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Porno No More: How to Overcome Your Addiction to Pornography and Win Back Your Life

by Ray Summers

Learn Proven Steps On How To Overcome Your Pornography Addiction Once And For All

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You are about to discover the steps needed to finally overcome your addiction to pornography addiction and live a more empowering and fulfilled life. As a former porn addict of many years, I know how painful it can be. I know how it feels to waste away entire nights streaming porn on a computer. I know how it feels to hide something you’re ashamed about from family and friends. I know how it feels to be overcome with overwhelming guilt and how that could trickle into depression. And if you’ve read this far into the description, I know that you must have a strong desire to change.

In Porno No More, you will be equipped with tried and true approaches on how to overcome those almost irresistible urges to indulge in endless pornographic material. Porn addiction is very real, and unless you do something about it, the problem may never go away. Fortunately, there ARE many and resources available to help you overcome it, and that’s what I’m here to share with you.

Listen, I’m not saying it’s easy, far from it. Overcoming addiction a tough journey that is full of bumps and bruises. But, I promise that if you perform the action items suggested in this book, then together we’ll start you on the road to freedom and recovery. It’s time to win back your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn When You Download Your Copy Today

  • Understanding Porn Addiction
  • How Porn Addiction Can Affect Your Relationships
  • How To Seek Help From A Support System
  • The Power Of Effective Goal Setting
  • How To Stop Beating Yourself Up
  • How To Replace Disempowering Behaviors with Empowering Ones
  • Much, much more!

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26. Aftermath (When the Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition)

by J G Knox

The last of 26 segments, a chapter from the 567 page saga When the Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition, full version available in print and kindle, these are the stories of Sharon and her family, starting in 1847, ending in the present.

This is the end, the last chapter in a long saga. What makes it worth reading, different from other stories, worth the effort? Of course it’s well written, has interesting side travels, resolves major problems, and ends happily ever after, characters you know, have come to love going on to have good lives, success.

There is something special in this book—love. A special aspect of this love is a sexual fetish, Sharon’s sexual fetish. Part of her, her husband knew, could have ignored it, could have left her pining for fulfillment all her life. He didn’t. He took her fantasy and made it real. Harmless fantasies made real tend to feed the soul of the of the fetishist, make them whole. When blended with real, gentle, loving sex, it can make the fantasy fade to its proper place in love—secondary to reality. This is how this book ends, how good lives begin. This fiction makes real a paradigm of reality that should fill the world with love. That’s why you should read it. It’s why I wrote it.

The Aftermath, not like the aftermath of a storm or tragedy, this is a love story, an unending love story. The aftermath is gentle waves on a white sand beach, a nice place to make a few more footprints before the active part of this work sleeps in the sand, and the thoughts now cast in paper ride the waves to your heart.

As a writer, these characters are my friends, a collage of people I have known in my long life, the people I say good night to as I go to sleep, the people I talk to in the morning. I like them. Of course now they’re gone. The book is closed. I miss them, but they’re still here.

Good night Sharon. Good night Amber, Albert, Mr. Forest, Mrs. Forest—all you guys!

It’s reassuring to know that some day I’ll wake up and they’ll be here again. With all the love they represented, they live in fiction. One day they will be real to me when I no longer live in this world, but live in a world of pure love, an afterlife worth dying for, an after life promised in faiths world wide. After all the trials, troubles, aches, and pains—isn’t heaven pure love? Isn’t true love what Albert and Amber had, what Noble and Sharon had—what we all should have, the final Aftermath?

Next Thursday will be the first segment of the book again. We start over. Each Thursday through Monday, in Amazon’s free Kindle books, we post a segment in sequence of When the Jonquils Bloom Again. Each segment is available on Amazon, as well as the kindle and hard back versions of the book.


Comebacks and Second Acts in American Politics

by Darcy G. Richardson

Darcy G. Richardson is the author of nearly a dozen books, including the award winning multi-volume series Others, which focuses on the history of third party politics in America.

In this collection released exclusively for Amazon Kindle, Richardson offers up a compelling collection of often-overlooked political comeback attempts — many of which ended in disaster. Consider, for example, Eugene McCarthy and Eleanor Roosevelt’s attempt to nominate Adlai Stevenson for a third time in 1960, or Lester Maddox’s ill-fated bid to return to the Georgia governor’s mansion.

“Comebacks and Second Acts” is essential reading for anyone who is interested in political history or who just loves a good underdog story.

An Introduction To Eastern & Western Philosophy

by Kerry L Mulherin

An Introduction to Eastern & Western Philosophy provides a handy reference for the learner who wishes to gain a basic understanding of both eastern and western philosophical perspectives. This introduction to philosophy is the perfect pocket study guide for introductory classes in philosophy.

Potzilla’s Millions-The Reality v. The Hype

by Dr. Joseph S Maresca

Potzilla’s Millions-The Reality v. The Hype by Dr Joseph S Maresca documents some of the relevant history of marijuana,as well as,trends toward legalization in the USA and foreign countries.Proponents argue the parallels to liquor prohibition,as well as, the revenue bonanza in the form of taxes to the States for medicinal and recreational sales.Detractors fear that even recreational use can lead to excesses with wealthy connoisseurs consuming unlimited amounts of pot and becoming filthy rich from drug sales to large constituencies of people throughout the society.What will wide recreational use of pot lead to?No-one knows for sure;however,this book will provide some very interesting scenarios.

Dr. Joseph S Maresca is an Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer with over 1770 reviews and 12,000+ affirmative votes from readers.He has written 22 books on Amazon/Kindle including titles like Remedies For Income Inequality,America’s Comparative Advantage,A Detroit Rebirth,Consumption,Savings and The Public Debt-A Series of Essays,The Solar Energy Potential For Desalination Plants,Good Governance,College Vibrations,The Thriving Middle Class In America,Defy Death Now,How Prosperity Returns,The Kibbutz Alternative For Workers,Village Pillars,Strengthening The Hospital Infrastructure and more.

Rush Limbaugh was Right: Liberals who saw the light thanks to Rush Limbaugh

During his long and successful broadcasting career, Rush Limbaugh has become the role model for all conservative talk show hosts. His acolytes permeate the radio world, reaching into podcasting and a wide range of “New Media” outlets. While the liberal, Main Stream Media (MSM) slanders him with insults and abuse, he stands fast with a reputation for honesty, integrity and accuracy unparalleled in the news industry.

Even some of Rush’s long time fans may not realize that Rush has a history of showing liberals the light. He doesn’t just help his self-proclaimed “Dittoheads” stand firm against the onslaught of a degenerate media and corrupt government, he helps liberals, moderates and lapsed conservatives alike see their way back to reason, rationality and sanity. This book tells the stories of times the scales fell from a person’s eyes because of the education provided by Rush Limbaugh. Who could expect less from a man with “talent on loan from God?”

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