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The Curious Prophecy of Birds

by Amanda Darcy

On a remote Scottish island, the arrival of a strange flock of birds is a harbinger of evil, murder, mystery and revenge. This fast-paced thriller weaves a path of suspense and intrigue through the past and the present. Different lives collide, drawn together by random events and coincidence.

Except there’s no such thing as coincidence.

Nick and Kate are thrown together on the isolated, hostile island of Faull. Kate has come to study the birds and to escape the nightmare of her past but Nick has come to study something much darker and much more disturbing. Something that lies hidden on the moors and in the caves of the island.

He is looking for their secrets.

Secrets buried deep in the history of the island and in the psyche of the islanders.

Secrets that the islanders will do anything to keep hidden.

Dark secrets that have lain dormant for years but which are about to be re-awakened with terrifying results.

As Nick and Kate explore the remote, sacred places of Faull they uncover mysterious symbols carved into rock and concealed across the island. As Nick searches for their meaning he and Kate are drawn into the horror that is beginning to be re-born.

But it is not just the islanders that have something to hide. Nick and Kate have secrets in their past and as they try to unravel the mysteries of the island those secrets are about to catch up with them, with terrifying consequences.

When I Love You…I Die

by Steven Todd Fisher

The setting takes place at the turn of the twentieth century, in the year, 1902. It’s a story about how life and death intertwines in the lives of its residents. The majority of the townspeople are high-minded folks who chose not to live their lives by any other standard than what is written in the “Good Book.” Rufus Steen, a young African American, does not share the views of this town or the views of his family. He falls deeply in love with a young Native American woman, Le Eagle Feather, who is mentally and spiritually on the same evolving path as he. But there’s one problem. Le has a gentleman caller…a red-haired, blue-eyed attorney by the name of Stonewall Oliver, who will stop at nothing than to gain and to keep the affections of his sweetheart and future wife. DeArthur plays a deceptively intricate role (between his best friend Rufus and Rufus’ nemesis Stonewall) in determining how the romance will end up. Lady Medicine is a middle-aged Native American woman who sets the mood of the atmosphere with her blend of organic and spiritual potions that drives the townspeople to the brink of their own imaginary madness. She had to suffer the consequences of their closed-mindedness by being forced to live on the outskirts of town, shunned by the community. The town teeters on the edge of an unstable calm which leads to a smooth and sometimes violent chaos.

Double Helix

by Sally Tivey

What would you do when faced with an impossible choice? If, having endured the pain of losing a child, an opportunity presented itself to breathe life back into your soul, yet that very opportunity was dark with unexplored moral connotations?
It is 2018. Harriet is still awash with the glow of new motherhood; the memory of life’s most defining moment, childbirth, still fresh in her mind; when she wakes up one morning to find her baby son Theo lying blue and still in his cot.
As she and her husband Ed try to come to terms with their terrible grief, Harriet retreats into herself, cutting off family and friends who try to help her. Contemplating an empty and desolate future, she chances upon a doctor specialising in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and decides to discover once and for all a reason why Theo has been taken away from her.
Yet what awaits her in the sterile medical office is none other than a life-altering revelation; one which she is desperate to pursue at the cost of her closest personal relationships and in spite of the twinges of her moral compass.
When baby Lucca is born bearing a striking physical resemblance to Theo, Harriet must delve deep into herself to answer the searching questions of her loved ones, and is racked with guilt when she feels she cannot love him as she ought.
Through a painful cycle of alienation, adultery and reconciliation, both Harriet and Ed eventually develop an unbreakable bond with their new son, only to be hit all too soon by the devastating unseen implications of their actions.

Described by readers as “gripping, disturbing and extremely moving”, Double Helix is writer Sally Tivey’s debut novel.

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