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How to Learn a New Language (30 Minute Short Read): Tips and Principles for Quick, Easy and Fun Language Acquisition

by John Connelly

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You will begin to think more like a genius. Starting today.

99 cents and 30 minutes to learn ideas and techniques on how to learn a new language.

Old and new ideas from the world of personal development to learn a language quickly, easily and enjoyably.

Includes chapters on:

  • How to get the most from audio courses.
  • How to use music/film/TV to immerse yourself and make language learning fun.
  • Reasons why you should learn a language and how to choose which to learn.
  • How to bring motivation and balance to your language learning to ensure you hit your goals.
  • Ideas on structuring how you go about the process.
  • The best short-cuts to achieving fluency.
  • The importance of feedback and how to learn with others.
  • â?¦and much more.

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    Why Am I at the Red Table?

    by Julie Firstenberg Kamins

    Madison is excited about her first day of second grade until her teacher passes out word lists and assigns reading groups. Madison begins to doubt her reading abilities and soon feels like she doesn’t even want to try. See how Madison discovers a valuable, life-long lesson about the challenges and joys of learning.

    Autism in Toddlers: Symptoms, Interventions and Parent Rights

    by Cindy Stringer Wismer

    Does my toddler have autism? With one in 88 children being diagnosed with autism, this is the question many parents are asking. ‘Autism in Toddlers’ describes the early symptoms of autism and leads parents step-by-step through the process of diagnosis. Early intervention is pivotal for a child with autism. It can bring them out of their world of narrow interests and repetitive behaviors, expanding their capacity to learn. The IDEA ensures that assessment and interventions are free to children with autism.

    Counselling and Psychotherapy: A selection of A Graded Essays. Vol 9 (Counselling and Psychotherapy: A graded essays)

    by Francis Sturt

    Welcome! Do you wish to know the secret of essay writing success? Read about it here now…
    A collection of essays written by myself for a Counselling and Psychotherapy Diploma at undergraduate level, rewarded by Distinction. The essays are suitable for undergraduates and “A” level students.
    The modules by which the essays cover are, Requirements to be a counselor; Distinctions between counseling and psychotherapy; Conditions for to become a counselor; Cognitive Therapy (CBT); Solution Focused Therapy; Dialectic Therapy and Borderline Personality Disorder; The benefits and impacts of psychiatric drugs; Symptoms of Depression; Mania; Anorexia; Schizophrenia: Group Therapy; Online Counseling, The ethical and legal guidelines; Supervision; Suicide and Self Harm; Abuse and Trauma; Vulnerable children; The Halting Protocol; Use of Metaphors; Boundaries; Grounding; One Hypothetical case study of treating a client with depression and a hypothetical study of treating a person who self harms with CBT. Also, other relevant topics.

    Animal Alphabet

    by Thiwa Santa

    Animal Alphabet will introduce your child to the alphabet in a fun and charming way. Children will love learning and remembering the letter of the alphabet with exciting illustrations. Enjoy with my love^^

    Introduction to Biopsychology – Neuroscience and Biological Psychology

    by Kerry L Mulherin

    Introduction to Biopsychology Neuroscience and Biological Psychology provides a handy reference for the learner who wishes to gain a basic understanding of this fascinating area of psychological study. This introductory booklet to Biopsychology Neuroscience and Biological Psychology is the perfect pocket study guide for the learner about to undertake classes in psychology for college, or for the high school senior preparing for transition.

    Introduction to Criminal Justice: in the United States of America

    by Kerry L Mulherin

    Introduction to Criminal Justice in the United States of America provides a handy reference for the learner who wishes to gain a basic understanding of this fascinating field. This introduction to criminal justice is the perfect pocket study guide for introductory college classes, or for the high school senior preparing for transition.

    Just Add Three: (Basic Addition)

    by Agnes Musa

    This basic addition book is for pre-school and kindergarten children. Extensive use is made of clip art depicting objects children in this age group are familiar with. The aim is to make it easy for children to relate to the clip art objects, making it comfortable for them to enjoy addition.

    Triple Double Speed Reading: Double or Triple Your Reading Speed

    by Dennis Brooks

    This workbook is for people who are still in school such as college and high school students. Successful, highly educated people such as cooperate executives, college professors, and doctors can increase their reading speed with this course. It can also be used by people who are educating themselves or learning a skill on their own. It is for anyone who would like to read faster. The workbook contains the best-practice teaching methods for learning speed reading, which are included within the lessons and exercises.

    However, to become a speed reader, you must learn and practice certain skills such as phonetic decoding, syllabication, and sequencing. These skills will transform you from a fast reader to a speed reader. As a speed reader, you will learn to decode and read long complex words faster while studying on your own. After a while, you will automatically decode and pre-read words subconsciously before reading them out loud.

    All the learning activities you will need to increase your reading speed are in Triple Double Speed Reading. You will be benefiting directly from the latest research just by doing the exercises, studying the lessons, and taking the tests. With practice, you should be able to increase your reading speed to more than 400 words per minute.

    This workbook is also for people who have dyslexia. Even they can double their reading speed.

    Become an Amazon Keyword Master – Maximize your Amazon Book Sales

    by Peter MacDonald

    Do you want to Sell 2 times, 3 times or even More than 4 times as many books as you are selling now?

    Then you need to read this book by Peter MacDonald.

    When Peter discovered these principals and put hem to work in his portfolio of books that is exactly what happened, and it can happen for you too.

    Most Authors have not discovered how to use Keywords to the best of their ability because of thinking that come from using Google not Amazon.

    Amazon is a completely different search engine with different goals and when you understand that you can put that knowledge into practice and earn more money from your books. Amazon Keyword Optimization is the Name of the Game. You can’t afford not to be doing it.

    The price of this book is nothing to what you will earn by putting it into practice.

    Become a Keyword Master and Watch your book sales climb.

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