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Raw Materials: Collected Essays

by Matt Gemmell

A collection of personal essays about nostalgia, fear, humanity, memories, and the author’s journey through life. These pieces have been read and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people on the author’s web site, and have been revised and updated especially for this collection. An exclusive new essay is also included, as well as notes for each one.

The Killing Jar – Based on a True Story

by Gloria Nixon-John

The Killing Jar is based on the true story of Ted Lynch (his fictitious name), one of the youngest Americans to be charged with a capital crime and sentenced to death.

In 1978 in the insular hollows of Eastern Kentucky, neighbors know that Ted is being starved, living in squalor and being verbally abused by his fanatically religious mother. But instead of intervening they make his plight grist for the local gossip mill. Ted’s teachers are aware that this straight-A student is growing strange and using drugs and alcohol to cope, but they do little to change the situation. It isn’t until fifteen-year-old Ted murders his seven-year-old neighbor that anyone pays much attention to the abhorrent conditions under which he has been living.

The resulting swirl of anger and desire for vengeance, along with moral indignation and blind religiosity of the community, turn Ted’s first trial into a circus. With a weak court-appointed attorney representing him and a corrupt judge as overseer, Ted is found guilty and sentenced to death at the age of sixteen.

While spending nine years of his young life in the foreboding Kentucky State Penitentiary, known as “The Castle of Cumberland,” Ted makes friends with the men on the row. Among them is a notorious rapist and murderer who becomes Ted’s closest friend, remarkably showing him a kindness that he has never experienced before.

With poor psychological help on the inside, Ted’s delusions fester. There is little hope until the defense team of Gayle and Kevin McKnight, together with psychologist Robert Newport, becomes involved. They are determined to save the life of this troubled and mentally ill young man, but can they convince a jury of Ted’s insanity?

Co-authored by Ted’s psychologist, this telling looks at the circumstances, the pathology, the warning signs, and the trigger of a heartbreaking and senseless tragedy compounded by the ignorance of a community bent on blind revenge.

Willie Robertson: The Funniest Willie Moments in Duck Dynasty (Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty, Jase Robertson, Happy happy happy, Si Robertson, Phil Robertson Book 1)

by Daniel Hawkins

Take a Look at Great Moments from One of America’s Newest Stars

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Anyone with a working television or Internet access knows about Duck Dynasty and the Robertson family. Willie Robertson is fast becoming a household name. In addition to his work as CEO of Duck Commander, he is also one of the driving forces behind the hit TV show. This book takes a look back at some of his most humorous moments from the show’s run, and it’s a must-have for any Duck Dynasty fan. Grab your copy today!

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* The success of Duck Dynasty

* Willie’s role on the show

* The comedic team of Willie and Jase

* Willie’s funniest moments

* Quotes from Willie


Comments From Other Readers

“As a fan of the show from the beginning, I appreciate the look back at episodes we haven’t seen on TV in quite a while. I had forgotten how funny Willie can be, as he is often overshadowed by the antics of his family members. Hope we get enough funny moments for a second volume!” – Chase M. (Forest, USA)

“This book reads almost like a highlight reel of the TV show. You don’t often tend to think of Willie as the comedic one; that title usually goes to Jase or Uncle Si. Reading this gave me a new appreciation for how Willie is a key part in the comedy of the show. I thoroughly enjoyed this!” – Jane D. (Clemmons, USA)

“I love Duck Dynasty, and I love the clear difference they have from the other reality shows of the day. When it comes right down to it, these people are authentic, and they’re hilarious as well, as this book shows! Thanks for the laughs, and here’s to many more!” – Thom G. (Gallatin, USA)

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Mad Dogs and Aussies

by Noel Coward

â??Mad Dogs And Aussies’ is about a person whose life was invaded by the fame of his namesake. In order to escape the consequences of that name he created â??Droc’ to explore and express those early years of lawlessness and institutions through short stories, poems, and ranting, in what could be described as a rainbow of humor and storms of doom and gloom. Droc juggles words and sharpens swords to ensure you won’t be bored, with each chapter an exciting tangent into the next as he expresses his views and perceptions of the different facets of society, and his own life.

