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Split at the Root: A Memoir of Love and Lost Identity

by Catana Tully

In this dramatic and beautifully written memoir, the author explores questions of race, adoption and identity, not as the professor of ethnic studies that she became, but as the black child of German settlers in Guatemala, who called her their “little Moor.” Her journey into investigating the mystery of how these White foreigners became her parents begins when she reluctantly considered joining an African-American organization at the U.S. College where she taught. She realized it was not just her foreign accent that alienated her from Blacks. Under layers of privilege (private schools, international travel, the life of a fashion model and actress in Europe) she discovered that her most important story is one of disinheritance.

The author’s determination to find out who her mother and father really were, and why she was taken from them, tests the love of her White husband and their son, leads her to embrace and then reject the charismatic man she believes to be her biological father, and takes her to the jungles of Guatemala to find a family that has kept her memory alive as legend. In the book’s shocking ending, she learns truths about her mother, and the callous disrespect committed long ago against mother and child in the name of love.

Tristine Rainer, Director of the Center for Autobiographic Studies;

Author The New Diary and Your Life as Story

How to Draw Jungle Animals (Draw Draw Kids Series Book 1)

by Captain Jeremy

How to Draw Draw Jungle Animals is a Step-by-Step guide on how to draw your favourite Jungle Animals. This book includes 5 animals; a Crocodile, an Elephant, a Monkey, a Parrot and a Tiger.

For kids of all ages!

What Al Left Behind: a broken heart, a can-do attitude, and a changed perspective about Alzheimer’s, aging, and caregiving

by Daphne Simpkins

There is a surprising and very freeing future for caregivers after Alzheimer’s disease runs its course and leaves the building where you have been trying to make a home. The house will never be the same. Your heart will never feel the same. But in spite of its bad reputation, living with Al isn’t all about heartbreak.

If you are a current caregiver of someone who has Alzheimer’s disease, you may not believe me, but it is true. This book is a preview of the surprising good gifts Al leaves behind.

WHAT AL LEFT BEHIND is a follow-up to Daphne Simpkins’ touching memoir A LONG GOOD NIGHT: My Father’s Journey into Alzheimer’s (Eerdmans).

Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding Made Simple Guide To How To Breastfeed Your Baby Including Breastfeeding Nutrition And Breastfeeding Benefits (Newborn Health)

by Amanda Hollingsworth

Breastfeeding Made Simple Guide To How To Breastfeed Your Baby Including Breastfeeding Nutrition And Breastfeeding Benefits

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You’re about to discover what you need to know to properly breastfeed your baby in an easy to understand format. This book was written to help all those new mothers or expectant new mothers understand the proper techniques of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding provides protection from illness – it is a proven fact that breast fed babies have a lower risk of developing diseases and conditions such as eye and ear infections, respiratory problems such as asthma, urinary tract infections, and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome); as well as some diseases that may occur later in life such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart diseases, gastroenteritis, and leukemia. Unlike formula milk, breast milk is somewhat customized to cater to your baby’s needs and can adjust to hold different properties based on what your baby may need for the time being. Studies have shown that children who were breastfed for longer have shown to have a better vocabulary by age 5 and that premature babies who are breastfed tend to catch up to their peers by 18 months as opposed to premature babies who are not breast fed. Lactation experts have also stated that the emotional bond between mother and child during breast feeding adds to the emotional quotient and increase brain power. The list goes on and on of the benefits of breastfeeding. If you are reading this you are considering breastfeeding and I want to assure you that this book is a step in the right direction. It will answer all the concerns you may have regarding breastfeeding. I wish you all the success in the world as you undertake the most rewarding job on the planet. Remember… you can become very good at breastfeeding your newborn and this book will help you do it!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding Breastfeeding
  • How To Get Started
  • Problems You May Encounter And How To Overcome Them
  • Supply
  • Expressing
  • Social Stigma
  • How Dad Or Significant Other Can Help
  • And So Much More!

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The Healthy Lifestyle

by Lilian Nickson

Our world is so enamored of busyness, our culture places such a high value on multitasking that nobody is ever going to tell you to put silence and stillness on your “to do” list for the day. If we listen to the world and its agenda for us to work, hurry and succeed, we will find ourselves empty, unsatisfied and disconnected from our very own selves. When you want to change your life, you have to think care, love, health and strength among others. This precious thought is lost when you don’t have time or you don’t make time to uplift your habits. As you read this book, ask yourself, “what habit do I need to add to my “to do” list concerning my lifestyle?”

