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Alone in the Wild: The Essentials of Wilderness Survival

by Marcus Duke

You did not plan to get lost — no one ever does — but an unexpected weather event, an injury or poor navigation has lead you off the trail and caused you to become isolated, perhaps miles from civilization… are you prepared to save your own life?

“Alone in the Wild” by Marcus Duke is all about giving you the tools you’ll need to get yourself out of trouble when things go bad.

What happens if you find yourself stranded or lost, perhaps when your backpack contained only enough supplies for the few hours you expected to be gone? The wilderness can be a dangerous place and knowing the basics of wilderness survival is absolutely essential before heading out on any outdoors adventure!



1. Introduction

– Create a Survival Kit

– Practice Survival Techniques

2. Staying Healthy: Basic First Aid and Health Care

– Carry a First Aid Kit

– What If Someone Is Injured?

– Staying Healthy in the Wild

Real Life Survival: The Harris Brothers

3. Fire: A Survival Basic

– Collecting Firewood

– Laying a Fire

– Methods of Starting a Fire

– Carrying Fire with You

4. Shelter: Staying Warm and Dry

– Where to Build

– Types of Shelter

– Natural Shelters

– Insulation and Thatching

5. Water: Staying Hydrated Safely

– Locating Water Sources

– Collecting Water

– Drinking Safety: Purify Your Water

6. Finding Food: Keeping Your Strength Up

– Edible Plants

– Common Plants and How to Prepare Them

– Using the Universal Edibility Test

– Hunting and Trapping

– Snares

– Traps

– Fishing

– Seafood

– Other Protein Sources

7. Getting Help

– Signal Mirrors

– Fire and Smoke

– Flares

– Flashlights

– Using Noise

– Flat Signals

Real Life Survival: The Connes

8. On the Move

– Navigation Techniques

– Crossing Water

– Crossing Water in a Group

– Finding Civilization

Real Life Survival: Bill Lawrence

9. Cold Weather Survival

– Survival Basics in Winter

– Shelter in Winter

– Treating Cold Injuries

10. Desert Survival

– Water Needs

– Recognizing Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion

– Other Desert Dangers

11. Final Thoughts


by Dave Armitage

CLOUGH GOLD is a collection of 50 fantastic Brian Clough stories from the people who really knew him best. Ex-players, close friends, journalists, managers and former colleagues reveal their astonishing brushes with the greatest football manager England never had. The stories are cherry-picked from two acclaimed books – 150BC: Cloughie the Inside Stories and Clough: Confidential. An additional 242 stories can be found in these two volumes. This is merely a taster for anyone fascinated by the astonishing world of Old Big ‘Ead.

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Strategies for Tennis

Tennis is one of the most interesting and popular games worldwide. A lucrative one as well! Have you ever imagine the reasons why it is such an interesting game and why it has made such an impact?

For those who want to play the game, there are things about the court that you need to know. How when purchasing a racket, making the right selection is very important with how you will execute on the field of play. You must get familiar with the tennis rulebooks as this is one of the keys to playing tennis. In order to achieve mastery of the game learning the specific strokes and understanding the importance of grips is extremely vital. How does working on the perfect swing and practicing the right spin will give you the desired results? Very soon as you master the forehand and backhand a tremendous impact will be felt as you blossom into greatness!

Consistency in practice is what will keep you in the game and as with anything else hard work will produce great rewards.

Everything Your Coach Never Told You Because You’re a Girl: (and other truths about winning!)

by Dan Blank

This is what your coaches would have said to you if you were a boy, told through the story of a small-college team that won more games than it ever had a right to win. It’s an inspiring and straightforward look at the qualities that define the most competitive females, and what separates the ones who get it from the ones who don’t.

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