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Read His Mind: The 69 Page Guide To The Modern Man (Reading Minds Book 1)

by Mike Vincent Patrice

“Excluding work, 98% of men lie to women 95% of the time”. Just how true is that statement? Find out within.

A detailed collection of the inner workings of the male’s psyche based on every day scenarios chosen by women.

The content includes but is not limited to: why do men cheat, why do they behave in the way that they do, how do they like to be pleased, what irritates them the most and how to avoid it.

THE MAJORITY of what is contained within this book will be men’s feelings that are only expressed between men, so the chances of a woman knowing it are slim, but not unlikely.

Contributions from doctors, psychiatrists, pornographic film actors, escorts and sex addicts included

Breaking Barriers: Being Colorblind In A Racist World (Breaking Point Book 4)

by Jason Criddle

Being half black (my dad) and half white, (my mom) racism has always been prevalent in my life. Even now, when I hear someone close to me make reference to someone by the color of their skin, I usually try and let them know they don’t have to identify the person by their race. Black, white, Hispanic; it doesn’t matter. Simply state, â??this man’ or â??this woman’.

The last thing I want is for Emma to hear this. I call her color blind because she doesn’t see the color of people’s skin. She simply sees people for how lovely and beautiful they are. She often holds the hands of my friends through grocery stores, at the malls, bookstores, or parks. She doesn’t care at all what color their skin is.

So how do we get past this problem that has held us back for far too many generations? By spreading love and compassion. Forgiving others for the hate they have spread due to an illogical amount of ignorance and fear. Please, enjoy my stories.

When the Diaspora gives up on Cameroon

by Franklin Sone-Bayen

As other African nations forge ahead tapping on the resources of their Diaspora, the French-imposed minority system in Cameroon is unique in limiting the economic, political and social influence of its Diaspora, seeing it as a threat to the mafia dictatorship.

Even though it is variously described as Africa’s most educated Diaspora percentage wise, this resourceful Cameroonian Diaspora risks giving up on Cameroon as the nation slowly heads into abyss.

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