Every healthy routine we adapt yields its tribute of delight. Every change we make corresponds to and authorizes new state of mind, from breathless hopelessness to grimmest sunshine in the midday. It is therefore necessary to uplift our lifestyle. Our daily habits don’t have to be a long hard cognitive process. Even on a minor scale, personal goals are not hard to accomplish with the right information and support. We just have to be vigilant in undertaking the proper habits that would ensure good health.

This book will discuss some of the ways we can practice a lifestyle that attempts to make our relationships with others healthier, a lifestyle that involves caring for others/our loved ones, and maintaining proper hygiene and healthy choices! It recommends habits such as using natural alternative treatments like herbs to boost immunity, spending time with family or spouse to bring relaxation and relieve from routine tension, commitment and faithfulness, strengthening your health by appropriately following health choices like flossing teeth, washing hands and more!

Conversation Starters

by Jimmy McPhink

Have trouble breaking the ice? Tired of talking about the weather?

Conversation Starters has dozens of different scenarios which will bring people together for hours of entertaining chat. After reading this book you will be amazed at how much you did not know about your spouse, children, siblings, friends, and family. Plus, you will have a lot of fun asking each other the questions that are in this book.

Chapter list

1) There is Nothing Quite like Good Friends and Good Conversation

2) Let’s Start the Conversation

3) Topics Discussed by Millions Before

4) American Literature

5) Questions to Ask Before Popping the Big Question

6) My Answers

7) Final Thoughts

Amminikutty: Amminikutty a novel by D.J

by D.J

Ammini Kutty

��വിത� നല്��ിയ നിത്യ ദുരിത�്�ള്��്���ുവില്� ദാരിദ്ര്യത്തിന്റ� �ഴ�്�യ�്�ളില��്�് ��ുത്ത�റിയപ��ി� മുന്�പ� ര�്ഷപ്പ��ലിന്റ� �രവസാന ��റുത്തുനില്പ്പുന�ത്തിയ �മ്മിണി�്�ു�്�ി�്�് സമ�ഹത്തില� �രു���്�� �ന�്�ളു�� സ�്�ി�ിത �ിന്തയാല്� നഷ്�പ്പ��്�ത് �വളു�� ��വിത� തന്ന� �യിരുന്നു. �രുപാ�ു പ്രത��്ഷ�ള്��്�ു� ന�മ്പര�്�ള്��്�ുമ��ുവില്� �രിറ്റു സ്ന�ഹത്തിനു� �നു�മ്പയ്�്�ു� വ�ണ്�ി സ്വന്ത� ��വാത്മാവുതന്ന� �മ്മിണി�്�ു�്�ി ത്യാ�മായി നല്��ിയ��്�ിലു� വിധിയു�� മുന്�പില്� ���ു� �്ര�രത�്�ു വിധ�യമായ ബലിമ��ത്ത��്�ാള്� ന�മ്പരത്ത��� �മ്മിണി�്�ു�്�ി�്�ു നില്��്��ണ്�ി വന്നു. ��വിതത്തില��� ന�ള� ത�രാത്ത വ�ദന�ള്� മാത്ര� പ�റിയ �മ്മിണി�്�ു�്�ി � �ഥയിലു�ന�ള� ന�മ്പരത്തിന്റ� വ�ദനത്മ�മായ പ്രത��മായി നില��ള്ളുന്നു.

ISBN : Publisher : DJ Publications

Language : Malayalam Edition : 2013



The Anatomy of a Player: A Relationship book for men and women

by Markeyus Franks

Dating and relationships are hard business nowadays. Based on our fast track society, nobody seems to stay fully committed to one another anymore. In this book, The Anatomy of a player, Markeyus Franks explains what a player is, who they target, and how they operate. We all have fallen victim to someone else desires at one point in time, and have wondered how we let that particular person take advantage over us; well this book will answer all questions associated with playing and being played by other people.

– Why men Cheat

– Why women cheat

– Two types of players

– Learn how to build lasting relationships

– The deception and power of sex

– How proper visualization can help your relationship

– How to be a real man in today’s society

– Why it’s important to have substance in your life

Need relationship advice? No Problem. The second half of this amazing book covers everything you need to know on how to have a successful relationship in this day in age that actually benefits both partners. So fasten your self-belt and get ready to experience a unique refreshing prospective on relationships.

