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Indoor Gardening : 40 Of The Easiest Indoor Plants You Can Grow (House Plants and Indoor Gardening Guide)

by Mike C. Adams

The Guide to 40 Indoor Plants gives you a great quick start guide to having and caring for all different sorts of plants. You do need a green thumb in order to raise house plants successfully. A green thumb can be learned by knowing when a plant needs water. You do not just put a plant out and water it once in a while. Different plants require different things in order to grow and thrive. With this guide you will learn how much water to give plants. You will learn which plants need direct light and which ones need indirect light. You will learn that if you put certain plants in direct light they give signals they are receiving too much or not enough. The color of the leaves is a great indicator. Do you know which plants need rich loose soil in order to thrive? Do you know which indoor plants need compost and which do not? Do you know which plants need constant moist soil? Do you know which plants need to allow the soil to dry completely between waterings? Doing all of these things makes a big difference in the quality of the plant. Some plants need less water during the winter months. Some plants need constant water year round. There are even plants that need to be watered until the soil is soggy. Some plants need high humidity while others may need a drier environment. This book will help to differentiate between the different things you can do to help the plants grow and thrive. It makes a big difference if you take proper care of the plants. You can gain a good green thumb by following these very simple tips. By the time you follow the tips your plants will thrive and be beautiful for years to come.

Natural Cleaning Made Simple: Easy natural green cleaning solutions for every room of your house

by Anne Medlin

Rid your house of toxic chemicals today. It’s much easier (and cheaper) than you think!

Did you know that the products you use to clean your home may actually be creating an environment far more unhealthy than a filthy home? In fact, because of the toxic chemicals found in common household cleaners, the air inside most homes is actually more toxic than the air outside.

Fortunately, it’s easy and inexpensive to have a house that is both clean AND free of nasty chemicals. In Natural Cleaning Made Simple, bestselling Kindle author Anne Medlin provides a treasure chest of natural green cleaning recipes and advice to clean every room in your house using simple, everyday ingredients. The recipes are effective, easy to make, and used by the author in her own home, things like:

– Lemon dishwasher tablets

– Foaming hand soap

– Oxygen laundry cleaner

– Easy all-purpose cleaning spray

– Oven scouring scrub

– Natural oil furniture polish

Join the natural green cleaning revolution! Pick up your copy of Natural Cleaning Made Simple today to once and for all create a safe and clean environment for yourself and your loved ones.

Neem and Its Miraculous Healing Powers: Neem for Digestive Disorders, Stress Relief, Immunity, Skin Problems, Hair Problems, Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, … – All Your Questions Answered Book 3)

by Sukhmani Grover

This Book will Tell you everything you have wanted to know about the Miraculous Healing Powers of Neem. You will discover the powerful healing powers of Neem and what makes it the number one choice as a Natural Healer for fighting hundreds of diseases. Besides you will learn how to use it for your Benefit in day to day life. So let’s take a peep into what you can expect to find in this wonderful book on healing powers of neem –

  • What Makes Neem an Indispensible Natural healer
  • The Significance and Uses of Different Neem Tree Parts
  • The Amazing Medicinal Uses of Neem
  • How to use Neem for Nourished Admirable Healthy Hair
  • How Neem can work Wonders for your Skin
  • How to Overcome Asthma With Neem
  • Prevention and Cure of Diabetes With Neem
  • Fighting Cancer Cells with Boosted Immunity
  • Prevent Tooth Decay and Strengthen Your Teeth and Gums
  • Get Your Blood Running and Purified
  • Healthy Digestion and End of Constipation
  • Arthritis and Neem never go hand in hand
  • How Neem Acts as a Powerful Mosquito Repellant
  • Using Neem as a Safe Natural Pesticide
  • Side Effects of Neem
  • Neem for the Eyes and Ears

In short you will learn all that you have wanted to know about Neem and get most of your questions answered. You will realize how powerful this Natural Healer is and will be able to avail its benefits whenever the opportunity arises in your life. Even if you are healthy there is a lot you can improve in your life with neem. So let’s begin this little adventure where we discover exciting benefits and uses of neem.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Miracle Cures! Discover the Health and Beauty Miracles of Hydrogen Peroxide TODAY

by Alice Walker

Learn the Amazing Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide Today!

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on cosmetic and skin care products that do not deliver results? Do you constantly worry about the ill effects of using heavy duty cleaning products but feel like you have no choice? Are you dependent on drugs and medications for even the smallest ailments? What if I tell you, there is one simple solution to all your woes?

You can treat skin problems, use it for cosmetic care, make your house germ-free and cure ailments with only one product. You can certainly save a lot of money. It is quite simple and you can have it all with hydrogen peroxide!

Here’s a quick look of what you are bound to learn from this book, “Hydrogen Peroxide: Miracle Cures! Discover the Health and Beauty Miracles of Hydrogen Peroxide TODAY”.

– Hydrogen Peroxide for Personal Hygiene

A mouth rinse that doubles as earwax remover, a fungus treatment and detox solution at the same time, only hydrogen peroxide can do this trick!

– Cosmetic Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Do you have an acne breakout or stained teeth? Are you bothered by dark facial hair or moles? Want French manicure too? The solution to all your cosmetic and skincare needs is in a single hydrogen peroxide bottle!

– Common Ailments Cured with Hydrogen Peroxide

From canker sores to yeast infections, from colds to fungus, from toothache to sinus congestions, the most common ailments can be treated with hydrogen peroxide. You just need to find the right directions. Treat acne problems with hydrogen peroxide too.

– Hydrogen Peroxide Uses for the Kitchen

An excellent disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide provides a non-toxic solution for cleaning counter tops, refrigerators, floors, garbage cans, compost buckets, rags, sponges, brushes and other kitchen items.

– Garden Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Because it is non-toxic, 3% hydrogen peroxide can be safely used on plants too. Make your garden lush with this simple yet effective solution.

– Hydrogen Peroxide for Everything Else around the House

Blood or wine stains on your shirt? Dirty grout or heavily stained toilet? Soiled carpet or icky walls and windows? There is almost nothing that hydrogen peroxide cannot solve.

Find all these out and more from the book, “Hydrogen Peroxide: Miracle Cures! Discover the Health and Beauty Miracles of Hydrogen Peroxide TODAY”.

Get this book today and Learn The Many Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Honey 101+ Recipes, Facts, Remedies, & Natural Uses for One of the Oldest Superfoods Known to Man: Today’s Superfood, Facts, Health Benefits, Weight Loss (Today’s Superfoods)

by Jennifer Weil

You will learn everything about Honey.

This book is dedicated to honey as a Superfood. Many people find it difficult to add honey into their daily diet due to the flavor and sugar content. Don’t panic, the sweet golden nectar of the gods is not only delicious but versatile from the inside out. It is loaded with antioxidants, natural sugar (which are slower to burn), micro and macro organisms along with a multitude of at least 400 vitamins including B, C and I. The content varies, depending on where the honey is from. Honey is also considered to be a great energy booster since a 100 g of honey provides 315 kcalories (kcalories are a measurement of the amount of energy in the foods you eat).

What you will learn on this Honey Book:

The History of Honey

The Science of Honey

Popular Types of Honey

Summing up the Important Facts regarding Honey

Honey and allergies

Honey as a Skin Aid

Honey and hair.

Honey and the Homeopath



Weight loss




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