Four Eyes Were Never Better Than Two…and other observations

by Kelly Coleman Potter

Kelly Coleman Potter, once known in inner circles as Smelly Kelly, doesn’t see things like most of us do. This could be due to the nearsightedness that presented itself in third grade when she became known as four-eyed Smelly Kelly, but it’s not. According to her high school Journalism teacher, Potter has a unique perspective and outlook on life. She still doesn’t know if that was a compliment or an insult – or perhaps, just a nice way to say she’s weird.

In this collection of essays, Four Eyes Were Never Better Than Twoâ?¦and other observations, Potter offers a candid look at the human condition with tales recounting the past and present. From her younger days of dreaming about being a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader so she could own pom-poms to sex education taught by a Joyce Dewitt look-alike, Potter confesses all – including the ironic account of throwing up on a dog named Ralph.

No stranger to embarrassment, she writes of cold sores that require an exorcism and the torture that was seventh grade gym class, capturing the angst, humiliation, and absurdity in those moments that often define us as individuals. Observations include: desperation can make a person do some pretty stupid things like answering a personal ad, hot wax is best left in the hands of a professional if you value your lips, and nothing is so surprising as the man who claims to hate dancing busting a move in a hospital recovery room.

Even if you’ve never had to admit in a public setting that you’re having your period, passed out at the eye doctor’s office, or had an illogical fear of a lawn mower, Potter’s self-deprecating wit and sometimes bizarre sense of humor will make you glad these things only happen on sit-comsâ?¦ or to her.

Worlds End Murders: Christine Eadie & Helen Scott

by Waine Lasikiewicz

This story is about 2 teenage women who are brutally murdered and the killers are on the loose.

Weed farming In Greece

by Andrew Lawrence

Weed Farming in Greece

Weed Farming in Greece is an evocative and often humorous chronicle of life in a port city in Greece.

The material presents the high points of life and many less than romantic moments; taking the reader into the secret world of marijuana cultivation, murder and a clandestine operation to apprehend the killer of a TV reporter.

Through the storyline, the reader is introduced to a culture where life and behaviour are very different to that previously experienced or understood by tourists.

The material captures the realities and paradoxical eccentricities of everyday life and in so doing, highlights the suspicious and superstitious nature of those encountered.

Weed Farming in Greece introduces the reader to philosophical ideals, analyses a psychological definition of behaviour and draws reference to past literary masters in the context of the story line.

The account is written with clarity showing determination, understanding and above all else, the acceptance of different cultural values, not only to survive, but to come to an understanding of human behaviour in general.

Duck Dynasty BOX SET #1: The Best of Jase Robertson & the Best of Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty, Duck Commander, Jase Robertson, Willie Robertson, Si Robertson, Happy happy happy, Phil Robertson)

by Daniel Hawkins

Learn the Life Lessons of Jase Robertson, Mischief Maker and Manufacturing Expert on the Hit TV Series Duck Dynasty & Get the Inside Scoop on Willie Robertson, the Duck Commander CEO and Brains Behind the Wild Success of Duck Dynasty

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Jase Robertson

It’s no secret that Jason Silas “Jase” Robertson would rather be out in the field hunting ducks than working at the Duck Commander warehouse, but this endearing trouble maker is one of the keys to the success of the family business. He may give his brother Willie a hard time (all in good fun, of course!), but the love and support the family give each other provides a lesson we can all learn from. This book will let you know all about Jase’s past, the troubles he has seen and how he’s overcome them only to become stronger, how faith and family play the most important roles in his life, and, of course, about his epic beard. This book will only make Jase seem even more charming, as you get to know him behind-the-scenes of the family’s wildly popular TV show.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* The roles Jase plays in the family business.

* About the difficulties he endured while growing up.

* How Christian faith saved his family.

* What his life was like before the reality show

* How family values play an important role in his life

* How Jase manages to work hard while also playing hard

* Why having a beard is just practical!