The Can Do Duck: A Story About Believing in Yourself

by Ducktor Morty

THE CAN DO DUCK: A STORY ABOUT BELIEVING IN YOURSELF is a timeless, inspirational tale. In this story, written by a father and illustrated by his children and wife, the duck and the reader learn that they can do what they put their minds to! This is the classic version of the original Can Do Duck book that first appeared in print and has sold thousands of copies around the world to families and schools. The illustrations have been colorized and there are several new illustrations that have been added to the original book. This is the full book that has been divided into two shorter E-books for ease of reading for younger children. These shorter e-books are The Can Do Duck Learns to Have a Can Do Attitude and The Can Do Duck Can Do More. This book is part of The Can Do Duck series. The Can Do Duck books are positive, motivational books written to entertain and educate at the same time. They teach important life lessons on self esteem, getting along with others and working together. One of the books in the series, Can Do and The Storm: A Story About New Beginnings has been distributed for free to thousands of children and families after hurricanes and tornadoes to help them cope with the aftermath of these storms. Ducktor Morty, M.D., is a child psychiatrist and his wife, Esther, is a child psychologist. For more information on The Can Do Duck and other books, please visit

Hope For Helpers: Restoring Wholeness to Alzheimer’s & Dementia Related Disorder Caregivers

by Michael Byrd

According to the Los Angeles Times, an estimated 5.4 million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s Disease, which means there are nearly 15 million stressed & tired caregivers looking for assistance and encouragement.

Are you one of them?

If so, this book was written especially for you: the spouse, child, friend or other family member of someone who has Alzheimer’s Disease or another dementia disorder. In this easy-to-read book of about 70 Kindle pages you’ll find practical tips, encouragement, and compassion to assist you as you care for your loved one.

How do you stop being resentful that your life isn’t as easy as everyone else’s? Is it ever okay to lie? How will you know when it’s time to place your loved one in assisted living – and can you ever get over the guilt?

Come and find hope for the helper.

The Girl Who Talked Too Much

by Marcia Ward

The start of her first year in high school has Carolyn Jean Murray (Lyn) in a state of constant angst.

As the middle daughter in a suburban family, Lyn has no real complaints. She has plenty of food, more-than-adequate clothing, nice friends and a wonderful dog, Jackie.

She should be intimidated by Victoria (Vicky), her oldest sister. Vicky is very pretty and gets top grades. She should also be overshadowed by her younger sister Susanna (Susie) who is a state-ranked tennis player for her age group.

Fortunately, Lyn is not shy. In fact, throughout her life she has found herself in difficult situations because she talked too much. She has never hesitated to speak her mind, whether it be at home, school, or any other place she found herself.

Vicky does a very uncharacteristic thing. Se runs away from home one evening, causing the previously calm family life of the Murray’s to go into a chaotic spin.

Mrs. Murray is rushed to the hospital after she faints and hits her head. The reason she fainted? There was a call from the morgue saying they had an unidentified body of a young woman. It could be Vicky.

Lyn is frustrated by the authorities as well as her parents’ attempts to find Vicky. She enlists the help of her best friend, Sylvia, in her own rescue plan, which turns out to be quite an adventure.

Aging Parents: Aging Parents Guide On How To Care For Aging Parents While Maintaining The Dignity Of Aging Parents (Elder Care)

by John McQuilkin

Aging Parents Guide On How To Care For Aging Parents While Maintaining The Dignity Of Aging Parents

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Caring for my mother with Alzheimer’s Disease was one of the most difficult and challenging times in my life. Looking back upon it now it was also one of the most rewarding times in my life. If you have aging parents that are at the stage where someone has to start caring for them, this book will act as a guide for what lies ahead as the years progress. If you are considering being the primary caregiver, I congratulate you! It won’t be easy, I’m telling you now, but when all is said and done you will be so glad you stepped up to the plate to care for your aging parents. I’ve written this book with first hand knowledge received from the care of my own mother, plus a lot of research along the way. Caregiving for your own parents is a form of role reversal and can be daunting and will take a toll on you both physically and emotionally. To ease you into the process, you need to be aware of what exactly to look out for in the terms of medication, nutrition, aides, tools, and the common conditions that might inhibit your loved ones. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to effectively provide your aging parents with what they need in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment while effectively preserving their quality of life. It will be difficult, but it is necessary and this book provides you with an informational source on what you need to know to get started on this caregiving phase of your life. I wish you all the success in the world as you undertake this difficult yet rewarding job of caring for your aging parents. It may not seem rewarding at the moment but I promise you that some day in the future you will look back upon this time in your life and be so thankful that you took it upon yourself to care for your aging parents. I know it will be challenging at times, I’ve been there myself, but you can care for your aging parents with respect and dignity and this book will help you do it!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What You Need To Know To Get Started
  • Medication Safety
  • Safety Around The House
  • Getting Outside Help
  • Grab Bars, Toilet Rails And Bath Chairs
  • Long Term Care
  • Person Centered Care
  • Dealing With Alzheimer’s And Dementia
  • And So Much More!

