Free historical fiction Kindle books for 29 Aug 14

The Coven: Book One (The Crystal Coast Series 1)

by Chrissy Lessey

She who holds the amulet, holds the powerâ?¦..

Photographer Stevie Lewis is a newly single mom focused on raising her five-year-old autistic son Charlie, and running the business she shares with her best friend. She lives in beautiful Beaufort, North Carolina, within walking distance of her parents. Her mother is the president of the Beaufort Historical Society, and her father enjoys watching Carolina Panthers football.

Although Stevie’s life has its challenges, it is altogether average.

That is until rich, ruthless Vanessa Moore, the bad seed sown by the infamous pirate Blackbeard generations ago, returns to Beaufort determined to retrieve a magical amulet and exact revenge for her mother’s imprisonment.

It turns out Stevie’s life isn’t so average at all. She learns that the Historical Society is really a coven of witches. Her mother is their queen; and Vanessa is bent on destroying them all.

When Vanessa endangers the life of young Charlie, Stevie’s dormant supernatural powers rush to the surface to save her son. With help from the clandestine coven led by her own mother, Stevie works to master her magical talent. What lengths will Stevie go to protect her only son?

Bonus section added! The prequel novella, “The Secret Keepers” has been added at the end of this novel as added historical narrative of battles with the infamous pirate Blackbeard in the 1700’s and a Coven of witches played out as drama between good and evil. Find out how this twist of history impacts the witches of The Coven today.


by Elwyn Nicol

In a pre-war Lancashire industrial town two young boys are thrown together by adoption.

Christopher’s quiet and comfortable childhood is immediately disrupted by the arrival of his new brother, and he struggles to cope with the sudden changes and his feelings of rejection. Freddie – cheeky, popular and impetuous, – usurps his brother’s position in the middle-class home and neighbourhood, and by 1939 is an acclaimed hero of Dunkirk, only then to be captured at Singapore.

But news of the death of his younger brother as a prisoner of war in Japan, and the impenetrable wall of secrecy that surrounds it, haunts Christopher, and confused and tormented he sets out to discover what turns out to be an unpalatable truth.

This intelligent and moving story of the Cooke brothers straddles the years before the start of World War Two to the Korean War and beyond.


by Norman Kaine

During the early summer of 1943 as the Soviet Union was engaged in a fierce struggle with the invading armies of Nazi Germany, a group of daring young women took to the skies. Flying outdated wooden biplanes, relics of an earlier time, without the benefit of radar, radios, or parachutes the women carried out nighttime bombing raids. Their relentless attacks quickly earned them the nickname of Night Witches from sleep deprived German troops.

Polina Zemanova is one such pilot, armed with the determination to serve her country and a lucky charm, she embarks on a mission that will prove to be more perilous than she ever imagined.

Old Indian Legends

by Zitkala-Sa

Zitkala-Sa was a 19th century Sioux author and activist. Old Indian Legends is a collection of Native American tales you compiled during trips to various reservations.
A table of contents is included.

Such Good Cloth

by Heather Trefethen

A short story set in Eastern Europe during WWII, Such Good Cloth chronicles events in the lives of three separate individuals experiencing the horror, fascination, and heartache of war. Kriska, using her vivid imagination to stave off her hunger pangs, wants to be an actress. Nicolaus, anticipating the arrival of “the great speaker”, wants to be a soldier. And Joseph, having just been liberated from a concentration camp, simply wants to be at peace. In their own way, the three must come to terms with what they are about to realize, what they failed to recognize, and what they never could have conceived.

Unsung Heroes: An Island Health Worker’s Journey

by Abdul Sattar Yoosuf

A community health worker is sent on assignment to manage an atoll health center in one of the scattered and isolated islands of Maldives. Managing a health center almost single-handedly, he overcomes the odds of inclement weather, demanding communities, persistent health risks, and insensitive bosses to bring health to the community and earns respect for himself.

Though fictional, the book is placed in the background of historical facts and traces the progress of the Maldives Primary Health Care system, recounting the struggle and the poignancy experienced by the early health workers of this island nation in their quest to bring health to its far flung island communities.

Tale Of A Patriot Part One (Tale OfA Patriot Book 1)

by Grandpa Casey

This is Part # 1 of the novel Tale Of A Patriot. In the late 1700’s, when the American Colonies revolted against the British, a farmer’s son decided to join Washington’s Army. Because of his age, all they offer him is the job of bugler, orderly, or drummer. He wanted to fight. Only the newly authorized Continental Navy would give him that chance. He is with the Continental Marines when they battle the British for the town of Nassau. His enlistment ends while he watches his ship burn in the Boston Harbor.

The Mea Culpa Document of London

by JZ Murdock

A medieval Witch Hunter and Judge of the Inquisition has a problem; the same one his mentor had to deal with years before. This is a document that was found by a modern researcher, who had his own problems (further explored in “Death of Heaven”).

Poor Lord Ritchie’s Answer to a Question He Knever Knew

by JZ Murdock

A medieval Lord is sent to deliver a gift to his enemies in order to complete a negotiated peace and save his Royal family. But he has a few problems along the way. Trouble is, are the problems his, or is someone trying to convince him he is insane? Or, is something else entirely going on?

Kings Table (The Valknut Mask Book 1)

by Christopher Carubia

The Valknut or death- knot is said to symbolize the great God Odin’s power to lay bonds on the minds of mortal men leaving them helpless in battle. It is said that he could also banish the tensions of fear and strain, by bestowing gifts of madness, intoxication and inspiration.
A young novice at a remote monastery on the Northumbrian coast is captured by a group of Norse raiders and taken to Gotland, where he becomes slave to a blacksmith. Some years later his is ship wrecked on one of the many small islands off the coast of Svealand, and discovers an ancient full-face battle helm.
The helmet is made from three triangular interwoven pieces of bronze, the symbol of the Valknut. It becose. the catalyst in a series of events that brings about peace to a war torn land, and a hero out of the most unlikely and unwilling of thralls..

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