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Sprouted Soul: Whole-Souled Poems

by Doobie Shemer

Inspiring Mystical Love Poems for Poems Lovers

If you are in love, if you are loved, order now a prefect gift: a copy of Sprouted Soul

Sprouted Soul is a compilation of Whole-Souled Poems to everyone who has been on a quest

For inner peace at times of grief, For gratifying bliss and emerging belief,

For rising hopes when struggling to cope, For soothing your soul during seasons of fall,

To enlighten mystical love, to awaken your call.

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Heart of Democracy

by Ghazi Mozammel Hossain

Please write a good review and discussion about my book

Problems of establishing parliamentary democracy, in the third

world countries for absence of honesty, tolerance, patriotism &

neutrality among the politicians is described in different poems in

this book. Problem of establishing Marxism in society also described

in a poem in this book. Lives of some important democratic leaders are

included in this book. Lives of some patriot freedom fighters for

independence and their contribution are also included in this book.

Problems of war against peace are also described in this book some

poems are written on nature & beauty of nature.

Khelafat is a system of government ran by rule of law in a stateless

society to establish a state by the side of Mecca. Khelafat Rashidun

continued for twenty seven years, during the reign of four Khelifs

they are:

i) Hazrat Abubakkar Sidque (R)

ii) Hazrat Omar Bin Khattab (R)

iii) Hazrat Osman Goni (R)

iv) Hazrat Ali (R).

Mobia started kingship (Dynasty) long live democracy, rule of law

honesty, patriotism, tolerance and neutrality to meet people’s dream

of democracy.

This book is also mirror of wrong politics of invisible autocratic

rulers of the modern world in the name of democracy.

As I am a new writer so I need good reviews and feedback from you.These good reviews and feedback can make me good writer in the future.Please write a good review and discussion about my book.

I hope you will read my book and write a good review about my book.

13th Floor Magazine Fall 2014

13th Floor Magazine, University of Nebraska at Omaha’s only literary magazine, is aimed at connecting the campus and community through the power of storytelling. Through our innovative use of the online platform, we create a biannual ebook of locally-produced short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction, micro prose, photography, and art. 13th Floor Magazine believes in the equalizing power of communicating stories from our everyday, and we are committed to sharing a diverse portfolio of Omaha talent by means that makes us accessible beyond the boundaries of our city. We believe that by acting as a vessel between our community and the world, our local writers and artists can set for themselves a place at the table of national and international art and culture.

Contains 5 short fiction pieces, including:

Ballad of “The Burn Gulch Kid” by Matthias Jeske

When a Mother Leaves Her Prenatal Appointment by Noah Diaz

Fundraising for my Time Machine by Britta Tollefsrud

1 non-fiction pieces, including:

From Putting Green to Burger King by Jordan Dinwiddie

As well as 13 stunning poems, 1 original artwork, and an introductory piece by acclaimed author and University of Nebraska at Omaha Writer’s Workshop faculty chair Lisa Sandlin.


Kate Bard, managing editor. Jared Newman, lead editor. Kristin Pothast, creative editor. Jes Liberatore, design & layout editor. Alexandria Hodge, promotions editor. Chelsey Risney, photographer. Ahmad Jaffery, video editor.

13th Floor Magazine is a nonprofit organization registered with the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Royalties from all sales go solely to the publication of future issues.





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