* Jase’s unique relationship with his Uncle Si

* Why heaven should be a duck blind

Willie Robertson

Learn the secrets behind the amazing success of A&E’s hit reality television show, Duck Dynasty, in this insightful book all about the Duck Commander CEO, Willie Robertson. Willie does the narration on Duck Dynasty, and, as the member of the family with the most business sense, he manages their wildly successful family business and tries to keep the rest of the family on-track at work, despite their tendency to get a bit distracted, to say the least! This book offers some wonderful insights into Willie’s success with the business, and the lessons shared within will be valuable for anyone who wants to meet their goals. Learn the lessons of family, faith, and hard work that made Willie Robertson the man he is today and brought the family business so much fame and fortune.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* The lessons Willie took from his past.

* How has fame and fortune changed Willie’s life?

* Life lessons from Willie’s personal mentors.

* The importance of faith in Willie’s life.

* How family love and support can make all the difference.

* Lessons learned from the hard times in Willie’s life.

* The business strategies that brought the family success.

* How you can use Willie’s life lessons to further your own chance of success.


Comments From Other Readers

“This family is the best and Willie is amazing! He’s not afraid to be a businessman while being laid-back and sharing his Christian faith. I loved reading this.” – Stacy K. (San Jose, Costa Rica)

“My favorite part of Duck Dynasty is watching the brothers Jase and Willie interact. It’s such a fun show, and this was an equally fun read to get to know some insight into the family and Jase’s past.” – Diane H. (Millville, NJ, USA)

“I love Jase! He has such charisma and is the star of the show every time. This was a great book to get to know him better.” – Roger M. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

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The Pleasure of Revenge (The Stevenson Sisters Book 2)

Serena is not the girl everyone used to know anymore. A terrible secret shattered her life, killed her mother and made her escape in search of the truth. How will she cope with her life as a single mother? A life that made her take decisions she regrets. Her life seemed to have hit rock bottom until a mysterious guy buys her for pleasure for a month during which she will have to be his slave. What she doesn’t know is that his intentions go beyond pleasure. What will happen when secrets start to come out? When the identity of this guy is revealed? Will revenge be as sweet as he thought?What will happen when someone from her past returns in her life and change everything. Her life will be threatened and in danger. Will love be enough to pull her out of trouble? Will she be able to cope with the situation she gets herself into?

Rihanna: All the ins and outs

by Nicholas Perry

This is a total and complete guide to Rihanna. I cover her childhood, rise to fame, her interests and some juicy gossip. This is a must have for all Rihanna fans! enjoy!

Shaquille O’Neal – Basketball Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

by Joe Riley

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos ***

People Love Reading Shaquille O’Neal Unauthorized & Uncensored

“Fun and entertaning, great book!” – Hendrick Paul

“This is really great! Thanks a lot for making this.” – Farah Barbra

This books one of a kind. We bring you the fun, the dirt, the back story, videos, quizzes and more. The content makes this series a best buy. You will get a great insight on your favorite basketball player that you might have thought you knew a lot about.

We have created a layout that not only educates, but also entertains the readers. This makes learning finding about your favorite NBA star player fun.

Take a journey with us as we bring you closer than ever to Shaquille O’Neal.

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Sidney Poitier Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

by R.B. Grimm

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos ***

People Love Reading Sidney Poitier Unauthorized & Uncensored

“I love Sidney Poitier and this ebook! This is a must have to every Poitier’s fan!” – Alice Morgan

“This ebook is very informative and fun to read at the same time! I’m glad to have a copy of this. I recommend it too.” – David McKenzy

This books one of a kind. We bring you the fun, the dirt, the back story, videos, quizzes and more. The content makes this series a best buy. You will get a great insight on your favorite entertainer that you might have thought you knew a lot about.

We have created a layout that not only educates, but also entertains the readers. This makes learning finding about your favorite star fun.

Take a journey with us as we bring you closer than ever to Sidney Poitier.

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