers Summer Camp arises, Kieran and his friends think they’ve hit the jackpot. Away from zombies and annoying little brothers for six whole weeks, playing games until your hearts content. What could be better?…

Being the Game

The Clumsy Gorrila: and other stories (Animal Mischief Book 1)

by Peter Blight

The Clumsy Gorilla is written by the author of the best-selling children’s book The Lonely Giraffe published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books. Inside The Clumsy Gorilla are six bedtime and anytime stories that can be read by you and your children as they grow. They will love the simple stories and see themselves and friends in the fun and furry characters.

Teachers, carers and parents will love the messages in the stories that help children discover that things are not always what they seem – and help them learn that the differences between us is what makes everyone special.

The Clumsy Gorilla is followed by other stories under the Animal Mischief heading to delight young and old readers alike. Look for the second book in the series: Woodland Village Stories to keep the fun going with friendly woodland creatures.

Zet and the Egyptian Amulet Mystery (Zet Mystery Case Book 2)

by Scott Peters

Zet and Kat are back.      When the Nile town of Thebes is threatened by a scarab-amulet eating ghost, Zet is determined to uncover the truth. Is the ghost real?     Meanwhile Zet’s best friend, a jeweler’s apprentice, is in trouble. Could the ghost and his best friend’s ominous master be connected somehow?     As if he didn’t have enough trouble to deal with, special orders have gone missing at Zet’s family pottery stall. With angry customers on his hands, his family reputation is going downhill fast. Soon the investigation becomes a race against time. Zet and Kat must solve the ever-twisting puzzle before it destroys the people they love.     Praise for Scott Peters’ books:      >>> Reader Alyssa calls it: “An amazing page turner!!!”     >>>  Mallory Anne-Marie Haws–Amazon TOP 1000 Reviewer–calls it             *****5 Stars “a story that will have readers turning pages”   Scroll up and grab a copy today

Children’s Books: Happy Birthday (My first stories Book 1)

by Laura Epstein


Like every year, Sofia excitedly waits for her birthday. She is waiting for the guest, the friends and especially the presents. But something unexpected takes place during her party. She receives a very special gift, but not one she likes. What will happen? How will Sofia handle this turn of events?


21 Amazing Animals That Live In The Tundra: Extraordinary Animal Photos & Facinating Fun Facts For Kids (Weird & Wonderful Animals – Book 5)

by Selena Dale

Click The Book Image Above To Get An Idea Of How Much Fun With Learning Your Child Can Have!

This Series Of Animal Books For Kids Has A FREE Bumper Pack Of Gifts Inside!

Discover Some of the Most Amazing Animals that Live in the Tundra.

Did you know that even if wolverines are black or brown, their babies are all white?

What is the biggest falcon in the world?

Did you know that polar bears can get drunk by sniffing airplane fuel?

Do you know what reindeer velvet is?

Did you know that beluga whales can bump into stuff without hurting their head?

Do you know how dolphins find their way in the water?

Did you know that Ermine is a name for the fur of an animal called stoat?

How deep can ribbon seals dive for fish?

Learn this and more in the fifth book of the popular this book series.

Featuring twenty-one different animals that range from the whales diving in the deep oceans to the wolves that hunt in the colder mountain ranges.

This book presents you and your child with fun facts about those amazing animals living in the tundra.

Check Out the Amazing Facts & Photos of 21 Animals that Endure the Tough Tundra Climate.

Some of these animals are popular winter animals that you may have seen on nature programs, while others might be totally new to you.

You will see amazing pictures of the animals up close and in their natural habitat.

The information provided will look into the animal names, how they live, some behaviours like family-life, diet and more. The list also has information on what places they can be found.

This book is fully illustrated and has simple blocks of text that will make learning fun for your child.

The following animals featured are:

  • Wolverine
  • Canada Lynx
  • Arctic Hare
  • Red Fox
  • Beluga Whale
  • Polar Bear
  • Caribou
  • Snowy Owl
  • Dusky Dolphin
  • Gyrfalcon
  • Arctic Fox
  • Ribbon Seal
  • Musk Ox
  • Ermine
  • Bowhead Whale
  • Chinstrap Penguin
  • Gray Wolf
  • Elephant Seal
  • Lemmings
  • Arctic Ground Squirrel
  • Grizzly Bear

Your kids can have fun while learning!

These animals are the most interesting and also the ones that are in the most danger now because their snowy homes are slowly getting too warm.

Knowing more about them can help you think about what is happening in the wilds.

From the rocky south end of Australia and New Zealand to the Arctic North Pole, read on to learn more about the amazing animals that have survived and made their home in some of the coldest places on earth!

This book is part of a series called, “Weird & Wonderful Animals” all of which are great for bedtime reading.

Collect the series!

Woodland Village Stories (Animal Mischief Book 2)

by Peter Blight

Woodland Village Stories is written by the author of the best-selling children’s book The Lonely Giraffe published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books. Inside Woodland Village are six bedtime and anytime stories that can be read by you and your children as they grow. The humorous stories look at the scrapes and sticky situations that children find themselves in.

Teachers, carers and parents will love the messages in the stories that help children discover that things are not always what they seem – and help them think more about the consequences of their actions.

Camilla Fox is followed by other charming stories brought together under the Animal Mischief heading to delight young and old readers alike. Look for the accompanying book in the series ‘The Clumsy Gorilla and Other Stories full of friendly jungle creatures.

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