Free horror Kindle books for 29 Aug 14

Baby Jonathan (The J·O·H·N Series Book 1)

by Eddie Vander

(Warning: This book is not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age due to explicit language, strong violence and sexual content.)

A Standalone Novel

One farmhouse. One infant. Two killers. All snowbound.

From the warmth of an execution hall, to the damp cold of a rain-soaked dumpster, Baby Jonathan is born, a bastard orphan with a little known secret: Welcome the vile, criminal mind of mass murderer Christian Valk, condemned by electric chair at the very moment of Jonathan’s birth, a one-in-a-million fluke takes place during the throes of reincarnation, and the child becomes host.

Once adopted, Valk’s ultimate motivation is to turn young Jonathan, brainwash him, conform him into his own image and reclaim his destructive throne of murder. But with each new day, Jonathan will fight back, eager to learn for himself and remain independent. Although hampered by his physical size and strength, it will become a test of wits and attrition, neither wanting to give in.

Until the day they witness a horrible massacre…and realize they’re stuck alone together, isolated by the threat of snowy winter, and another brooding menace mere miles away…

Fall of the Mortals: A beginning of terror for the end of mankind

by Ken Bush

Shawn Grazer used to be a cop, before the vampires came. Shaun used to have a wife, and a life, before the vampires came. Now, Shaun has nothing but a tower and a few bedraggled survivors like himself, seeking safety in the chaos of post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

As conflict with a gang of bikers escalates to violence, Shaun is slowly seduced by a vampire disguised as his dead wife, who is mercilessly trying to gain access to the tower and the final survivors. Shaun wakes from his loving daze too late, and finds himself stuck between vampire and human, exiled from his tower of safety, and thrust into the dangerous night.

Will Shaun find a way to redeem himself in the eyes of humanity? Or will he, too, be killed by the darkness reigning over Los Angeles? Buy this action packed thriller today! Readers have called this tale a “gripping look at what post-apocalyptic society might be like” – and said, “I couldn’t put it down!”

From Here to Nearly There (A Voyage in the Near Distance Book 1)

by Alec Merta

Nicholas Carver began his day in Yorkshire. He will end it aboard an interstellar super yacht. Before he leaves Earth, Carver must race across England in a desperate flight from police and aliens. The police want to arrest him. The aliens want to do something far worse. All Carver wants is to survive.

Join Carver, an English mapmaker and surveyor, as he is caught in a tale of intrigue that spans the cosmos. Together with Allie, a mysterious girl who bursts into his life, Carver reluctantly sets out to solve the greatest mystery humanity has ever faced. His success or failure will spell the dawn of a golden age or the ultimate doom of mankind.

By author Alec Merta, “From Here to Nearly There” is a novel that combines the best elements of a travelogue with those of a taut science-fiction thriller. By combining science with elements of real UFO and paranormal reports, Merta crafts a believable thriller that you will find hard to put down.

“From Here to Nearly There” is the first book of “A Voyage in the Near Distance.” The series tells the tale of two planets that are linked by an ancient mystery. One planet is a blue orb that orbits an average yellow star. It teems with human civilization. The second planet is Earth.

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