Free science fiction Kindle books for 27 Aug 14

The Boy Named Topaz (The Opalstar Chronicles Book 1)

by Jeffrey Gartshore

“Dim-Glow!” That’s what the bullies always called Toivo Rallence, the one boy in the entire shining Topaz Realm who can’t control Light. His uncle keeps telling him that he has full-bright potential, if he can only figure out how to show it. He sees things so differently than everyone else. He can see hidden things, and sometimes dark things that are looking back at him.

Will Toivo survive growing up disabled in the Realm of Light? Will he Shine or Shatter? Only Fate can say….

The Vigil

by Chris W. Martinez

Emaciated and increasingly desperate, Sergeant Yvette Burgess fears she may be one of the last human beings to survive nuclear armageddon. For more than four years she has lived in an underground bunker, only occasionally ascending to the surface in her radiation suit to survey the vast, lifeless wasteland around her.

But salvation may be at hand. In the skies high above, an operational space station continues to orbit earth. Her only hope: make contact with the station so she can somehow find a way back to the remains of human civilization, if such a thing still exists.

Vivid, tense, and moving, “The Vigil” is a story of a woman’s relentless instinct to survive in a world of desolation as endless as the black of space.

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