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Microsoft Access 2013 Essentials: Get It Done FAST! (The Get It Done FAST Series Book 18)

by Edward Jones

In this book, find 100% of what you need to know!

With Microsoft Access 2013 on your computer, the possibilities to create powerful, comprehensive databases are endless. Unfortunately, those same possibilities are also overwhelming, unless you know how to use the software. Use Microsoft Access 2013 Essentials: Get It Done FAST to learn the basics and beyond of Microsoft Access. You will learn how to make the software work for maximum results!

– Master the essentials of Access quickly and easily

– Learn the powerful features Access offers for effortless data sharing

– Master the basics and learn about powerful programming capabilities

– Utilize new database templates to get up and running with a minimal amount of design effort

This book takes a “get it done” approach that is designed to get you up and running quickly utilizing the power of Access. One significant feature of Access is that you can create sophisticated ready-to-use database applications without being a programmer, and this book will show you how. Access also includes a new Macro Builder that makes programming a breeze, and you’ll learn to use that feature with this book.

Access is simply phenomenal in its ability to share data with other programs, including Microsoft Office 2013 (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint), Microsoft SQL Server, Open Office, GoogleDocs, Windows SharePoint Services, and many more. Chapter 8 of this book gives you the details on moving data in and out of Access 2013.

This book has been designed from the ground up to give you clearly written, effective yet understandable instruction for using Microsoft Access. Armed with this book, you can quickly progress from knowing little or nothing about Accessâ??or about database managementâ??on up to a knowledge level that makes you the unofficial â??Access guru’ inside your organization.

About the Author

Edward Jones is an experienced computer and technology writer, database applications development analyst, consultant, and trainer who understands the issues faced by people dealing with technology, day in and day out. His career spans years of technology training, database development, and consulting services for major law firms and government agencies in the Washington, DC area, and he currently resides in Charlotte, NC where he is concentrating on providing publications to the rapidly growing digital marketplace. Jones is also a best-selling author whose printed titles have sold over one million copies, and he has served as a technical editor on numerous computer books.

How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate for Beginners 5 Step on line within 24 Hours.

by Jonathan Shine

How to Make Money : With Amazon Affiliate for Beginners 5 Step on line within 24 Hours

If you can ONLY POST massage on your FACEBOOK.

You can make BIG money from Amazon Affiliate.

Becoming Amazon Affiliate happened to me because of feeling of boredom in selling online business.

I Feel boring to packing, ship the item to customer, reply customer E-mail follow-up the shipment status or refund the product.

I run online business both Ebay VS Amazon in USA United Kingdom and Germany. In the past 5 years ago, I have more than 15 accounts.

I have 2 business approach, pack and ship by myself and Dropshipping business.

Specifically for the dropship business,I can earn extremely good money. But the problem is frequently happen for the second approach. I lose more than 70% of the money to resolve various problems in the past 2 years.

I’d probably handling it badly enough, it is possible? The result is , my 11 Amazon Account was suspensed and began to shut down.

I started looking for something new. And started to learn and practice.

Apparently Program Amazon Associate is my best result.

Easy money as well as also provides enjoyable at the same time.

I forget about all problems mentioned above.

When I become a seller,other vendors worldwide is my competitor. Now we become to be our partner.

Inside : How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate for Beginners 8 Step on line within 24 Hours.

A simple step by step to start Amazon Affiliate , fast and outstanding ultimate result.

Believe it or not .You can do yourself.

This technique does not require proficiency

Do not worry about investment.

Review all the processes I have ever done and follow the 8 steps manually.

Finally, you get a bonus with Tips 101 for you.

Have fun and enjoy the rewards have been worth it. This was to be continued.

CHROMECAST USER GUIDE: A Step by Step User Manual for Beginners

by Lisa Thompson

Chromecast looks like your average pen driver that only has the Chrome logo, but it is much more than that. It is a digital media streaming device developed by Google that lets you enjoy your favorite YouTube videos and other media from your phone, computer or tablet onto your TV. It serves as a channel to show internet content you want to see on a bigger screen, like your high definition TV.

With an inexpensive price of $35, people might think that Chromecast does not offer as much, but it actually does. It is much more powerful than any Smart TV HDMI dongle available in the market because it is supported by Google and its subsidiaries.

“CHROMECAST USER GUIDE: A Step by Step User Manual for Beginners” helps you get started on how to use this device and maximize its usage.

Inside this book you’ll learn:
What the Chromecast is?
Why you should get it?
Why is it better than Apple TV or Roku?
Step by Step Guide on how to set up your Chromecast
Apps and websites that work on Chromecast
How to watch any web content on your Chromecast
Watch restricted access internet video
Watch your own movie
How to cast your entire computer screen
How to cast music, photos, and video from your iOS or Android mobile device
How to use your iOS or Android device as a remote control for your Chromecast
More ways to use your Chromecast
Chromecast tricks
And so much more

Get a copy and discover what the Chromecast device is all about and how it can take your entertainment pleasure to the next level!

Home Business: Learn how to make money from home with my step-by-step plan

by James Preston

Home Business

Learning Windows 8 Touch: For tablet and PC touch-screen users (covering Windows RT & Windows 8.1)

by Dr. Andy Williams

Learning Windows 8 Touch

For tablet and PC touch-screen users (covering Windows RT & Windows 8.1)

More and more manufacturers are releasing touch-enabled computers and tablets running Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 or Windows RT, yet running a Windows device with a touch screen is alien to most of us, and it’s not particularly intuitive.

Added to the fact that Windows 8 is probably the least user-friendly version of the operating system ever released. It’s almost like two different operating systems cobbled together. On the one hand, Windows 8.1 devices can run traditional Desktop applications and the new Metro Apps, whereas Windows RT devices are stuck with the more limited Metro Apps. Windows 8 has a lot of veteran Windows users scratching their heads. If you are one of them, then this book is for you.

After a quick tour of the new user interface, the book digs deeper into the features of Windows 8.1 and RT, showing you what everything does, and more importantly, how to do the things you used to do on older versions of Windows, only with touch gestures. If you have a mouse and keyboard on your device, I haven’t forgotten you. The book includes all keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions to complete the same processes.

The comprehensive “How to” section answers a lot of the questions new users have, and there’s also a complete keyboard shortcut list for reference at the end.

If you are using a touch-enabled Windows device for the first time, then this book may just let you keep your hair as you learn how to get the most out of your computer or tablet. Who knows, you may even get to like Windows 8.

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