Download your copy today!

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Tags: aging parents, elder care, elderly parents, elderly care, caring for elderly parents, alzheimers and dementia, senior care, alzheimers disease, caregiving and dementia books,

Child With Autism: Just what Are the Factors that Contribute to Autism

by Drusi Tenny

When you elevate an autistic kid, particularly in the more youthful years, you really worry concerning their safety and security and also their location. The autistic child does not respond to typical stimuli nor do they respond to spoken commands as quickly as a non-autistic youngster.”Autism Child”

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Guide: Art of Breastfeeding Made Simple

by Diane Newman

This wonderful read aims to teach mothers about the ins and outs of breastfeeding with confidence. It aims to assist mothers who are just beginning on their breastfeeding journey.

This is one of the most highly regarded breastfeeding books on the market now available through Kindle.

Breastfeeding may be expected, but it can pose numerous challenges along the way. Some mothers begin to have reservations and complications, from dealing with the initial feedings to discovering a tender and affectionate way to securely feed.

This edition of â??The Ultimate Breastfeeding Guide’ is an indispensable read for breastfeeding that every fresh and anxious mom should own. This is a all-inclusive resource that removes the unknown out of rudimentary breastfeeding subtleties. Recognizing the most important tips for breastfeeding will help you evade and beat tasks such as reduced milk production, breast refusal, feeding problems, and any other problem that might stop you from loving breastfeeding your baby.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Guide will assist you with:

– Understanding the Basics of Breastfeeding Nutrition and its benefits

– Finding the right positions to breastfeed in

– Learning about breastfeeding taboo and how to deal with it

– Tools for breastfeeding and pumping

– Learning about feeding whether you are breastfeeding twins or one child

William’s Wishes: Skin Deep

by Jennifer Lynch

Rebecca gives Bridgette up for adoption feeling that she had no choice After the horrors of the Nuns at St. Catherine’s, she begins to realise that there is only one thing to do, rebuild her life. Years later, Bridgette leaves home to become a nanny and falls for the irresistible Neil, the father of the family. She starts to learn a lot about men, her two mothers, and who is really there for her in her life. Sister Mary’s secret has stayed with her for nearly thirty five years until by sheer chance, she discovers that things haven’t been quite what she was led to believe. Can these women help each other, or have the wounds of time been too harsh. They start to realise that they are connected through the adoption process but the surprises really start to happen as the story unfolds.

This story will help anyone who is adopted or is connected with adoption in some way Although written as fiction many feelings are expressed which are taken from personal experience by the author who is an adopted child herself.


by Alejandro Murphy


Guide For Adoption Parenting: Understanding How Adoption for Children and Parenting Works

by Mary Beth Walker

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Is having a child of your own not a possibility anymore? Trying to figure out how adoption works? Want to understand the best methods for raising your adopted child appropriately? The questions can begin to pile up and the process tough, but the ultimate reward is worth all of the hard work.

When it comes to adoption China, America, Canada, and many other nations have to offer, you will want answers. This delightful read has all the answers required for parents needing tips.

Adopting from other nations can be an arduous task with numerous adoption legal nuances to deal with. This guide will demonstrate the best way to tackle this issue.

Download this book NOW and:

– Learn about processes in adoption dad and mom have to go through immediately

– Discover the importance of adoption books for children and adoption healing

– Understand the realities of an adoption reunion and how to deal with it

Whether the child is from foster care or a foreign country, you will need to understand the nature of adopting a child to reduce the time spent filling forms. Child adoption is a fascinating experience and this guide will help explain how. Become an adoptive family that is perfect for a child to grow and develop in forever. Become the picture-perfect adoptive parents.

Download this eBook NOW and get an in-depth guide that will assist you to be prepared!

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